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How hard is it to read the Diavolo? Not too bad actually. Sometimes the hour hand gets hidden under the large seconds hand, but it is a small sacrifice for all that you get to see. Ulysse Nardin uses a printed sapphire crystal ring for the hour indicator numerals as well as a smaller sapphire crystal sheet for part for the partial seconds indicator near the tourbillon. With all the levels and elements in the dial, it is a beautiful thing to see. The look of the bezel has to do of course with the fact that you need to turn it. For the Diavolo model Ulysse Nardin opted to use a vulcanized rubber insert in the bezel. It looks cool actually. Please note that the piece I am testing here is part of a small limited edition (not for sale) set of 10 pieces in steel. You can't get these of course, but the ones you can buy are in 18k white gold.

Love the trident on the end of the second hand.

Things I dislike

The bezel has teeth cut at a 45 degree angle with just a bit of lip, making for good purchase from the side and above. A good design that doesn't need to be as tall as one with vertical teeth.

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The men's models come with light or dark cases and in chronograph or three-hand models. These are called the Harry Winston Ocean Sport Chronograph or Ocean Sport Automatic watches. They are 44mm wide in satin finished Zalium cases. According to Harry Winston certain sections of the case are DLC coated. With sapphire crystals over the dial the cases are 200 meters water resistant. They look to have diver style bezels, but the bezels don't appear to be the types that rotate.

The name of this watch doesn't actually include its most thrilling feature. For 2011, this is the Blancpain L-evolution Tourbillon Large Date watch. It is true that it has a flying tourbillon and a big date indicator but turn it over and you see the power reserve indicator on the rotor. Complications on rotors seem to be really "in" this year. In 2011 alone, on automatic rotors, we have seen seconds indicators (Cartier), tourbillons (Jacob & Co.), and now a power reserve indicator on this Blancpain. Coincidence? Probably not.

I am not sure of all the color styles that will be available but so far we have blue and black trim models. The D-Star 200 will also come in three-hand and chronograph variants. The three-hand model will be 42mm wide and the chronograph will be 44mm wide. The cases are in steel and sort of retro-barrel shaped. I actually like this case design a lot. Interestingly enough Rado claims that the deployment clasps on the bracelets will be in titanium.

Is this going to be your next Teutonic-otastic dive watch? It just might be. New from flies-under-the-radar Laco comes the Squad 1,000 Meter dive watch collection. Looks like a few other German "pro" watches? Well that is because Laco is German. The Squad 1000 Meter joins the ranks of pieces from brands such as Sinn and Tutima, with elements from scores of other brands. While the Squad 1000 certainly doesn't score high on the originality scale, it is a great composition of known styles and features that people want and love.

OK, so you have a decent battery life and the ability to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. What is that going to allow you to do? Casio has actually be able to successfully demonstrate a host of uses that I think are more than gimmicky. They are also seem to suggest some light touch screen properties.

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Tech Specs from Hublot

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It's a bit tall for cuffs at 16mm, but do-able.

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As a special one-off piece Richard Mille is making this RM 055 JC watch for charity. It will be auctioned off on September 14th in Beijing as part of the brand's continual push to capture more of the Chinese market. Who better than to do it with Jackie Chan? The watch will officially be called The RM 055  JC Jackie Chan's Dragons' Heart Foundation. I wanna little dragon's heart in my life, I hear it is really tasty with BBQ sauce.

After the rotor with variable geometry that contributed to the success of Richard Mille’s automatic calibres, a new winding device is introduced in the RM033. By using a platinum, decentrally positioned micro rotor, the barrel can be efficiently wound and an extra flat skeletonzied movement can be achieved.

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5N 18K red gold case, black subdial

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Bulova Precisionist Champlain 96B132 Watch Review

In late 2010 Chronoswiss announced a new collection of watches called the Pacific. The family stylistically was a very different animal for the brand, and was seen as a unique attempt to capture the vintage watch loving market, from a brand already known for their vintage style watches. The result was a sort of futuristic 1960s mod design that felt both retro and contemporary at the same time. I was fascinated by the multi-level dial, and the bright areas of color.

Edmond Pole Guardian Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Suggested retail price in Swiss Francs: CHF. 178,000 to CHF. 210,000 (Swiss francs) depending on version and case material

Rolex Paul Newman Tribute Daytona Watch By Black-Out Concept

Rolex Paul Newman Tribute Daytona Watch By Black-Out Concept

I was finally able to get some hands-on time with a few of the Chronoswiss Pacific watches - that come in both three-hand and chronograph styles. The cases are polished and in steel. Size is 43mm wide and the lugs are long and typical of the brand. I don't think we see enough polished watches these days. There seems to be a preference among many people for brushed or satinized case finishes, but don't underestimate the power of a nice polished case. Breitling knows what I am talking about.

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For some hands-on images you can check out this previous article I did with Quinting timepieces. One thing I still don't get is how you read the AM/PM indicator and date. The scales are located on the flange ring, but what do you use to read it? The centrally mounted hand should be for the chronograph hours and seconds. The only thing I can guess is that pressing one of the pushers (or something like that) temporarily re-purposes one of the hands for the date and day/night indication.

Aside from the Balance Chronograph, this was the coolest Chronoswiss watch that I saw at Baselworld 2011. No official details yet, so I will have to infer a bit of the specs. One of the things you may notice is that not too many watches have this exact big day and power reserve layout. For a moment I thought that Chronoswiss was modifying a base ETA movement, but then I realized that they were using something more standard.

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I don't know how they prepared the bezel, it appears to be paint inset and filled, which is of unknown durability.


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One side of the dial is mostly white and has lots of levels. The other side looks very Blancpain and has a textured dial that is more flat. The only this each dial shares is that it tells the time. Features easy to notice are the flying tourbillon, and the complex perpetual calendar functions. So what else does the Loiseau watch do? Here is a function list from them:

  1. Two instantly, secretly and fully reversible dials (World Premiere).
  2. Self-winding movement with annular-geared oscillating rotor (World Premiere).
  3. Self-winding striking mechanism with annular-geared oscillating rotor (World Premiere).
  4. 60 second Flying Tourbillon.
  5. Day/night indicator via a special reflector below the tourbillion cage.
  6. Mono pusher split second’s chronograph.
  7. Stop and return of the split seconds chronograph via a separate push-piece.
  8. 30-minute chronograph counter.
  9. Local time hours.
  10. Local time minutes.
  11. Seconds on the tourbillion carriage.
  12. 2ndtime zone hours.
  13. 2ndtime zone minutes.
  14. Equation of time.
  15. Striking mechanism power reserve indicator on the «Classical» dial.
  16. Striking mechanism power reserve indicator on the «Chronograph» dial.
  17. Silence.
  18. Automatic quarters striking mechanism (Petite Sonnerie au passage).
  19. Automatic hours and quarters striking mechanism (Grande Sonnerie au passage).
  20. Silence, Petite Sonnerie or Grande Sonnerie selection thru a single push-piece (World Premiere).
  21. Minute Repeater (hours, quarters and minutes).
  22. Perpetual calendar.
  23. Leap years.
  24. Day of the week.
  25. Month of the year.
  26. Date.
  27. Moonphase.
  28. Perpetual Calendar indications synchronously corrected through the crown (Patented).
  29. Day of the week individual correction thru specific integrated corrector.
  30. Month of the year individual correction thru specific integrated corrector.
  31. Date individual correction thru specific integrated corrector.
  32. Moon phase individual correction thru specific integrated corrector.