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The company is developing a few prototypes, and it is unclear what their future will be, though they do have a site up and are promising e-mail subscribers that they will be notified about future developments. I think there is a good chance that wearable Nixie drones will see actual production at some point in the future.

Additional considerations involve agreed value, payment and shipping. While professional dealers will be familiar with routine business challenges such as transferring money, insuring shipments, dealing with international customs, function-checking a watch, and appraising the value of a trade, individual partners may have no experience in these critical tasks. Forwarding a luxury watch to a personally unknown overseas partner may be the ultimate leap of faith, and the private collector trade scene is the arena where this choice carries the greatest risk.

Let us move on to the customization options. The prototype we were sent for the hands-on is what you could call the base model. The 42.5mm case is in high-polish, there is no date display, the strap is a simple rubber one, and the handset and bezel are the ones the project launched with. However, should you not like any of those options, you may have them modified to match your preferences.

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Automatic movements can be damaged by the automatic rotor moving out of place if the entire movement is subject to severe shock - such as a fall. By locking the automatic movement, you of course prevent the watch from self-winding, but you also protect the movement from types of serious shock. Ball claims that with the Amortiser system engaged (which the user must do manually) the watch can survive a fall from 5.2 meters (in their tests). That is sort of a big deal. In order to lock the rotor, you must first take the watch off your wrist, and then go to the caseback of the watch and literally turn the inner part of the caseback from the "Off" to "On" position.

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James Stacey says:

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Ernie Romers: That was a long and slow process. I believe I was lucky, starting the site at a time when there weren’t many sites like Watchuseek focused on watches and the discussion of watches. The major force came in the last 5 years, but was built over the last 10 years. I started to realize the importance of Watchuseek when (finally) brands like Bell & Ross, Zenith, Ball, Tissot, Maurice Lacroix, MB&F, Bremont, Hamilton, etc. came on board.

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Whether or not Watchville has 1,000 or 1,000,000 users a few months from now, I see it as an affectionate application by Rose for one of his favorite hobbies. Anyone who is involved with or sympathetic to the "tech lifestyle" will easily appreciate Rose's labor of love and will likely find use in this highly refined and intelligent app. The funny thing is that with his talent and skills, Rose comes out of the bag right away with a useful and quality app, while over the years, I've seen people with a lot more incentive and time put together truly terrible ways of appreciating watches or timepiece news in app form. This is what happens when a true professional adds his touch to the technology of consuming horology.

Due to be released in February 2015, the film stars Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, and Michael Caine, as the "agents from a super-secret British spy organization." The movie even features Nick English, co-founder of Bremont, making a cameo appearance as one of the Kingsman. For this occasion, Bremont has slightly modified its  ALT1-WT watch (reviewed here), making it available in three different color schemes, ranging from rose gold through stainless steel, to black DLC coated steel.

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Stephen Forsey: Born in St. Albans, England, I inherited my passion for the intricacies of mechanics from my father. From 1987, I specialized in antique watch restoration, which led to a position as head of Asprey’s prestigious watch restoration department, and then furthered my horological education at WOSTEP in Switzerland.

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With that said, the Garmin epix is still a smartwatch in the sense that it offers phone notification information and the ability to do simple things like control your phone's music player, etc... What ups the ante for the Garmin epix is really the Garmin Connect IQ app support which can offer cosmetic enhancements like new watch faces as well as additional widgets and data fields. The Garmin epix also sports a color touchscreen - but also has pushers on the sides of the case. This should prove to be a very interesting outdoors watch for a lot of people - with some interesting smartwatch features and an app store. Price of the Garmin epix is 9 - 9.

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Hyetis calls the movement their caliber RDL-001, and it is the most important step along the way. Some of the challenges thus far include dealing with the various signals bouncing around the case (or outside of it), and of course, making everything fit. While the Hyetis Crossbow was to be in titanium, I believe, the Hyetis REDLINE will be in ceramic. That is clever, because I don't believe ceramic will have the same blocking effect on the signals and antennas in the same way that metal does.

