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On a plus side, there were some really nice and rare watches I got to try on. It is the same feeling I used to get when reading car magazines. You'd read about concept or new models all year, and then I show up to the LA Auto Show and see them. Like that, but with watches. That night I promised myself that if I ever become wealthy like most of the attendants at the show, I would not alienate people in that way. I mean, it wasn't even about being snobby, more inclined to assumed aristocracy.

Updated Style Marcello C Nettuno 3 For Sale On eBay: Auction Ends Nov-20-07 01:10:27 PST Sales & Auctions I love when Marcello C watches show up on eBay, it is such a rare treat, and an opportunity to own a truly satisfying watch. The Marcello C Nettuno 3 is uncommon watch as it is relatively inexpensive but enjoys a very high level of quality. The only other watch to compare it to is the Rolex Submariner. Each have the same features, and arguably, the Marcello C Nettuno is more comfortable on the wrist. I have a Marcello C Nettuno 3, actually two of them. They are perfect watches for everyday wear, that are stylish, and very handsome.

IWW has a few different types of case modification. The most popular are likely to be PVD processing (black finish), and bead blasting (matte finish). The PVD coating process typically gives the case a matte look as well. Each give watches a more masculine look, and can interesting ways to reinvigorate a boring or stale looking watch. In addition, IWW will likely alter to look of bezels, and add new crystals when necessary.

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On eBay right now, is a brand new Citizen Campanola Grand Complication in my favorite flavor. With the comfortable brown alligator strap, hand polished case, and hand painted Japanese rosewood dial. No watch I own gets complimented more often. And I have never had a luxury watch that is so legible, with so many functions, and so elegant to look at. The auction price starts are under ,400, which is great for a watch that retails for between ,500 - ,000.

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For the marooned pilot or mathematician, this is a great choice. The Citizen Attesa is a highly function quartz watch with Citizen’s Eco-Drive movement, so the sun will power the battery for a long time. Although solar powered watches are a good bet, you still need to worry about the lifetime of the battery, and the ability on the watch to collect solar rays. If the face of the watch gets too obscured, then it might not be able to collect enough light. In addition to offering world time, multiple clocks, alarms, calendars, and more, this watch has a rotating slide rule bezel for making a variety of calculations, that is if you know how to use it. A nice feature here is also the inclusion of a battery meter. Only question is if it is strong enough for a lifetime of foraging and diving on an Island, even though most models are titanium or DLC (diamond like carbon) coated like the Casio MR-G. Frankly the Citizen Attesa is an awesome watch with an underwhelming name. Chances are, if you have one of these, it will serve you well for years.

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We've Found An Astronaut's Speedmaster Professional

The accuracy of the Citizen Chronomaster is not the only admirable feature. Depending on the model, you can get a very nice case and bracelet that looks like steel, but is actually white ion-plated titanium, with an 18k gold bezel as pictured above. The effect is an understand watch with gold trim that is light and very durable. No one would know this fact save for the person wearing the watch. For this reason some people love or hate the Citizen Chronomaster. From afar it might appear to be just any ordinary watch, but for the esteemed wearer of the watch, it is a solidly reliable timepiece with a sophisticated movement and high grade materials.

Her pieces sold on eBay always attract a fair bit of attention. She can't seem to produce enough items due to the demand. I feel lucky to see her work available when it is. Her humility as an artist cannot be matched, and can only be attributed to the dedication she places in her work. Take a look at these very cool pieces of functional art.

Another approach of course is investing in new Omega Speedmaster models. These emulate the look of the earlier models, but feature sapphire crystals, automatic movements, and heftier cases and bracelets. Many of these models are good choices, but make sure the style fits your ideal. Experimental changes of the years played with various aspects of the classic Speedmaster design, so you need to carefully consider the options. Further, look out for branded special edition models that (in my opinion) detract from the appeal of the watch with logos, images, and too much extra text. An example is the 50th Anniversary Edition Speedmaster that has a distracting logo the side of on of the subdials in the upper section of the face. It's not a bad looking image, but it should be reserved for the back of the watch as it just takes away too much from watches prime purpose; to be an attractive instrument.

Sedna Gold Speedmaster Racing Master Chronometer

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A third approach is to seek out a derivative Speedmaster model. Either something as simple as one with a white face or full calendar movement, or an even drastic alteration such different hands, cases, or other features that practically make the Speedmaster a different watch altogether. Some of these can be quite appealing, others are obviously experiments from Omega that did not quite make it (lots of gold or diamond for example). It is interesting however to see what Omega has given us over the years.

