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Necessary Data
>Brand: Citizen
>Model: Proximity
>Price: 5
>Size: 45mm wide
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Sometimes
>Friend we'd recommend it to first: Analog watch lover who wants a new toy that plays with his phone.
>Worst characteristic of watch: Connectivity with iPhone can be spotty, and functionality remains limited.
>Best characteristic of watch: Good looking watch which proves that Japan's major brands are serious about the future of traditional timepieces.

Luminox Recon Nav SPC Watch

Luminox Recon Nav SPC Watch

Casio G-Shock Aviation GW-A1000 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Now Omega has made it better with this special version, the Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon. In fact, these words are engraved directly on the polished ceramic case back in matte chromium nitride above the sapphire display back. I'm not sure if the name is a reference to the Pink Floyd album "Dark Side of the Moon" released in 1973, or if it is just a play on words for the black ceramic theme. Either way, the name does stand out and is certainly well chosen.

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Frederique Constant had to understand, that for their target audience, there has to be a perceptible difference, and one at that which is powerful enough to justify the expense it took to step into the world of luxury items. The brand was founded with exactly this in mind, this is what they have been doing for over 20 years now - and that shows! Looking at the Classics Manufacture watch, it does make you forget the price, because there is way enough eye-candy to keep you busy and your thoughts away from comparing the package you got to the price you paid for it.


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High-end Swiss watch maker Patek Philippe was historically much more experimental in their designs than they are today. For many years, the famous brand experimented with a variety of different designs, some borrowed by brands even today. This lovely piece in an 18k gold tonneau (barrel) -shaped case used art deco style Arabic hour numerals and epitomizes the style-forward thinking of watch design in the 1920s. [Image credit: Christies]

Interview With Watch Maker Christophe Claret ABTW Interviews

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Milus Limited-Edition Zetios Chronograph Watches For Brazil Watch Releases

Ukrainian Valerii Danevych makes wood watches with actual wooden movements. "It's a functional work of art."  This is a phrase that can sometimes be thrown around with reckless abandon - especially when it comes to our beloved watches.  To be sure, mechanical watches - regardless of their vintage - are engineering marvels, given that they give us a miniature machine that tracks the passage of the day.  We've recently caught wind of some mechanical watch designs that are very worthy of being called works of art - and functional ones at that.

Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Rising Hours Watch Watch Releases

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Patek Philippe Grand complications

The caliber UN-118 (aka "UN118", or "118") uses technology from company Sigatec that Ulysse Nardin purchased. Sigatec produces something they call DIAMonSIL, which is quite literally diamond on silicon. Diamond-coated silicon vastly upgrades the durability and longevity of silicon watch parts - which can be actually quite fragile. With the lubrication-free properties of silicon and the strength of the diamond coating, the DIAMonSIL parts such as the escapement are very hardy. On the automatic rotor of the 118 movements you'll find a DIAMonSIL logo.

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There is something innately relaxing about telling time with a single hand. When used as a dress watch, the single hand moves imperceptibly, almost frozen at each instance that you want to tell the time. There is no moving second hand calling attention to itself, nor is there enough precision to tell the time to the exact second. In a dressy environment, these are perfect attributes, as one should pay attention to your company and the event you are enjoying rather than to the time.

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TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Caliber 36 RS Caliper Chronograph Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

MB&F, in a sense, has become like Disney for me. Less about animation and songs and more about something to look forward to. Having said that, I should modify my statement to say "the Disney of 20 years ago and older." Disney today just ain't what it used to be! Anyhow, I thoroughly enjoy how MB&F is able to surprise and tantalize me. I am waiting for an HM or LM watch that I actually really don't like just to say that I am not a mere MB&F fanboy. But so far, Mr. Busser (and his friends) are able to retain my attention rather well. When "On The Road Again" was first shown to people, it was (as can be excepted) met with mixed reviews. MB&F was slightly discouraged buy this until they recalled that "oh yea, we are the brand about polarizing crazy watches for the few and not the many." Polarizing design is good, if not absolutely great when it comes to the success of many niche timepieces.

George Daniels Co-Axial Chronograph Watch Hands-On Hands-On Sales & Auctions

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Hublot Big Bang

Breguet Tradition 7047BR & 7067BR Watches Hands-On Hands-On

Over the nine days that I spent at Baselworld, I took part in dozens of meetings, drank well over 100 espressos and was able to skip the gym thanks to a full complement of press kits and catalogs to carry between appointments and then back to the hotel at night (my deepest thanks to the brands that provided all of their press material on a USB stick). If you're okay with coffee, wine, Swiss chocolates and water, you won't go hungry at Baselworld.


Baselworld 2013: Tag Heuer, the Jack Heuer Special Editions

Baselworld 2013: Tag Heuer, the Jack Heuer Special Editions
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The second most expensive new IWC Ingenieur watch for 2013, and my favorite new model in the series, is this Ingenieur Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month ref 3792 (IW379201). Despite the model's tongue-twister name it leaves out the fact that it also has a chronograph. Visually stunning and extremely masculine, this is the type of forward-thinking modern design that I like to see in a luxury sport-themed timepiece.

As I would rather have no date than a date that clutters a dial, I think this is a fantastic decision and the dial of the MK1 looks great, with a tri-compax layout and a tachymeter scale on the chapter ring. The German-made case is fitted with a solid, military-style steel case back and the crown screws down to provide 100 meters of water resistance.

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The watch, while simply styled, is cleanly put together, and looks to be easy to read. I've also become a big fan of CF dials, as they add quite a bit of dimensionality to the dial (look closely at one if you have a chance - indices and numerals appear to be floating over the dial). If the watch was all show and no go, though, wouldn't be worth taking a look at, would it?

Helson Shark Diver 40 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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