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Sometimes you just want a good reptile skinned watch, but they can be so hard to find. Why? Well us Americans get kind of bent out of shape about it. Yes, I am all for Animal rights. Frankly I would put Animals above humans in many regards, but when it comes to animals that are raised, just to be killed for their "parts," sure it is cruel, but it is not really damaging to the environment. It would be different if you had guys going out into the jungle to kill pythons just for their skin. That would be bad, really bad. But when you farm the creatures for it? Well then if you are against that, then you are against eating chickens (cause they are raised just to be killed too).  I am now expecting a slew of angry e-mails and comments. Proceed please, I did put myself out there with the "I love sweet, sweet animal skins" commentary.

Perhaps your collection has reached its threshold but you still want to add to it, or maybe you want to find a watch that is unique without having to participate in the Only Watch auction this month. A solution to both these dilemmas is becoming more and more popular. Using one of several processes, you can change the color of your favorite watches to create brand new styles.

Aside from the 280 grams of bronze used for the case, the rusted metal cross on the dial is made from a blend of steel that include the "Titanic DNA," or otherwise a little bit of metal actually collected from the Titanic, as is the case with all Titanic DNA watches. I don't know whether this unique watch is for sale, but perhaps there will be a wealthy and appreciative buyer out there. I'd love to see them wear it though. "Sir, there appears to be something wrong with your watch." Perhaps his response would  be how the observed was not able to appreciate the Dali-esque form of his "wrist watch art." How dare they degrade creativity! So there you have it, an unique artistic creation from Chéca or a big screwed-up piece of metal that looks like it used to be a watch - also by Chéca.

Made for a man, sized for a woman? Apparently that is what Swedish watch designer Gabriel Arlanch had in mind when making his first watch, the Arlanch Gold Watch No 1 as it is 32mm wide. Little! Sorta kid sized, or lady sized. Maybe I am getting it all wrong and this is a woman's watch. The was was announced mid last year, but this is the first I have heard of it. Aside from the passable looks, the real press release filler for the watch is it's eco-friendly features. Also, if the watch is Swedish, why does it say "Made in Germany" on it? Swedish design. Swiss movement, Germany manufacture. At least it looks that way.

In addition to the roughly 37mm width the movements will be 7.9mm thick. Not exactly the thinnest watches around, but when was the last time you had a large and very flat watch? I don't wear anything under around 12-16mm thick anyway these days. The movements shown are of the higher grade that ETA offers - you can tell by the blued screws, cotes de Geneve finish on the rotor, and the perlage polish on the movement. Oddly, ETA is using the the naming mechanism typically reserved for quartz movements. It used to be that if you saw a XXX.XXX movement, it was obviously a quartz movement, but these are clearly not. That means you have just one more odd naming convention to remember, as if you didn't have enough little quirks to consider in your life as a watch lover. I suppose most of us will just say something like "Valgranges 171" (for example) to refer to the GMT version of the movement. Look for the Valgranges movements to show up in more and more watches soon. Anything 44mm and over will likely start to see the movements in them, especially anything coming out of the Swatch Group that also owns Swiss watch movement maker ETA.

ETA Valgranges Movements - Solution For The Big Watch Watch Industry News
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Check out this video from that has Mr. Patrizzi talking about the Only Watch 2009 auction. Osvaldo Patrizzi is the guy behind Patrizzi & Co., the auction house and major organizer behind the Only Watch events. The video has lots of shots of the watches. You'll want to see this unless you were among those people who got to see the watches on their traveling tour around the world. Getting you all excited pre-bidding time. Don't you love the logo for the event? It is so 1981 cheesy. Some of my favorites for the event are from Omega, Louis Vuitton, Bovet, Gerald Charles, Confrerie Horlogerie, and Chaumet.

Alain Silberstein Hebraika Hebrew Calendar Watch

Alain Silberstein Hebraika Hebrew Calendar Watch

Longio SG3824E Automatic Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The event will be at Lussori over the two day period from 11am to 5pm. In addition to Perrelet watches, they have an very impressive list of many hard to find luxury watch brands. If you are in the Monterey, CA area and can make it out, I recommend it for a enjoyable time.

