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Column wheel Black PVD coating

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The Kia Kaha is a bit of a stealth nice watch. On the surface, its 44mm wide steel case is dark with black PVD coating, and a dial that likes to hide a bit in the case. The artistic magic of the watch isn't revealed until after the watch is turned over, and you can appreciate the large, detailed engraving that is lovingly hand-done in New Zealand. The Kia Kaha is actually part of a sibling relationship of two limited edition watches that came out at the same time. I initially wrote about the Kia Kaha, and its brother the Kiatiaki watch here. The different in the two watches is the case back. Kia Kaha's sibling watch has an exhibition caseback with an engraved rotor for the automatic movement, while here you get a solid steel caseback, with a larger engraving. The engraving is great, really great. I have been dutifully impressed by the handiwork of Magrette's engraver Andrew Biggs since the first day I laid eyes on his work. His talent, in combination with the tribal, Maori style designs are extremely beautiful and visually satisfying. Wearing and looking at them feels nice, and it is even better to know that they were done by hand versus a laser cutting machine.

If you thought titanium was used a lot on watches, the A-10 has an armor cage around the cockpit and instruments that is 900 pounds of titanium. Titanium is also used as the case material for the HM4 Thunderbolt watch. One of the most complex cases ever made by MB&F, the case is made from a series of parts with a unique strap attachment mechanism and sapphire segments of the two "engine tubes." The case is 54mm wide by 52mm long, and 24mm high. The watch has over 300 tiny, polished, and loved parts - in the movement alone. Thunderbolt's case is comprised of another 65 parts. The design makes some very clever uses of alternative polished and brushed surfaces. It also takes MB&F's fascination with sapphire crystal to a new level. On the top and bottom of the case are sapphire crystal windows over the movement, and there are the very hard to machine previously mentioned sapphire sections around the conical tubes. There are 5 sapphire crystals on the case, and require about 100 hours of machining alone, per watch.

For many of the functions you will need to rely on the smaller LCD screen. That will be your go to space for the chronograph, alarms, countdown timer, calendar, readings for the sensors, and other information. For years Casio has learned to skillfully use small LCD screens for such functions. While each is totally useful, I still recommend an all digital Pathfinder watch if you are going to be using these functions extensively. It just makes more sense when you have more LCD screen real estate. But if you are going to be mainly using the watch for time, with the occasional need for the other functions, then this is a solid choice.

See Rolex watches on Amazon here.New Steel Rolex Submariner Watch For 2010 Watch Releases

New Steel Rolex Submariner Watch For 2010 Watch Releases
RARE 1975 Rolex RED Submariner Date 1680 Matte Mark MK VI 6 Stainless Dive Watch
Time Remaining: 36m
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New Steel Rolex Submariner Watch For 2010 Watch Releases
ROLEX SUBMARINER Model 18mm Steel Logo Buckle 20mm Paneri Design Black Strap
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New Steel Rolex Submariner Watch For 2010 Watch Releases
Acrylic crystal compatible with Rolex Cyclop 127 for Submariner Date
Time Remaining: 43m
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New Steel Rolex Submariner Watch For 2010 Watch Releases
Time Remaining: 51m
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New Steel Rolex Submariner Watch For 2010 Watch Releases
Time Remaining: 53m

It is already clear that I love this watch. I will more than likely never get the chance to get one. In addition to my lack of being able to shell out either ,700 for the titanium version or ,400 for the pink gold version, the watches are limited to just 300 and 200 pieces respectively. So I can lust, and I can dream - and I can hope that one of you out there gets one of these and brags to me how awesome it is.

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Maurice de Mauriac Chronograph Modern Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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RSW Outland 3H Watch Hands-On Review

RSW Outland 3H Watch Hands-On Review

Roland Iten R8 Mk.II Luxury Belt Buckle Hands-On Exclusive Luxury Items

Uniquely used for the watches, and in retro fashion is the crystal. It is a very special type of Plexi-Glass. The idea is to look like the acrylic crystals of the past. It is domed, and specially treated to be quite hard and more scratch resistant that similar crystals. It also has a highly increased resistant to UV rays and chemicals, plus in to increase the "depth of shine" (not totally sure what that means).

