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Blancpain Carrousel Minute Repeater Chronograph: First Watch With All Three Complications Together Watch Releases

Pretty much all good German stuff has quirks right? Well, that probably goes for all things. As an avid driver of German cars and wearer of German underpants (joke! only if...) I find an endearing quality to Germanic design. The Mesiter Kalendar watch isn't over-designed, which is good. Germans are excellent at minimalist design when they wish to be. Though as a brand Junghans has taken the production of retro-themed timepieces quite seriously. They want this and other Meister collection watches to feel a lot like something out of the past - only in a modern skin.

Written by Michael Maximilien

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Luminox Recon Nav SPC Watch Watch Releases

4N 4N-MVT01/D01 Watch Hands-On + Flash Sale Hands-On

The lack of a date cutout also results in what is a simply awesomely symmetrical dial; which is easily one of my favorite aspects of the Rolex Milgauss.  First, the dial is black with simple baton-like hour markers filled with white Super-Luminova that shine green, though the markers at 3, 6, and 9 are orange-filled and shine blue.  At twelve o'clock is a large Rolex coronet underneath which the Rolex Milgauss model is marked with the common Oyster Perpetual.  The hour and minutes hands are similar to the Datejust model and are made of white gold with a thin strip of the white Super-Luminova.  On the periphery of the dial is the now common ROLEX ROLEX (…) and unique serial number (at 6 o'clock) laser etched markings which helps with counterfeiting and gives the dial a certain genuineness…

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Perhaps this is why they state this analyzer is just for "entertainment purposes" - don't expect to argue with a cop that your watch told you you were good to drive. That means TokyoFlash offers this blanket disclaimer in order to prevent from being sued if the reading is off. That doesn't mean it isn't accurate, but rather that they are trying to limit their liability.

Baselworld 2013: Casio PRO TREK PRW-3000 - New Sensor In Smaller Case Watch Releases

3. Wait until the giveaway is over on February 28, 2013 for the winner to be chosen at random.

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Marc Newson Video On Designing Watches And The End Of Ikepod ABTW Interviews

aBlogtoWatch Editor's Watch Gift Guide For 2012 ABTW Editors' Lists

For 2013 Perrelet will be adding a chronograph version of the Turbine to the popular watch collection. Originally released several years ago as a sort of test sport watch, the Turbine became quite popular and has since spawned a lot of versions, including the original 43mm wide size and later a Turbine XL 50mm wide size (see a full review here). Given the design of the dial and the moving "turbine" that spins with the motion of your wrist, it didn't seem possible that Perrelet could offer additional complications.

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If you've got that IPO in your pocket, I have the perfect gift for you - the Chopard Happy Diamonds. An iconic design from a famed jeweler, the Happy Diamonds introduced the idea of having gold-set diamonds moving freely in between two layers of sapphire crystal. In addition to of course, diamonds in the bezels. 18 carat gold, quartz movement, mother of pearl dial, also available in white gold. The play of light over moving diamonds makes for the ultimate display of luxury goods. Yours for a mere ,780 or ,520 at here.

SevenFriday Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Blancier Grand Cru Watch With Nespresso Capsule Dial

Blancier Grand Cru Watch With Nespresso Capsule Dial

Omega Speedmaster .861

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MTM Silencer Watch Giveaway Winner Announced Giveaways

The original Chargé d'Affaires was released in 1956 using an A. Schild caliber 1475 manually wound movement. A. Schild movements aren't really made anymore, but are considered pretty good vintage movements and are often restored today. The caliber 1475 is faithfully reproduced for the Chargé d'Affaires of today. Back in 1956 it was the very first alarm watch produced by Corum. Today Corum calls the movement their caliber CO 286.

ABTW: So what's the story of how Dubois-Dupraz came to start a watchmaking company?

