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I was in Basel, Switzerland sitting in a van and I saw a man wearing what looked rather familiar. There on his wrist was a Christiaan Van Der Klaauw Planetarium. Of course, it makes total sense for the man to be strutting his stuff at Baselworld, but how rare is it for someone to have one of these? Pretty rare actually. The luxury watch done in an old world style displays the signature ultra complexity that Christian Van Der Klaauw is know for. I know of no other watch with a full planetarium on the dial. I talked to the man for a second to compliment him on the piece. You just don't see stuff like that very often.

So there you have it. New watches from a quirky Spanish brand. Not perfect, but priced for spontaneity. If they cost much more, I could easily go over the designs and construction with a fine comb, but not at these prices. These are the types of watches you see, and know for a fact you'd wear once in a while or for a period in your life. Not serious time telling tools, but man-cessories (wait, there are women pieces too) you feel like strutting around with once in a while. 666 Barcelona watches are exclusively available via in the US, where you can go to buy them online.

Although URWERK’s success seems so obvious now, Felix reminded me over lunch a couple weeks ago in Los Angeles that it took 10 years for the company to gain respect. Nonetheless, that aspect doesn’t concern Felix much. He’s always been one to go his own way.

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Finally debuted, this is the new ultra high-end watch based on the partnership between watch maker Bovet and  famous design house Pininfarina. The watch is also a loose celebration of Pininfarina's 80th anniversary. The watch shares both the Bovet and Pininfarina name on the dial. The famous design firm is probably best known for their contributions to Italian car maker Ferrari. Visually a Bovet, the new Pininfarina Tourbillon Ottana watch proudly displays the modern style and use of innovative materials that Pininfarina is accustomed to showcases in their designs. The watch has far too many little technical details to cover by me, so below this article I will place some tech specs direct from Bovet. The watch will come out soon and be limited to just 80 pieces.

Bell & Ross Instrument BR03-92 Military Ceramic Watch Watch Releases

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If you are a fan of watches made to be instruments, then please don't pass up the German greats. One of the best is Tutima. Located in Glashutte, nearby A. Lange & Sohne, Glashutte Original, and Nomos, Tutima is an historic watch brand with a serious outlook on the matter of making timepiece. While many Tutima watches have a good handsome look to them, these timepieces are functional machines - with a keen eye on making the time easy to read all in a very reliable watch case.

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The RGM Pennsylvania Tourbillon Calibre MM 2 movement is based on the RGM Calibre 801 (which itself borrows design elements from classic American made pocket watches - think prior to 1900). As a tourbillon the movement is lovely in design and decoration. RGM has created over the last several years a bona fide classic watch makers workshop. Though only recently has the brand been very interested in being serious movement makers. This is a direction the brand is moving in, in addition to creating beautifully decorated movements using classic guilloche machine engraving. Those wise in the ways of movements will quickly look at the Pennsylvania and realize that while it is similar to Swiss, French, or German movements, it has a uniqueness to the design, and looks to have elements taken from all parts of watch movement making history.

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See Girard Perregaux watches on eBay here.Girard Perregaux Watches Hands-On Hands-On

Orbita Sparta 1 Mini Giveaway Winner Follow Up Giveaways Luxury Items

Wearing the U 1001 I feel pretty cool. I don't know if this is because I keep hearing the cool music that U-Boat has on their website and pondering the sophisticated marketing campaigns they employ, or if I am genuinely moved by their clever designs. It is funny, because no matter how many silly things I find in the watch, I still like it. Which goes back to my concept of it being like a muscle car. It is totally unwise for me to think about driving in stop and go California traffic in that dream '69 GTO Judge, but I think I would look pretty kick ass in the process.

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SwissKubiK Watch Winder Review Luxury Items

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Below you can look over a few more stats if you wish to learn more about this early phase timepiece, or perhaps order one. At a price of 5,000 Swiss Francs, it isn't actually all that bad a price - though when you get in to 15,000 Francs, it is just too much. If you pre-order one of the first 100 pieces, VicenTerra will also throw in a share of the company. Like a little thank you for being an "early investor."

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Rolex Submariner

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Politics and watch lover reader Eric sent me this perfect image showing off the watches of (from left to right), Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Elena Kagan. I love the clarity here, and the visibility of the watches. Biden has been known to wear a few watches, including an Omega Seamaster, a Citizen, and here a Tissot T-Touch. Look at him show that puppy off - as though he is incredibly proud of it. Nothing under the sleeve! Good work Biden! Represent us watch lovers proudly. So let's take a quick look at the watches and what they mean and cost.

Storm Caspa Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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Ruchonnet didn't design the watch without help from Ferrari of course. He worked with Ferrari design director Flavio Manzoni (and likely the team) out in Maranello to identify those parts of Formula 1 Ferrari cars should be included in the design. The watch case has been specially designed to evoke elements of Ferrari race cars. The piece isn't meant to look like a car, but simply thematically go with them. The sides of the watch case are done in a special magnesium alloy, and the "screws" on the sides of the case have been designed to look like F1, quick change wheel nuts. I'd have to be in a room with both the cars and the watch to come to a conclusion on that for myself. Though if the picky people at Ferrari are OK with it, the watch is probably in good company when in the same room with the super, super car. I also added an image of a Ferrari F1 car steering wheel that you can visually compare with the watch. See how there is some similarity there? Ruchonnet even borrowed fonts from car gauges for the numerals on the rotating drums in the movement. One little question for me is how the watch will be wound. The original Cabestan watch included a winch on the side of the piece for winding it. Then that piece was removed as a module that you stick on the watch when you want to wind it - but that was expensive and caused problems. The newer Cabestan Nostromo watch actually has a pop out crown (top right "screw" pushes in to pop out). Seems as though that solution might be best for the Scuderia Ferrari One watch as well.

Where can I get a bag like that? Tell me those are for sale. In a move that is about as opposite as it gets from the Swiss mentality to selling timepieces, and affiliated is using a new type of sales tactic to bring you their deep discounts. ShopNBC's television network suddenly has some serious competition. Watch out Jim Skelton, you've got some competition. The "Unknown Watch Salesman" as KenmarWatches is labeling him, feels like a distant cousin of Jack, from Jack in the Box. Though instead of hawking bacon burgers, This masked crusader will be sharing with you America's greatest pastime - high pressure, high energy sales tactics. And this time it might go viral.

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