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Touch screen watches today have two main purposes. First is to help watches achieve a more seamless look devoid of such utilitarian perturbances such as buttons and crowns. Frankly, I don't mind a few buttons and crowns, but then again I am not a chic Adobe Illustrator savvy designer. Second is to appeal to the touch-screen generation. All the iPhone, iPad, and other tableters out there just can't get enough of poking and prodding their way through product interfaces. So, watches need to follow suit to stay hip right? Well that is the idea at least.

Details? TimeCrafters 2012 will be from September 14-15 (10am - 8pm) at the Park Avenue Armory (643 Park Avenue) in New York City.

Citizen Eco-Drive Nova Concept Watch

Citizen Eco-Drive Nova Concept Watch

However, the advent of social media has allowed users to exchange actual photographs and reviews of watches and other Chopard products. Part of what does is offer precisely this type of media. At least I for one have found that seeing a product review by a trusted person online is the next best thing to seeing a product in person. In many cases that is enough to induce purchase. Chopard and other brands have carefully seen the success of gray market retailers online selling watches which ought to be proof enough that online sales are not something they should ignore.

On the dial you'll see a date window and day of the week hand as the only calendar system indicators. There is a mention of "perpetual calendar" on the face of the watch, but you'd be forgiven for being confused as a perpetual calendar usually shows more than that. Basically, the Perpetual Chrono AT watch takes into consideration the month and leap year while setting the calendar. You need the instruction manual to do this, but once it is set, the date will always be correct. Logically speaking, the date and day of the week is what you really want to know. If you forget what month you are in, you have other problems.

Montegrappa's primary business is the manufacture of nice pens. Though in that world it is apparently low-class to simply call their products "pens." They prefer the more high-brow term "writing instrument." The brand produces fountain and roller ball pens, as well as pencils. They even use a material that no one else uses in some of their more esteemed products - celluloid. Celluloid is derived from plants and must be specially aged before being used. Montegrappa offers writing instruments with celluloid bodies ranging in many different colors. The material feels warm and soft like quality plastic, but has a special visual depth that almost looks like polished stone. They add some special materials which give the celluloid more sparkle and a range of colors. It is a cool feature and I believe other pen makers only use plastic or metal in their pen bodies.

Dzmitry Samal Watches In Concrete

Dzmitry Samal Watches In Concrete

Last up is the Monaco Twenty Four McQueen (CAL5111) which is a more modern interpretation of the Monaco form. Featuring a highly detailed dial design, curved crystal and 40.5 mm case, this high end chronograph features an El Primero-based Calibre 36 chronograph movement with an advanced shock absorber system visible at all corners of the dial. This is also a model that is simply seeing a wider release after being a boutique-only offering last year.

The ALT1-WT offers a complete feature set for the active world traveler, effectively allowing a user to track both local, GMT, and any other UTC timezone on a rotatable inner bezel. With the UTC hand set to GMT-0, the user can rotate any of the listed cities (timezones) to the 12 o'clock position to coordinate the UTC hand to show the active time in that city/timezone. Thus if I rotate the bezel to place "Paris" at 12 o'clock, the UTC hand will now be pointing to the 24 hour time in Paris (a bit confusing in text so please see the included video). Once you have the UTC hand set to GMT-0, the world's time is literally at your fingertips.

Last there is a new version of the previously named "Sporting Watch With An Elm Burl Wood Dial," that now comes with a steel metal bracelet. Ralph Lauren renamed this watch to be called just the Sporting Automotive Model. You can click on the previous link for a hands-on article for the original piece. The new version is the existing watch on a bracelet. This watch was actually a bit of an experiment as Ralph Lauren didn't seem to know how well it would do. It did well enough, and the Automotive with its Bugatti dashboard inspired wood dial continues into 2012 with a model on a steel bracelet. Inside the 44.8mm wide steel watch is a manually wound, IWC made, RL98295 movement.

