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The case is up a hair in size to 42.40mm wide. It is still about 15mm thick and has a nice black bezel that is here for the GMT hand. It is about time to expect ceramic bezel inserts on these watches, but I guess we aren't there yet. There also seem to be black inserts in the chronograph pushers, but Chopard doesn't explain what material they use for this. Note that the "1000 Miglia" arrow sign shows up on the watch dial, crown, and caseback. Call this watch the triple Mille Miglia if you will. I am surprised Chopard didn't use the arrow as the tip of the GMT or other hand. Hmmm.... ideas for future designs?

What are some of the precise differences from the prototype to this final version? Here are some words from them on the matter:

The experience with the Everest EH-1 Band was positive and I will continue to use the strap for my next travel and sporting adventures.  Rolex should offer quality silicone straps for their sport watches, but with a company like Everest, there is no need. The advantages of Everest Horology’s EH-1 are that it conforms to the wrist well, the clasp stays centered on the wrist, utilizes the existing Rolex clasp and Easy Link, and 5 (US) for a quality silicone strap made entirely in the United States is quite reasonable.

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I've actually been waiting for an all white Speedmaster for a long time, but it probably wouldn't have been ideal until the Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph came around. The reason has to do with the applied marker and special type of contrasting on the dial that makes the steel on white tones still legible. Alternatively, Omega would have had to juxtapose the white and black of the standard Speedmaster dial to get a white dial - which they more or less did with the Alaska Project Speedmaster.

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As you can see, there are two dials on the watch. Each is relatively independent - so you can consider this a two timezone watch. The concept is really about marrying the traditional world of horology with the modern electronic age (though the movement is of course purely mechanical). Adjusting the digital display is done via the pushers on the side of the case. One is used to advance the minutes, and the other is used to advance the hours. Reading the dial is relatively legible depending on the version of the Meccanico dG. I like this black and white model a lot. Though the watch has had a range of colors starting with the famous neon green.

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I am not 100% sure why, but for this initial Bluetooth watch, Citizen designed the Proximity to work only with the iPhone 4S - which I believe is the first iPhone that uses Bluetooth profile 4.0 - which is a lower power consumption version of the popular connectivity system. The Proximity watch will also work with the iPhone 5 and other future versions of the popular smartphone. Citizen will also offer a special App Store available app to help upgrade the software on the watch, and perhaps other functions in the future. Citizen claims that the Proximity watch has a ten meter sync range with the phone.

H20 ORCA Customizable Dive Watch Collection

H20 ORCA Customizable Dive Watch Collection

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You'll notice that Porsche Design recessed the subsidiary dials a bit and added applied hour markers. They also minimalized the markers in the subsidiary seconds dial and added red chronograph hands. All this changes the look of the dial sure, but honestly makes for a nicer watch in 2012. The original feels a lot like a tool watch and isn't complete looking without the Lemania movement in a modern rendition. Thus, some updates needed to be made. Last, Porsche Design added a "40Y" label on the dial indicating that this is a 40th anniversary model.

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Much of the time when I discuss Omega watches people's only complaint (if any) is about the price. It is true that over the last few years Omega prices have sometimes increased surprisingly. These are reasons for this and it does seem confusing for people who were once used to a lower entry fee for Omega goodness. Omega still feels like a good value though and the quality is all there. It is tough not to want one of these. Price for the steel Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Co-Axial Chronograph is ,700 and for this 18k orange gold version it is ,700.

LAST CHANCE: Breil Orchestra Automatic Watch Giveaway

LAST CHANCE: Breil Orchestra Automatic Watch Giveaway

Omega Speedmaster FOiS in Sedna Gold

The movement in the watch is called the calibre 14580 automatic. The big date indicator is at 12 o'clock and uses very cool looking laser-cut discs. It is really well done and I love how the discs are a different color on each of the models. The dial is much improved over the original Oktopus with better looking numerals and a index ring that is reminiscent of some of the brand's earlier models. The face's mixture of shapes, colors, and textures is very pleasing, and still offers a bold legibility people have come to expect from a dive watch.