Thus, the quality of metal used in a watch means a lot in terms of the quality of the watch itself, how nice it will look, and of course, how long it will last. If you are used to cheaper feeling watches, prepare to be impressed with what a well crafted watch will look and feel like.

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The black face with white hands are probably the best part of the watch. As you use the watch more often, you realize just how much thought went into the design of the hands, working hard not to interfere with each other, but allow for quick reference when needed. Other Temption watches often use an array of color variations, like red or yellow. This series uses all white to contrast with the black face. And as is typical of Temption watches, a face-colored cabochan decorates the crown. In this case an Onyx.

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However, the enhancement of the original C1 does not stop there, not by a long shot! A protective ring in white gold, fixed laterally by 7 self-blocking screws is enhanced by eight decorative elements straddling the bezel. These bastions protect a spectacular 3.30 mm thick sapphire crystal, which literally emerges from the case and displays a ruthenium dial set with 259 diamonds, 0.8 ct and its distinctive Concord seconds disk. End result, a dial literally covered in bling. Even the band doesn't escape this "special" treatment, the black rubber strap with a white gold folding clasp is set with 72 diamonds or 0.6 ct.

Clinton: Here we have a much more reasonable size at 43mm. For some, this is still considered large, but most are perfectly content with this size, which is just over average. Most people are content with being a bit over average right? Given the complications this watch has, it is actually impressive to see it in a case under 45mm. Even with all those subdials you can still make out what the readings are.

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German Junghans Aviator Chronograph Picks Up In Breitling Aerospace’s Foot Steps

German Junghans Aviator Chronograph Picks Up In Breitling Aerospace’s Foot Steps

Speedmaster Holy Grail For The Italian Market

Like the Rolex Milgauss (also an anti-magnetic watch), the IWC Ingenieur has a slightly interesting seconds hand. Here with a small arrow on the tip for extra precision and to mimic the look of gauges and reading outputs from days of yore. While everything today is digital, there was a time when machines had analog gauges. Some of these gauges were modeled after watches, and a host of watches were modeled after such gauges. Inside the watch is an automatic movement, IWC Caliber 80111 with a modest power reserve of 44 hours, but this is a rugged movement. The first IWC Ingenieur also contained an automatic movement.

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Here in San Francisco, you see an interesting trend since the dot-com-boom of the late 1990s. You have companies that are started, only to be sold. The whole intent of the company is to paint itself in flattering colors only to attract a large buyer. This odd corporate mating ritual reverses the traditional M&A (merger and acquisition) roles, and has alpha companies sit around and wait for attractive young companies to stroll by presenting their promising futures and wide marketing reach. There is even an entire niche industry dedicated to creating attractive companies that will appeal to Google’s unquenchable hunger more consumer eyes.

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The watch itself uses an ETA 2892 automatic movement which is probably the best and most versatile movement that ETA offers. I would have liked to see a power reserve indicator on the watch, but perhaps that is for phase two. The 4.80 Scyllis does feature an internal rotating bezel (with excellent looking raised indicators and the yellow industrial looking strip), and a helium escape valve (pressure release valve). These features combined with a water resistance to 300 meters make for a solid and capable diving instrument. Using an integrated rubber strap, the N.O.A 4.80 Scyllis will look good over a dive suit or on your wrist. Hands on the watch are legible being large and slathered in luminant; also typical of N.O.A style hands. I really want to experience one of these watches ASAP, but that will have to wait until at least after Basel World next month. Price has not been announced, but I imagine it will be a few thousand, nothing too exorbitant for a watch this great looking.

Why am I making a big stink about all this? Because I'd want marketers to put the same effort into selling things that consumers put into buying things. "Over sized" probably has lots of positive associations of "welcome excess," and "generous inflation" in people's minds. But the second anyone takes a moment to consider the verbage they are reading, they instantly have no idea what is being sold to them. The goal of a good marketer is to not have the consumer think, else a sale is not as likely. So when I see the term "over sized' (etc...) it makes me stop, consider how on Earth that applies to my potential purchase, and move on to something with a more concrete description. In my head, I don't want anything over sized because then it would not work. has a wide selection of YES watches with free shipping available now.

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