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George explained to me how he got into customizing Rolex watches in the first place, and it began with a story of his first Rolex, back when he was a teenager. He was positively thrilled to get a Rolex Daytona as a gift, until he noticed that many of his peers had the exact same watch. Bamford recalls the experience with clarity and explains that he knew what it was like to feel like a confident woman entering a party in a red dress only to notice that other ladies in the party are wearing the same red dress. For many people, the idea of merely owning something really nice is enough, but it is true that most people want to feel unique in what you choose to show off via items you wear.

Max Busser of MB&F claims that the inspiration for this 0,000 plus timepiece was a cartoon he saw on French television called Capitaine Flam ("Captain Future"). An image and short video from the television series is included in this post. Max isn't shy to describe most of his timepieces as being inspired by something from his youth - and there is nothing wrong with that. As people grow up, our patience and free time for play is much more limited than when we were children. Plus, we don't require play as a developmental tool. Adults, nevertheless, require a degree of play for relaxation and catharsis. So even if it takes a high-end mechanical timepiece, I think play should certainly be encouraged.

The brand feels that the Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 XXL Large Date And Moon Phases watch with the sapphire crystal dial is a more modern interpretation on this more classic design. "Vintage" is even in the name of this timepiece, so it is interesting to see this blend of more traditional and modern characteristics. I quickly fell in love with the design, given how cool it was to see the movement on a watch with a traditional character.

OMEGA Speedmaster ’57 Co-Axial

The movement inside is IWC's in-house manufactured 89361 movement, and it is proudly displayed through the sapphire caseback – as opposed to being covered up by the engraved caseback we are used to seeing on so many of these limited edition watches. The movement features a flyback chronograph, IWC's double-pawl winding system with a 360-degree rotor designed to resemble a ship's wheel, and it offers an ample 68 hours of power reserve.

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ABTW: What would you tell watch lovers in other cities that watch lovers in Miami like?

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Louis Moinet Mecanograph Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews Louis Moinet Mecanograph Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

It isn't until 50 meters of water resistance that a watch is deemed OK for light swimming or being under any water. Some brands feel that 50 meters of water resistance is OK for showering with your watch on, but we generally advise against that. Why? Well, the heat pressure of shower water create a special situation that should generally be avoided as it can force water into a watch and overstress parts like rubber gaskets.

Autodromo Stradale Line Debuts As The Brand’s New Flagship Watch

Autodromo Stradale Line Debuts As The Brand’s New Flagship Watch

High Speed Indy 500 Adventures

ABTW: What is Philadelphia best known for? What do visitors have to do, see, or eat while there?

Bamford Watch Department Customized Rolex Watches Hands-On & Thoughts Hands-On

Zenith El Primero movements are rarely a poor choice and it is nice to see that Zenith offers a healthy variety of them. It is easy to suggest that all well-rounded watch collections include at least one El-Primero based timepieces. For the Stratos Spindrift model in this black DLC-coated case the theme is modern and sporty. You even have a carbon fiber dial. Zenith has experimented in the past with an all carbon fiber case in the El Primero Lightweight Limited Edition Skeletonized watch.

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So if you have the time now or in the future, please comment below on the above topics. Our goal is to understand from the aBlogtoWatch audience what ways of revenue generation they feel comfortable with, perhaps desire, or ultimately don't at all want. We can't promise to make everyone happy, but no good opinions are worth keeping silent.

Greubel Forsey Art Piece 1 Watch Hands-On

Greubel Forsey Art Piece 1 Watch Hands-On

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Christophe Claret will produce two limited edition versions of the Christophe Claret Aventicum watch, with one in 18k white gold and one in 18k red gold. Each has some grade 5 titanium parts as well. On the rear of the watch is a further statement in Latin which reads "Perfice omnia facta vitae quasi haec postrema essent.” This translates into “perform every act in life as though it were your last.” I don't think that applies to timepiece buying, as watches like this were meant to be part of a larger collection and not your only timepiece. While the concept of the Christophe Claret Aventicum is interesting, I am not sure it is going to make sense to many watch lovers eager to see fresh complications from the mind of Mr. Claret who has spoiled us. My feeling is that, in its own way, the Christophe Claret Aventicum will be really impressive, but it will require some hands-on time with the piece for me to discover that in full.