Lateral inserts: Black composite resin with carbon insert at 9 o'clock

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The Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most famous and prestigious races in the F1 calendar. Even those who have never followed motorsports have heard of Monaco (maybe because of Tag Heuer), a highly technical course which winds through the roadways of the famed city-state and playground for the rich and famous. The Monaco GP, now in its 83rd year, highlights prestige, luxury and wealth in a way that few other F1 weekends can match. Super yachts line the shore as on-lookers watch some of the most advanced machines in the world run a tight and aggressive course with more than its fair share of elevation changes. Well-heeled race fans, celebrities and socialites flock to the south-east coast of France to enjoy a truly legendary weekend of screaming race cars, world-renowned casinos and swanky parties.

Swan logo mark impression on the back of the case.

Rolex Sky-Dweller Watch

Rolex Sky-Dweller Watch

The watch itself is of course as interesting as the story behind the brand and the experiment. C3H5N3O9 even calls their watches "Experiments." Right now there will be just one model in two versions. If successful there may be more. It is impossible to tell. The watches are called the Experiment ZR012 and RG012. They are the same watch but with a zirconium or 18k red gold case. Design wise you see equal influence from the worlds of MB&F and Urwerk. Busser shared a telling anecdote about this and the involvement of egos in brands which in many ways do portray someone's soul. He remarked that when he saw the final designs he smirked and thought to himself "great, I have just designed an Urwerk." Nearby at Urwerk, Felix had a similar thought by thinking "great, I just designed an MB&F." For me the Experiment ZR102 takes the case concept of a MB&F HM4 and matches it with the movement concept of an Urwerk. In all it looks like a steampunk vacuum cleaner mixed with the Urwerk watch movement "that never was."


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Ralph Lauren Sporting Watches For 2012 Hands-On Hands-On

Caliber 8R39

Patek Philippe 5235 Annual Calendar Regulator Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Strap and buckle

Sinn Chronograph Tachymeter Tech Specifications

Like all legends, it is hard not to want one of these. Owning one will either have you entering a Bulgari boutique or finding one of the other older Gefica watches out there. I for one have had a soft place in my heart for the Gefica collection for years. The deep, functional, beautiful dial is lovely to look at - and the case is a work of art and intrigue unto itself. This is a real emotional watch, and a well-done one at that. The Bulgari GG Gefica Hunter GMT Moon Phase watch is part of a limited edition of just 199 pieces. Each is priced at 18,900 Swiss Francs.

Cyrus Klepcys Watch Hands-On

Cyrus Klepcys Watch Hands-On

As an example of the Swordfish Booster collection, there are few models more unique than the Iris. It carries a bit of a premium price over its siblings due to the case. My understanding is that producing the iridescent case is less than a perfect science. That means many cases come out of the process with uneven colors and a blotchy look. The unpredictable and less than industrial technique adds time to the production of these watches and rarity to their availability. No doubt enough watch lovers will find that valuable. Price is ,500 for this reference 2SWBB.B39L Graham Swordfish Booster Iris watch.

RGM 801 Aircraft Watch Hands-On

RGM 801 Aircraft Watch Hands-On

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For more information about Madison Avenue Watch Week and a calendar of events, please visit: Once there please click on "request invitation" to gain access to additional events.

Baume & Mercier Capeland Watches For 2012 Hands-On Hands-On

Round watches are certainly in again this year. Well round watches are pretty much ALWAYS in - though for high-end brand Maitres du Temps a 42mm wide round-cased watch is a bit unexpected. Nevertheless, that is exactly what the new Chapter Three Reveal watch looks like. For their third creation Maitres du Temps goes super classic in design, and offers a neat set of complications worth of the Maitres du Temps name.

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Inside the GP Foudroyante Rattrapante (say that five times fast) is an in-house made Girard-Perregaux Caliber 8020 automatic movement. The case of the watch is highly polished with brushed sides and I like the no frills caseback which is just a nice piece of polished steel. Attached to the watch is a fitted reptile strap for a nice refined look. There is a lot to like about this incredibly unpretentious high-end timepiece. Price isn't that bad either considering the complications and the brand. Another upside is that this is a chronograph mechanism you'll love to use because watching it in action is so fun. Brands like Jaeger-LeCoultre even built watches with constant foudroyante hands because some people like watching them all the time.