New Orleans Watch Company

New Orleans Watch Company

As you  can see steel is very good, but where titanium actually pulls ahead is in terms of lightness (weight). It is circa half the weight of steel for the same volume with a density of 4.5 g/cc vs 7.8 for steels. So for a case that has the same strength, titanium case would be half the weight of a high strength steel case. And actually very high strength steels are almost never used in watches (they are used for aircraft components and tools for industry). Stainless steel is widely used, and it has lower strength (unless it is forged, which is again almost never used in watch industry). So a titanium case would be less than half the weight for the same strength.

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Each year, Seiko holds a contest called the Power Design Project. I don't know all the details, but I believe it involves a contest among Seiko designers (and maybe other designers as well) in Japan to design cool new concept watches. Often times, many of the designs are very sober and classic - less wildly futuristic. Seiko actually produces some of the winning designs each year. Most of these pieces are limited in production and only sold in Japan, but you can get them online.

The flagship model for 2012 is the Capeland reference 10068. This version of the watch has the larger 44mm wide case (in steel), with the more retro of the two dials, and the bi-compax flyback chronograph movement. While the case is steel, the hands are gold toned over the black and white dial. It makes for a really attractive look, making you ask yourself "is this just a really fashionable watch or a healthy execution of a tool watch?"

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While it isn't always the case that competing watch brands are friendly with one another, it most certainly is the case with high-end independent brands MB&F and Urwerk. The two brands share a deep respect for one another, as well as friendship, despite the fact that their products are thematically similar, priced in the same ballpark, and are aimed at more or less the same type of consumer. Still, the close relationship between the two is a testament to the deeper meaning of "Swiss Made:" which is actually a sharing of resources, talents, and ideas between people in Switzerland to promote "Swiss Made" as a whole. Enter the explosive new marque C3H5N3o9, otherwise known as the chemical make up of nitroglycerin.