Swarovski Octea Sport Ladies’ Watch

Swarovski Octea Sport Ladies’ Watch

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PHARAO To Be Most Accurate Atomic Clock In Space

PHARAO To Be Most Accurate Atomic Clock In Space

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The dial of the watch is an important area of discussion. Like all TX watches it is made to be visually stimulating and complex. It is busy and cluttered, but in a good way. Sort of makes you want to look at it closely to see what is going on. The dial is in a soft steel tone with a few different types of textures In a lot of angles it looks whitish to match the rest of the watch. Most of it is vertically brushed. There are also some applied plates in a rose gold tone. These match the rose gold toned hands, which are all technical in design. Then there is the neon orange. Personally I love the color and think it looks good. Some people might think it looks abrasive next to white, but everyone admits that it helps legibility and the important areas of the watch dial stand out. Like all TX watch dials, there is a good level of depth to the dial, and it does not appear flat. The dial also has a curved chapter ring around it that is a good look and helps make the dial easy to read and have a quality look about it. No doubt that it is a stylish look. The hour markers and hands have lume applied to them. The standard TX lume isn't the greatest, but gets the job done if you are in daylight for a bit. The watch crown is also in the rose gold tone and has a good looking engraving of the watch logo. A nice deep laser cut design that feels substantial. The pushers are highly polished and simple to use.

Magellan 1521 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

See the Jaeger-LeCoultre Hybris Mechanica site here.

So what is new for the RGM 300 watch? The mother of pearl dials of course. Two will be available including a standard white toned mother of pearl dial, and a black  Tahitian mother of pearl dial. Both are impossible to photograph with any real appreciation for the colors, but this will no doubt be a good look. This isn't the first time mother of pearl has been applied to a diver's watch. The Hawaiian watch brand Bathys is well-known for doing this. I think that the RGM 300 with this dial is certainly interesting because as a functionally inspired timepiece it utilizes mother of pearl as a tasteful decorative element.

Lastly, Tourneau needs to leverage their presence. Make the store itself a destination. Have appealing displays, discuss interesting watches and technology. Move away from the crowded, cluttered watch cases where no specific timepiece can standout. Do all this Tourneau, and then let's talk. Until then Mr. Seuss, good luck until March. I'll be seeing you.... Please wear a "Cat in the Hat" hat on your first day of work, I implore you. Tourneau

Tourneau Watch Stores: Oh The Places You'll Need To Go! Watch Stores
WORKING Tourneau Gold Tone White Dial Watch Original box and papers
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The Ocean Diver is a distinctly retro style, looking back to the days when ocean diving was a frontier for exploration as romantic as space, and equally mysterious. Diving watches of this era have more in common style wise with other underwater gear and machinery than they did with their prissy cousins back in clean displays in luxury watch shops. The Ocean Diver is thematically similar to vintage offerings from notables such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, Longines, Blancpain, and other luxury brands that supplied professional divers as much as they did corporate board rooms. Ocean Diver style on the dial, numerals, and even the case hearken back to the 50s and 60s.

Pita Barcelona Carousel Watch Available On James List Sales & Auctions

Hautlence HL-Q Watch + Videos Watch Releases

Fortis "Cargo" Movie Limited Edition Spacematic & Spaceleader Watches Watch Releases

There is new stuff all around aside from the smoothly polished design of the ultra readable case. Ball uses a mix of grade 316L and N 1.4435 steel to achieve a durable and lasting case. Ball also boasts about how precision milled the watch and its components are. Pieces are cut to 1/100 of a millimeter precision via their CNC machinery (for cutting precision sized metal parts). The case of the Spacemaster X-Lume has a familiar look that you recognize as being a Hydrocarbon watch, but here you see Ball designers really starting to get comfy with the design, solidifying it at a true icon of the brand. Kept are the distinctive crown and surrounding elements with the slide up guard piece. The case looks better rendered, and the bezel has a new treatment that is a good mix of rugged, functional looks, and a reduction in its complexity. What is left in the bezel are only four "claws," place two at the top and two at the bottom. They help keep the bezel from feeling too wise. I like the special style of coined-like edging around the bezel as well, and there is lume built into it. All of these elements are improvements over previous designs.