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Rpaige has assorted an amazing collection of antique pocket watch movements and dials over the years. Each is faithfully restored, but also very much an historic item. While the movements are each in fine working order, one can visually see the patina of time and signs of actual use. One of the most interesting parts of the movements is how nicely they are decorated. The movement restoration cleans them to back the original luster without losing the intricate engraving designs. In some instances, Rpaige offers even higher-grade movements that are less common and more impressively detailed.

The bottom line is that no one actually needs a minute repeater or a tourbillon, as they add zero functional utility to a watch in 2014. Nevertheless, the child-like glee we receive from seeing mechanisms such as this in operation is what keeps up coming back for more and more. This is the logical extension of having a fascination for shiny things. Appreciating the work involved in this Roger Dubuis Hommage Minute Repeater Tourbillon Automatic watch goes to basic human attraction for items that require a lot of effort and our desire to want to own those and somehow capture part of their majesty for ourselves. It doesn't matter what the watch does, when it comes to a piece like this, it simply matters that it required a lot of effort and looks beautiful in the process.

The 18-carat pink gold case is 44 millimeters wide and 15.70 thick – it is big, but nothing outrageous when compared to the average size of other Royal Oak Offshore models. Where there is a more noticeable difference, however, is water resistance: a mere 20 meters is noted. Now, while we have said that the movement is extremely delicate and how that prevents the watch to be used in any rocky situation, a rating of 2 bars really is, nevertheless, low – but there's good reason for that. While there presently are numerous ways of waterproofing a crown and the two chronograph pushers, sealing the minute repeater's slider on the left side of the case as well as the push-piece in the center of the crown is considerably more difficult.

Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow Rattrapante 3582.51.00

First, allow us to have a few words about the Sellita-based Elite, to help better understand how the Synopsis fits into the picture. As per (now ex-)Zenith CEO Jean-Frederic Dufour's claims, by 2014, Zenith has reached the very limits of its output capacity at around 50,000 movements, which was coupled with a steady single-figure growth year over year. "Single-figure" may not sound like much, but even at 5-7% growth, that deceptively small number necessitates the expansion of annual output by at least a few thousand movements. That consequently requires more people, more machinery, more space, more supply of raw materials – which in turn, makes the company act like a Jenga tower: growing constantly to a size greater than ever before, but also not as secure and steady as it had been.

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Given the antique nature of the original Italian safe, the Savoy Safe No. 3 is likely a one-of-a-kind item, and others like it are built to order. Companies like Savoy don't really keep stock of items like this, given the extreme time and expense required to produce them. Hardcore collectors around the world approach companies like Savoy in order to produce custom or bespoke items... to store and help enjoy their other custom and bespoke items. They often need to work with specialists such as Scatola del Tempo, who have a deeper understanding of how to integrate watch winders and other specialty electronics in these luxury safes.

Style on the Dial with Megan Harris: Time to Borrow from the Boys

Giuliano Mazzuoli Carrara Watch With Marble Case Watch Releases

Dominique Renaud Joins HYT Watches

Dominique Renaud Joins HYT Watches

Interview With Kelly Rowland, TW Steel Watches Ambassador ABTW Interviews

Traditional magazines (for example) benefited from user subscription income in addition to advertising income. People would pay for magazines because it was a physical item and in order to receive a copy they often needed to buy it. Internet distribution is so immediate and lacks any physical form that people are less inclined to pay for digital media. Further, the ability for search engines such as Google to easily make our content available precludes a site like aBlogtoWatch from selling its content because it would need to be hidden from users.

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The "Mk II" concept is all about giving watches a chance as a "second generation" (hence the "mark II" name). Ask watch lovers in the know about Mk II, and they will likely smile and say "cool watches if you can actually get one." They would be referring to the fact that Mk II has in the past asked customers to wait long periods of time to receive orders, and given their low productions volumes, many of their timepieces sell out until new parts are ordered and delivered. In fact, if you want to know about the headaches and tribulations of producing watches as an independent watch maker, you need only ask Bill. Infinitely patient, Bill will explain how long it takes to receive orders and what happens when suppliers send the wrong parts.

aBlogtoWatch: Did you gravitate to sportier watches, or more dress styles?

Furthermore, I found that its legible monochrome dial with that splash of green went well with just about all casual-to-smart-casual attire, albeit it certainly is not suitable for more formal occasions. Last but not least, the super soft leather strap is a joy to wear as it holds this medium-large sized watch firmly against my 6.75" wrist. One gripe that I would have with the leather strap is its "suede-like" inside, which, while certainly feeling very comfortable, I sense might have a slightly compromised durability in the long run.