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My Ralph Lauren Sporting Collection Watch Article On Announcements

As for brands that I identify with - I am very much intrigued by Breguet and Franck Muller and Patek Philippe. I am also a satisfied owner of both Rolex and Omega.

Hands-On With The Omega Speedmaster CK2998 Reference 311.

Frederic Jouvenot Automatic Chronograph Evolution Watch: Rotor On Front Watch Releases

Bernhardt Globemaster GMT Watch Review By Reader Wrist Time Reviews

Turn the watch over and see the P-181 automatic movement through the sapphire crystal caseback window and you can tell that Perrelet is a serious watch maker. The decorated rotor is just the start, but the finish on the dial along with the blued screws is almost as nice a view as the face of the watch. At 44mm wide you'd think that watch was really big. You can see that even on two pairs of smaller wrists, the watch looks totally comfortable and not super huge. Just wait until I show you a 60mm wide watch I shot while on my trip. So if you are in love with the Perrelet Turbine Double Rotor watch collection as so many people seem to be, you'll have to wait at least until the fall, but they are coming.

Omega Speedmaster Ultraman Ref.145.012-67

But I must admit that Eterna has done just that with its latest Contessa models.

The open work style of the watch is a good intersection between modern and classic. Branding on the dial has Audemars Piguet and Maserati sharing the same size, which is interesting. Audemars Piguet is shorted to just "AP" and you have the Masterati Trident logo. The chronograph has a large central seconds hand with an easy to use tachymeter. The chronograph is also an monopusher chronograph meaning it is operated via a single button. Although the face of the watch is oblong, the dial itself is actually perfectly round. The Audemars Piguet Millenary MC12 Tourbillon Chronograph originally was released in about 2006 in a limited edition of just 150 pieces. The movement utilizes carbon which is part of Audemars Piguet's talents many other watch makers can't seem to replicate too well. I personally think that carbon is a bit gimmicky, but it is apparently very difficult to work in small sizes. The blued metal in the movement to match the blue of the car is a nice touch. The case of the Millenary is made of 950 platinum which makes it hefty and expensive. If you ever hear that a super car uses platinum, walk the other direction, it is a damn heavy material the opposite of "weight saving." Last of all you get a crocodile leather strap. Price?  About 0,000. Lower than the original retail price though.

Louis Moinet Tempograph 10 Second Retrograde Watch Hands-On  Hands-On

Time For Dad!

Bernhardt Globemaster GMT Watch Review By Reader Wrist Time Reviews

The case is a nice mixture of brushed and polished finishes. Here's a side profile showing the finishes and the signed crown:

What goes along with incredible depth resistance is durability. This means that the CX Swiss Military watch line, especially the 20,000 Feet Diver can take a serious beating. Accordingly, the 20,000 Feet watch has been but through an array of tests. This is actually very rare, as the vast majority of watches are never really put through these types of real world tests. The 20,000 Feet Diver watch was run over by a heavy truck, blasted at a close distance with powerful fire engine water hose, shot with a shotgun, and just generally abused. Report results are that the watch survived each test with no appreciable damage to the case and without any interruption in the accuracy and running of the movement.

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There is a special place in my heart for simple unpretentious watches - which are typically relatively inexpensive. The bread and butter of the watch world are timepieces like this, and they get the least attention. Countless hours and pages are spent on discussing ultra luxurious watches that will only ever be worn on the wrists of a handful of people - who probably like the looks and the idea of the watch more than the watch itself. For the countless watches out there worn by the everyday person, there is little to guide a potential purchase decisions. That is unfortunate because it is the "mainstream watch" whose sales really provide support for the industry that builds the best watches that we all aspire to own. So here is my review of worker watch, a rank and file Casio watch - and I think that you'll be surprised as to how aptly it can serve you, and how it does some things much better than its aristocratic cousins.

Daniel Roth Endurer Chronosprint Watch Watch Releases The Daniel Roth Endurer Chronosprint is thoroughly a luxury watch in heritage and design. Although it has a unique and avant garde appeal, this watch is focused on the fine watch market. Accordingly, all materials and high quality, with the proper amount of movement decoration and overall fit and finish. The strap is a specially textured calfskin (with a few thick horizontal lines), while the buckle matches the case. I would image the price for the Endurer Chronosprint watch to be in the ,000 - ,000 dollar range. With the Japanese design themes and the undeniably masculine and sporty look - without an abrasive machismo, this is a beautifully designed and elegant (but strong looking) watch with a winning design. Despite a few shortcomings and design quirks (such as not having a seconds display), this Daniel Roth watch is an under the radar success in my opinion. For that, I am going to give it my Seal of Approval Award.

There will initially be three models of the watch. Two in DLC coated titanium with black faces (one with the red behind the turbine blades, and one all black). Another will be in polished titanium. I got to see all three and here are the wrist shots! The craftsmanship and finish of the cases is impeccable. Surprisingly good even for prototype models. The tapering of the case toward the base goes to the turbine engine look, and the unique crown that is flush with the case is pretty well done. You can pull the crown out a bit, but there is also that little hoop that folds out. The watches are smooth all the way around without and harsh edges as well and the high grade rubber strap comes with a quality titanium butterfly deployment clasp that features perlage polishing on the inside.

White Dial Speedmaster Professionals To Choose From

For more information or a dealer network, visit Perrelet here.

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This is a pretty incredible new timepiece from Angular Momentum. The figurine is actually part of the watch, and is situated on one of Angular Momentum’s new Time Gallery watch cases. Even if you have no idea what Il Moretto (aka "moretto Veneziano"), or a Morcic figure is, this is a pretty significant departure from your typical luxury watch. Let’s go back in time for a moment a few hundred years to Italy and Croatia to understand the development of this symbol. A Morcic is a bust figure of a Moor. The figures always have Caucasian features with dark skin, and are luxuriously dressed while wearing a turban headdress. The idea of the figure was to be “exotic,” and was typically used a good luck charm. Sailors began to have Il Moretto figurines as earrings or pendants as a ward against pirates (mostly Turkish) , who often plagued sailors who sailed along the African coast and in the Mediterranean sea.

