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Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave Watch Hands-On  Hands-On

Pretty much any man can pull of this watch, and the price is hard to beat for the design and quality. I would say the only drawback is that it has a quartz movement, but Formula 1 timepieces always have had such movements - it is part of the range's ethos. The Swiss quartz movement on the inside is easy to live with, so deal with it.

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Functionally the watch is sound, but it is more a complication watch that one designed to evoke a deep sense of elegance. Use of aluminum, the large size, iconic Admiral's Cup case, and the functions make this niche collectors watch - but one that I would totally want to travel around with. Like I said, it is very comfortable and easy to read. The movement is also neat looking, and being an automatic really makes it a convenient watch. Price is ,000 in aluminum and ,000 in red gold.

Is this the ultimate accessory for Ferrari owners? Probably. 100 years from now I wonder what people will think of it. Will they remember what Cabestan was all about. Will the watch make sense? Will they realize that it is a Ferrari approved design? Seeing things like this bring together so many worlds I love that it is hard not to get giddy. The Cabestan Scuderia Ferrari One is an interesting horological rarity borne out of passion and the mutual respect that two brands had for one another. The owners of these watches are more than lucky. Price was well north of 0,000.

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LAST CHANCE: Xetum Stinson Watch Giveaway

A little difference of opinion in ordering the shows has this being episode 85 on and episode 84 on the HourTime website. I will trying to straighten it out moving forward - and apologize for any confusion. On this episode we discus the right way to sell watches, our continuing appreciation of Grand Seiko,MB&F Legacy Machine Number 1, and more.

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Number of parts                                           

Fit and finish are excellent. The bezel, initially stiff, loosened up after a couple of days and is a nice, precise 120 clicks. The lume on it and the dial is excellent, as good as any I've seen. Lights up quickly, legible after a solid ten hours:

DA 44 Functions:
• Hour, minute, central second
• Weekday and date in new position

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Legacy Machine No 1 – Technical Specifications from MB&F

I think the term has even higher value today that it ever has. Especially when something is an American made high-end functional craft. These are probably among the most rare items and are highly collectible - just look at the auction market for antique American made furniture. When at a store seeing something "made in America," it makes me stop and think, and feel grateful. Items such as that feel increasingly rare. So what of our craft and creativity? Where is the art of Americana.

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Did y'all know Seiko is 130 years old? Yes sir! And this year their US roadshow event featuring Grand Seiko watches will be celebrating that fact with some fun events. Yours truly will be at the Phoenix, Arizona event on October 14th 2011 held at Seiko's number 1 Grand Seiko dealer; Arizona Fine Time in Scottsdale. Come for the watches - stay for the food/drinks/cigars (these are also the people).

Satellite complication — patented — with orbiting hours and telescopic minute hands

Tournaire Expression Paris Watch Watch Releases

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January 2011's's watch giveaway is just about over. This is your last chance to enter for a chance to win this rare and great condition (recently serviced) Early 1970's Omega Speedmaster Mark 4.5 watch. Click here to enter before January is over.

Tournaire Expression Paris Watch

Tournaire Expression Paris Watch

Breguet Type XXI 3810 Titanium Watch Hands-On Hands-On

As far as niche watches go, these are for very special collectors. I must say that having experienced Quinting watches hands-on, they are cool and well made - but also pricey given the lust most people have for mechanical watches, and given what quartz watches tend to go for. However, while these are quartz based movements, they are totally unique and no one else uses this patented technology. It is also one of the things that you can only do with electronic watches, which helps justify the use of the technology. You can see a few of these Quinting Chronograph Mysterious Quinting watches available at James List here. 

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Resident Evil Watches By GSX

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Bulgari says it takes about one year to build each of these watches. I believe that. There are a very small amount of people who are skilled enough to make them, and it takes along time to decorate the parts, assemble, and then test the movements. Actually, decorating the movement parts is the most challenging. That takes about six months. It then takes four months to build the movement, test it, take it apart, clean it, and then put it back together again.

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MOVEMENT: I was surprised to find out the Ti has a Ronda 7003 quartz movement. Now I'm not a big fan of quartz movements. This has nothing to do with reliability. My indifference to quartz movements stems from my love of all things mechanical. But now I've seen the light.

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-Limited edition of 12 timepieces in white gold, alligator strap
-Movement ETA A07.171 Valgranges
-Mayan figures on the index of hours: 219 exclusive world premiere
-South American emerald-quality watchmaking (Brazilian or Colombian)
-Crimping rod adjusted (180 hours)
-Caseback: hand engraving, bas relief, the 20 calendar days and the God of Death (200 hours)
-Crown engraved by hand and micro-set with diamonds of 0.50 mm diameter
-Dial representing the jaws of the feathered serpent, included in a Mayan pyramid, above the sun
-Flowers shamanistic carved by hand, bas relief, on the hidden part of the horns (40 hours)
-Water resistance of 50 Meters.

Milus Heritage Snow Star “Life Barter Kit” Watch

Milus Heritage Snow Star “Life Barter Kit” Watch

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One version of the limited edition Nazca sport is a bit more "formal." This model in all steel has a metal bracelet and textured silver tone dial. Lume on the applied hour markers and hands should help with legibility. Plus, the many facets of the case design should contrast interestingly with the more or less uniform coloration of the entire watch. RSW Nazca Sport Limited Edition Watches Watch Releases

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Lot 5: Bovet, Amadeo Dragon & Phoenix
Wish Price: €180.000 to €220.000
Result: €70.000
Analysis: "Ouch" would be an understatement here. Bovet is one of those "newish" brands that has tried to conjure up a rich and deep aura around itself. Pascal Raffy has become a watch industry celeb second only to maybe the Great J.C. Biver.  In my opinion, this may be due partially to the fact that we are talking about a pocket watch. I don't particularly care how well-heeled one is. If you drop tens of thousands on a watch, you're going to want to wear it at least a few times. And unless you're decked-out in morning dress, in 2011 a pocket watch is a bit of an affectation. The €70.000 here has to be a bit of an embarrassment no matter how you spin it.

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If you recall from the M014, one issue with it was that it had two crowns. Only one of the crowns actually did anything. Marvin felt (and I agree) that from a design standpoint the watch looked better with two crowns. That was because the placement of the movement required that the crown be placed near the top. So Marvin added a second non-functioning crown to balance out the design. Still, it essentially had a faux-crown. On the Marvin Flying Hour however that isn't the case. Both crowns actually do something. The top one is used to adjust the hour and minutes, while the lower one is used to stop and start the seconds.