Let's face it, there are not many brands like Richard Mille. They are effectively the Pagani Automobili of the watch world as they have consistently pushed the limits and interaction of materials, technology, and design. Richard Mille is famous for their use of massively complex skeleton movements, curved tonneau cases, and exotic materials. Some readers will remember the RM056 model which was launched at BaselWorld this year featuring a case made of sapphire crystal and sporting a .65m price tag. Regardless of your opinion of their watches, you have to admire their drive to make unbelievable products with truly stratospheric prices. Consider the RM027 which features a tourbillon movement and a case made of a high-carbon composite that weighs only 13g (without its strap) and can actually float when placed in water (read more here). The RM027 carries a price tag in excess of 0,000 and is perhaps most famously known as the watch worn by tennis star Rafael Nadal. I like Richard Mille watches for the same reason I like the many iterations of the Pagani Zonda, they're insane, dramatic, and an interesting point of overlap between the passions of technology and design.

aBtR: What makes the Touch Time different than one of Phosphor's other watches, or from a conventional digital watch?
DB: It is an update on what a digital watch should be. Although Phosphor has other innovative products, this one is specifically targeted at the large audience of current digital watch buyers.

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The glass in this watch is a hardened mineral glass, which although less scratch resistant than sapphire, is less prone to breaking, which is very important due to the military oriented nature of the watch. The main feature on this watch is however its T100 tritium dial illumination, T100 tritium illumination contains 4X more tritium and therefore is much brighter than the T25 illumination that is used in 99% of the tritium watches, the tritium glows almost as brightly as a freshly "charged" traditional glowing paint, and after several minutes the tritium glows much brighter than the glow in the dark paint on my other watches (primarily Casio). The tritium illumination impresses me every time, the time is clear as day, even in pitch black environments. It is so bright it always draws attention to my wrist as soon as the lights go out.

The complicated rubber strap doesn't disappoint. It has a series of flaps so to say and does a good job of snugly securing to your wrist. It looks a bit bat ray-ish (well of course it does). It might have a ton of part and pieces, but it is rather comfortable given the pretty huge (wide and thick) watch on your wrist. I'd say that you need to wear it for yourself to really understand what it feels and looks like.

I've always mentioned how I don't understand the "debate" about watches being too large or too small. You like what you like - that is it. Further, you don't need to only wear large or small watches. People who like smaller watches seem to get almost get offended (personally) when they see watches that violate how big they think a watch should be. They get angry. I should know, I see exactly what they say. On the other hand, a guy who wants a larger watch usually calmly laments an otherwise nice piece that simply isn't made in the diameter they prefer. "Too bad it isn't XXmm in size or I would get one". Weight can be an issue depending on the person. SISU watches are heavy, but you get used to it - at least I do. Wear the piece for an hour or two and you don't really even feel the weight. Worst case scenario, you are getting a bit of exercise.

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Small seconds hand at 9 o’clock

Jaquet Droz "The Writer" Automata: Awesome Antique Android Watch Releases

1. Natural titanium case, white gold moon faces, light blue sky, limited edition of 18 pieces
2. Black titanium case, white gold moon faces, dark blue sky, limited edition of 18 pieces
3. Red gold case, red gold moon faces, anthracite sky, limited edition of 18 pieces
Indication domes configured perpendicular to wrist.
Screwed-down crown
Dimensions (exclusive of crown and lugs): 47mm x 50mm x 19mm
Number of case components: 55

Which modern Speedmaster is closest to the original Moonwatch?

WHEN: April 28-May 4, 2012

German Sinn timepieces are really hard for us tool watch lovers to resist. Often stalwart in their new products, over the last few years they have been a bit more trendy and playful. While I don't know first hand, I have a feeling that the Bell & Ross success was a major eye-opener for them. Back in the 1990s when Bell & Ross began, they were basically selling dual-branded Sinn watches in a new distribution method. It was basically like selling the best tools in a hardware store, but now in a department store. Bell & Ross has since come a long way, but their roots in offering plain and simple instrument watches hasn't changed much.

Live from a semi-secluded warehouse in Las Vegas, John and I vent and muse on the then watch shows in Vegas and talk about a few new models as well as the hopelessness of horological humanity.

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Why do we find the Ploprof attractive? That is a good question, and I think it is for the same reasons we find a tank or well-designed tool attractive. The Ploprof was born in a lab, by engineers and technicians. No one sipping an espresso ever sat at a cafe and discussed how the piece would make for a nice luxury item and whether they could put diamonds on it. It was the anti-luxury high-end watch. A real tool that signaled the result of teamwork and problem solving. Something which represented innovation without concern for budget, and was designed to be a necessary element in the exploration of the deep. Tools such as this are created by smart humans to let humans do more than we could without them - and that concept is completely sexy.