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As with the previous SKX Monsters, the SRP Monster range is well-priced. I was able to order the SRP313K1 seen here for 0 USD about a month ago, though in that time the average online price seems to have risen to roughly 0. The price will likely continue to fluctuate as more vendors begin to offer the SRP range. With the legacy SKX779 Black Monster (with bracelet) available for ~0 online, the updated model is more expensive but you get more for the additional cash. If you plan on using the Monster as a weekend beater or a dedicated dive watch, then the SKX range is still a pretty good buy as the hand winding and hacking may not be worth the additional funds. Alternatively, if you want the best possible version of a notable Seiko design, the new SRP Monster range boasts an updated and more useful movement, along with a range of new color options.

Compared to buying brand new, there is also the advantage of many times getting a good deal on an equivalent piece that is older. Not taking into account of course, specialty or rare pieces that can be valued at ludicrous prices.

Casio Edifice EQW-A1200 Sensor Chronograph Watch For 2013 Hands-On

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The 21 micro gas tubes, a 3.7mm anti-reflective sapphire crystal, and 600m worth of water resistance do not make the the NEDU a slim watch. With a thickness of 17.3mm, even the titanium construction of the case cannot save this watch from a large and weighty footprint. Unlikely to fit under any cuff, the included titanium and steel bracelet does sport an extension so the NEDU will fit over your wetsuit. Further features include a lumed ceramic unidirectional bezel, 7500Gs worth of shock resistance, and magnetic resistance to 4,800 A/m. Perhaps most notable is that Ball has managed to integrate an automatic helium escape valve into the crown of the NEDU diver. The Hydrocarbon range sports an over-sized crown and propriety locking system, so why not use the available space for an HEV? The spring based system, believed to be a watchmaking first, is fitted into the cap of the crown and allows expanding helium molecules (accumulated during saturation diving) to leave the case of the watch without damaging any components.

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Alternatives To The Rolex GMT Master II Watch?

Casio Edifice EQW-A1200 Sensor Chronograph Watch For 2013 Hands-On

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The Monoposto is built around a 43 x 10 mm stainless steel case with wire-style lugs and a distinctly vintage vibe (aside from the admittedly modern sizing). Exposed above the dial is a domed KL glass crystal which has a sapphire coating. "Monoposto" translates to "single seat" and the crystal on the Monoposto features a red strip that is meant to recall the days before race cars had rev limiters. Mechanics had to apply a red strip to the glass on a car's tachometer so that the driver would have a way to quickly check if they were pushing the engine too hard. While I think that this may cause some confusion (at-a-glance) with the also-red seconds hand, the overall look is pretty cool and it certainly fits the aesthetic they have developed across the Autodromo line up.

I came of age in the 1960’s and 1970’s in New England. If you asked most of my schoolmates back then what they wanted to be when they grew up, most would have said a fireman, policeman, cowboy, politician, lawyer, doctor, teacher, sailor…. just about anything but a watchmaker. The average age of watchmakers in the 1960’s and 1970’s was around 50 years old, and it seemed, at least in the United States, to be a dying breed, perhaps even an endangered species. Americans didn’t value watchmakers as highly skilled technicians, as they did in Switzerland and other European communities, they more or less saw them as the equivalent of a plumber, electrician, house painter or refrigerator repair man. Not something to strive for when you’re young …didn’t seem glamorous like a secret agent, lawyer, or computer punch card operator…. or something to get girls with like the lead singer of a rock band.

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Still, what I can say is that in my conversations with watch collectors, this label is starting to lose its luster especially when considering how many new independent watchmakers are starting out outside of Switzerland and seeing success despite initial concerns of not having "Swiss Made" on the dial. Savvy watch buyers will know all this, and will know what they are buying, and the "Swiss Made" label will be but an increasingly smaller part of the purchasing decision, eclipsed by other factors such as the intrinsic parts of the watch itself.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116506 In Platinum Hands-On: An Homage To Paul Newman? Hands-On

According to Morgenwerk, the Satellite Precision watches are water resistant to 50 meters - which is pretty good given the charging ports and other features. While it might be a while before there is a diving model, these are certainly watches meant to be worn and relied upon in the field. The way the design seems to gloss over the extreme nerd appeal is impressive. I've always said that for me, something like a Casio ProTrek is the ideal watch, assuming that I never want to impress anyone. With the SP watches you can have a gadget watch without looking like a nerd. That is actually sort of important in this industry.

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