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The dials themselves are very well-done for what RJ is going for. Romain Jerome was able to create a three-dimensional display that looks as though it was built out of pixel layers. The characters/sprites on the dial are colored with a special lacquer. Nothing feels flat, and given what Romain Jerome wanted to do with the dial and the Space Invaders' theme, I think they did a good job. Reading the time via the hands is fine, but there are no discernible hour markers to help out.

Linde Werdelin releases a bejeweled watch for men. I first noticed it on the wrist of Jorn Werdelin at this year's Baselworld watch show. They often play with designs as an experiment to see what might make the next cool limited edition piece. I wasn't sure if this was one of those experiments. A lot of the time, brand owners and CEOs like to produce exclusive pieces reserved just for them. A watch with black diamonds and a mother-of-pearl dial is precisely the type of thing that Jorn might produce just one of for himself to wear. We now learn that Linde Werdelin will produce 50 of them.

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Zenith is mostly known as an in-house movement maker and producer of the famous El Primero family of high beat automatic movements that operate at 5 Hertz (36,000 beats per hour). The El Primero is a base for most of their chronographs and is also the base for a chronograph with a minute repeater in this very uncommon Caliber 4043 El Primero movement that I recall from a rare model back in 2009. The 4043 caliber is back in a much more attractive piece that gives new life to the movement and theme.

Production methods for ceramics are mainly based on sintering from powders. You can think of it as compacting snow to a snowball and eventually to ice with the heat and pressure of your hand. When a similar technique is used for ceramic powders, a part with the desired shape and properties can be obtained. Very high temperatures are needed to consolidate the powder to a near full-density state. This method is also used for metals. However, I am not aware of any watchmaker utilizing this process for metals. Machining is generally very hard to do for most ceramics. However, there are special ceramics made to be rather easily machined. Glass is also considered a ceramic, and there are “glass ceramics” that are first made as a glass, and crystallized to a ceramic. There are also fancy methods like ultrasonic machining to manufacture precise ceramic shapes.

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We have now entered the world of designer watch winders. Did you ever think that your next watch winder would be inspired by a chair? Or perhaps high heels? Well these two are. German safe and watch winder maker Dottling has built a follow-up model to their famed Colosimo watch winder safe. I originally wrote about the Colosimo here.

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Giveaway: Breil Orchestra Automatic Watch Giveaways

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Third generation Central Watch owner Steve Kivel never intended on perpetuating the family business. His grandfather Max opened the show in 1952, and his father Larry later handed the operation over to Steve - who was always intent on doing something else with his life. Perhaps it was that watch making was in his DNA that kept him at Central Watch. His father Larry is still at the shop working on watches regularly.

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44mm wide, the DB25 IX Maya case is in 18k white gold with those noticeable hollowed out lugs. These don't hinge like those on some other De Bethune timepieces. This is one of De Bethune's more classic looking cases. Attached to these is a supple black alligator strap.

Tolerance between hour and minute indication rotors and inside of epitrochoids: 0.20mm

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While there is nothing radically different or innovative about this watch winder, it represents an interesting flavor as part of Orbita's Avanti watch winder collection. Watch winders do come in a lot of varieties, but consumers still have a tiny choice of decent brands compared to those who make watches. I find that interesting especially since making watch winders is arguably more simple than making watches. Nevertheless, the humble watch winder is still seeking to gain mainstream acceptance.

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Aside from the magical mechanical Mecchanico dG watch, this Otturatore from de Grisogono is their most impressive recent watch for men. We first covered the Otturatore watch here when I debuted it. It is a watch that cannot be fully understood or appreciated unless you actually get to play with one. The whole timepiece is an experience in playing with it. You even have to "pump it up." Quizzical and quirky, the Otturatore itself is as strange as its name sounds (in English), yet somehow ends up being remarkably desirable given the love and care de Grisogono put into its design and development.

Each of the cases is 44mm wide in an optional specially hardened steel. I don't know why all of them don't come standard with the hardened steel. Each is further water resistant to an impressive 2000 meters. You can opt for a flat or domed sapphire crystal, and there are a range of dial options. In fact, there are four dials to choose from and three hand sets. You also have an impressive eight bezel options. Some of the bezels come with sapphire crystal inlays - which I happen to like a lot.

"A celebration of the British inspirations behind the global brand,
The Britain marries craftsmanship and heritage with modernity and innovation"

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Last year Romain Jerome announced a licensing agreement with Taito Japan to bring the world Space Invaders themed wrist watches. I wasn't allowed to show images of the actual watches, but now I can. Few people are ever going to see these watches, but they are worth knowing about - at least from a watch trivia standpoint. Would I wear them? Yes actually. But then again I am the type of guy who can pull off most any watch (unless it is too small). So let's check them out in their colorful, pixelated glory.

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Detailing on the case and dial is special for each of the two watches, while the Batman version has the bat logo on the dial, and the Bane watch just says "Bane" on the dial. You'll see that there will be special The Dark Knight Rises engravings on the rear of the timepieces with portraits of the characters as well.

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