IWC Portugieser Replica Vintage Eye for the Modern Guy

Louis Moinet Jules Verne Instrument 1 & 2 Watches With Moon Rocks Watch Releases

The Casio G-Shock classic series is really the perfect surfer watch (unless you want the tide charts which are available on other Casio watches). This is because they are inexpensive, can take a beating, and often solar powered, and highly water resistant. Likely realizing this, Casio and the Surfrider Foundation teamed up and will release the Casio G-Shock X Surfrider watch in July 2009. The watch is model G5500SRF-1 and will feature special colors and a Surfrider Foundation logo on the face behind the data. A portion the money for each watch sold will go to the Surfrider Foundation. Interestingly enough the partnership is stressing the eco-friendliness of the watch because it is solar powered and does not need batteries. This is true, but a kinda salesy if you ask me. I would prefer to see a testimonial by a surfer saying, "I can thrash the watch around all I want and not worry about it, and at the same time I never need to replace the battery that makes it the most reliable piece of gear I own." Wearing a watch while surfing is actually very important. You don't want to get caught out in the dark, and you need to judge the daily tidal ranges that are all time based. You should also remember that you have a life on shore. For 0 retail (out in July) it isn't a big commitment, and the connection with the Surfrider Foundation gives it that special added bonus that should make it on your list of surf prep for the summer (unless you are one of those pyscho surfers in industrial wetsuits wading near the razor sharp rocks at the mouth of the San Francisco Bay - then you've been surfing all winter haven't you? Nevermind, the Summers in San Francisco are pretty cold too).

Yonger & Bresson Automatic Chronograph Snake Skin Strap Watch: For A French Cowboy Watch Releases

Speedmaster Customization, Yay or Nay?

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Rare Sinn 142 Black PVD Chronograph Lemania 5100 movement Vintage
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Sinn 900 Flieger Watch: The "Big Aviator Chronograph" Watch Releases
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Sinn 900 Flieger Watch: The "Big Aviator Chronograph" Watch Releases
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Sinn 900 Flieger Watch: The "Big Aviator Chronograph" Watch Releases
Sinn Chronograph 103BAUTO Watch Used Black Dial
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Sinn 900 Flieger Watch: The "Big Aviator Chronograph" Watch Releases
Sinn 857 UTC Tegimented On Bracelet
Time Remaining: 12h 45m

I don't know when Pontiac watches died, but they did. They were not an American brand, but as brands come and go, Pontiac went the way of the Dodo a long time ago. GM recently announced that Pontiac will shut down. The over 80 year old division of General Motors has had better times of course, but are we really losing much with the elimination of this automobile brand? The last important Pontiac car was probably the late 1960's GTO line, but that was just because it looked cool - since then it has been dog after derivative dog. The only good recent Pontiac cars were just re-branded Australian Holden cars. While still technically GM cars, Holden had no connection to the chronically dysfunctional American design and engineering side of things.

Being a singer, I also need a Central Seconds hand to determine tempo and metronomic timing during rehearsals.

Watch Talk with David Pittsinger : Opera Singer - Broadway Star - Watch Collector ABTW Interviews
Pittsinger Winding his Rolex GMT II Dualmaster

Cartier Ballon Bleu Replica movement, how

Seen here with a pink patent leather strap, there are other colors available as well to further accessorize your outfit. The pink is a little soft and girly for my style, but would definitely appeal to many women today. And, being that this line has been inspired by an icon in fashion, there are several other colors and options to chose from.

Now with "advanced Entspiegelungstechnik!" That word actually just means anti-reflective (AR) sapphire crystal coating, but it sounds superbly Germanic and fitting right? To be released in the late Spring of 2009, this new Sinn Model 900 series watch is pretty good looking, and the size is up to 44mm, which is considered "big" for Sinn (most case sizes are between 38mm -41mm wide). Like the other 900 models, this watch uses a base ETA Valjoux 7750 movement with a UTC hand modification. That gives it a full 12 hour chronograph, date, time, and 24 hour hand (that is independently adjustable to use as a second timezone if desired). Unlike the other 900 model watches, this Flieger is a lot more simple looking and attractive. Looking like cousin of the Sinn 757, the 900 is all about pilot watch duty. If it is suitable for day to day wear, it does so without caring.

Check out the Arctos Elite GPW K1 Limited Edition watch here at Rufus Lin Designs.

Bell & Ross: Closer To Completing A Watch For Each Era Of Flight With The Instrument BR Heritage

Bell & Ross: Closer To Completing A Watch For Each Era Of Flight With The Instrument BR Heritage

Astronaut's Speedmaster Professional Being Auctioned

See Frederique Constant watches on eBay here.

Oddly enough, you need to go to Ralf Tech's dedicated watch site, because their regular site has no mention of their watches. Oh, and their watch site is only in French. Honestly, a lot of their watches are really cool, but I am going to focus on just one right now from their WRX line (Subaru is gonna be pissed about that one) of watches. The main pictured watch is awesome because it has a perlage polished aluminum face. There is also a matte polished (is that an oxymoron?) aluminum face version. Perlage polish creates that pattern of overlapping polished circles that is highly reminiscent of high grade machinery. I've never see this type of polish applied to such an affordable watch, and never to a diving watch yet. If we are lucky, this trend will take root and slowly move in on the reign of carbon fiber faced watch that have absolutely saturated the market.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak OffShore Wempe Scuba Watch Available On Sales & Auctions