The black and white Storm Troopers watch is my favorite as it looks like an actual part of the Storm Troopers plastoid armor outfit. It comes complete with an imperial (empire) logo on the crown - also know as the "dark side" logo. The other Storm Troopers watch (maybe actually the same watch)  is more an homage to the clonarrific soldiers with bad aim complete with a helmet on the dial. The colors are odd though, and look either to either be one of two things. Either it is a different colored version of the black and white Storm Troopers watch, or alternatively a "dark shot" of the watch as it might show the luminated dial and a strap that glows in the dark. This watch does has the Star Wars logo on it, and again the Marc Ecko logo.

To be perfectly honest it is hard to write about a watch after you have been writing about ,000 watches. On the one hand, it is hard to be fair to the watch, and on the other hand it is hard to make a case to the watch market for a ,000 watch that itself may just tell the time. In writing this review I needed to metaphorically step back a few paces and review the Timex Classic Camper as though it were in a vacuum. I actually like the watch for what it is - a dead simply, sort of retro themed, basic timepiece. No frills, nothing fancy, and easily disposable if need be. Cheap, not very big, and a watch. Exactly what you need many circumstances. See what I mean?

Custom Black DLC Coated Rolex Watches From Time And Gems Luxury Items

Thoughts On The Confrerie Horlogere La Clef du Temps Tourbillon Watch Watch Releases

Please be aware right now that this is a watch best suited to larger wrists. For one thing, the strap is pretty large, even at the smallest hole, the strap is for at least medium to large wrists. The attractive leather strap with the reptile print embossing and honey brown color is comfy and nice to look at. It has a steel push-button butterfly deployment clasp with a nice Jorg Gray signature on it. If the strap is too large on you, it should be possible to make another hole in the strap with an awl (for those of you who know what you are doing, otherwise take it to a pro).

I want you to consider something that I recently realized. Ever notice how lots of "new" brands focus on the "heritage" they bought from a long dead watch brand, or alternatively from some long dead watch maker? These brands use their own designers to emulate what was well known in the bast piggy-backing on that success. It is a good model. But the "new" brand is only as good as the current designers and the rest is just marketing. Then you have Maitres du Temps that does not try to create some fallacy of resurrecting a old brand. Instead, they rely on living legends who actually contribute to the watches. So the difference is that Maitres du Temps actually has watches designed by watch making masters rather than just having a brand or watch models named after them. It is an interesting point that I didn't consider in the past.

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HourTime Podcast Episode 2 – Lawsuits, Warriors and Why Watches are So Expensive

HourTime Podcast Episode 2 – Lawsuits, Warriors and Why Watches are So Expensive

The Sparta 1 Tesla features the same winding system as the Orbita Sparta 1 Mini that I reviewed here. But the style and packaging of the Tesla is more luxurious, as well as modular. While the Sparta 1 Mini was a smaller unit, the Sparta 1 Tesla is a bit larger and can be situated in either a portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) position. This means that by getting multiple Sparta 1 Tesla units you can stack them, or place them closely next to each other if you get more than one of them. This would be difficult to do with the Sparta 1 Mini - even though it is a smaller item. As such, the Sparta Tesla is sized at 7 inches tall, 5.2 inches deep, and 4 inches wide. It is substantial in weight at 2.7 pounds, but needs to be to prevent falling over and damaging your watch. By the way, the "1" part of the name refers to the fact that it winds one watch. Orbita places the number of watches any particular product is meant to winder in the name of the item.

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Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Chéca Is Melty Face Watch Watch Releases