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Derek Dier: My Audience tends to buy Omega the most. So, say a stainless steel Omega of any kind, whether it be a Seamaster or Speedmaster, those tend to be the hardest to keep in stock. Secondly, it would have to be Rolex, specifically, the Air-Kings and such. I tend to deal more in the ‘middle’ where there is a higher turnover.

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Being surrounded by friends and colleagues at a beautiful location with a view of Los Angeles (with good scotch) is probably the most perfect way I could imagine to spend an evening. Adding the fact that everyone is there to celebrate my book is a really nice bonus. It was a pleasure to personally sign people's The World's Most Expensive Watches books, and I hope that I'll meet a lot more of you in the future so that I can do the same if you aren't in the Los Angeles area. Thanks again to Hublot for sponsoring the event, my publisher Antique Collector's Club for making the book happen, and all the aBlogtoWatch friends and readers who joined me. I am sure there will be a next time. Oh, and for everyone looking to pick a copy up, you may purchase the book via, with shipping available to most parts of the world.

ABTW: If you could pick a watch brand or model that epitomizes the culture or style of Milan what would it be?

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Inside the watch is the in-house made and designed Parmigiani Caliber PF501 manually wound movement with a full week of power reserve. This is measured via a handy power reserve indicator at the top of the dial, indicating the full 163 hours of power reserve. The movement operates at 3Hz (21,600 bph), and something that makes the tourbillon unique is that it spins once each 30 seconds versus each 60 seconds. You can also notice use of silicon parts in the movement, such as for the escapement.

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With 72 hours of power reserve operating at 4Hz, the movement is also an automatic. Oddly enough, the axe-style rotor has just one side (versus being a full battle axe-style design. In blued metal, the rotor is solid 950 platinum. In addition to the domes that indicate the hours and minutes, the MB&F HM6 movement has a flying tourbillon. It has been a while since MB&F has released a tourbillon-based movement, and for this watch, MB&F has ensured that the no-longer innovative nor as interesting high-end complication has some extra pizazz for the MB&F HM6 Space Pirate. In addition to having a neat MB&F battle axe logo style cage, the flying tourbillon is centrally mounted.... and can be "hidden" like a closing eye in a closing dome.

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Migos is actually one of the biggest new acts in hip-hop right now: they've collaborated with everyone from Justin Bieber to Drake (as well as FakeWatchBusta regulars Soulja Boy and Future) and displayed a deep knowledge of bling luxury brands from the group's first mega-hit anthem from 2013, "Versace." Migos' point of view in "FakeWatchBusta" (which came out towards the end of last year) is particularly illuminating in this regard. In the lyrics, the trio's members create a paean to authenticity - i.e., you know you're really rich when the watch you wear is so indisputably not fake that you don't get blown up on FakeWatchBusta's feed. The boast "FakeWatchBusta can't bust me" makes where they stand abundantly clear: "Check out my watch - it's authentic" instructs the first verse, adding, somewhat threateningly, FakeWatchBusta should "stop commenting on my pictures." (In fact, relations between FakeWatchBusta and Migos are warm, as a recent interview in the respected hip-hop journal Mass Appeal clarifies: in it, Migos' MC known as Takeoff brags "I know FakeWatchBusta personally, they be in my DM. They know my shit ain't fake.")

And with that, we arrive at the final category and the one that we find in Tempest's latest release: forged carbon. It is a material that for long has been reserved to top-tier brands only, who offered it in watches often priced well over the ,000 mark – with Audemars Piguet possibly being the brand who we saw most frequently use it in its watches. Very recently we brought you the news of Magrette's new 10-piece limited edition that offered a forged carbon cased watch for ,225 (article here). Forged carbon is different in that it does not feature a layered construction, but rather tiny strips of carbon are cut and placed into a mold, where these pieces melt and bond once and for all under tremendous heat and pressure. This process results in a very light and extremely tough material, as well as a unique aesthetic, where no two cases will ever look exactly the same. That is because the way the strips move about within the mold is never exactly the same, and so their final position – in which they bond – changes from one case to the next.

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The raw forged carbon case. Image source: Tempest