Attached to the watch is a matching tungsten bracelet that is pretty comfortable and nice looking. Again, the overall look of the watch is acceptable and conservative. A respectable looking timepiece that isn't gonna win any beauty contests, but looks nice, and is a good value for the price. The case has a sapphire crystal and the case is water resistant to 30 meters.

Here we also see the timepiece worn by likely future US Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan. Nominated by Obama, I believe she is currently going through the trials of being approved. I haven't really kept up to date on the progress of her approval, but I am interested in her watch. While no Supreme Court Justice that I can remember is know for being particularly lavish with their watches, I have a feeling that at least a few of them have some fancy watches underneath their robes. Us lawyers have a penchant for loving fine timepieces. As an educator, Kagan has a standard "nice watch." She is seen wearing her less-than-uncommon gold plated ladies Movado Museum piece on a leather strap. While the exact model number is going to be tough to detect as Movado frequently changes these watches even though they often look almost the same, we know the basic model. Click here for a listing on of this style Movado Museum watch for women. So what does a watch like this say about Elena? Well not too much actually. Worn by legions of people all over the world, this is sort of a nice watch for people who don't know better. The prudent Kagan perhaps isn't into the idea of luxury watches in her life. Either she has rejected the concept, or just hasn't discovered fine timepieces yet. The Movado Museum face is a watch that blends in better than a basic Seiko. People know it, but they are so common, it is hard to apply a character trait to anyone who might wear them. This is Movado's bread and butter, and likely a stepping stone timepiece to nicer things. At the same time, Kagan put the piece on for a formal photo shoot. She doesn't want attention called to her wrist, so wearing it might have been purely intentional.

It is an interesting framework for watch making in general. While new inventions and innovations are regularly announced from around the world, it is at its heart, a super retro industry. So for ultra developed America (relatively speaking) to finally come out with a complication it could have mastered a long time ago if it put effort in it is rather ironic. It speaks about our efficient and practical minds as Americans (before you go on a rant just think about it and how we have more or less rejected a lot of the "why do they do that" traditions of other countries"). This mentality often results in shunning fancy artisan work on a mass level like tourbillon movements that are more or less made solely for the sake of beauty, complexity, and tradition. A tradition that America has lost long ago, and is slowly regaining in certain communities.

We all knew it was coming. First there was the new Aquaracer (called the Aquaracer 500M because it didn't actually totally replace the more basic Aquaracer) and now there is the chronograph version. It looks pretty rad actually. Feeling very similar to a dive version of the new Carrera, this watch has a similar layout, but not the 1887 automatic chronograph. The Aquaracer 500M Automatic Chronograph has a Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 that they refer to as the Calibre 16 movement.

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These fancy versions of the SpidoLite watches have alligator straps - but done in the special SpidoLite manner with the rectangular "portholes" on the sides. They look pretty darn good with the watches. Linde Werdelin's standard style case not only looks good but is also very comfortable to wear. You can see that the broad case is not very tall, making it very easy to wear. The style is incredibly diverse, which is why the same case has been used on pretty much every Linde Werdelin watch. In addition to looking like something out of a superhero's arsenal, the case is meant to have one of Linde Werdelin's Instruments (the Rock of the Reef) clip on to the top of it. Even though the case on the SpidoLite watches is richly skeletonized, it doesn't really have sharp edges. The two watch models are each limited to 88 pieces. The SpidoLite All Black Titanium DLC is going to be about 9,800 euros and the gold version will be 15,800 euros soon. Glad I got to check these out. If the styles appeal to you, I think you'll like what you find.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Watches On Tony Stark In Iron Man 2 Movie

Jaeger-LeCoultre Watches On Tony Stark In Iron Man 2 Movie

U-Boat U 1001 Limited Edition Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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IWC Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph Watch

IWC Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph Watch

The American Tourbillon: RGM Pennsylvania Calibre MM 2 Watch Releases

The case is 200 meters watch resistant that Raymond Weil is apparently very proud of. This is ultra standard for more timepieces of this type, but they feel as though the watch is "exceptionally resilient and water-resistant." I am starting to think that if the person who wrote this was a woman and was on a date, it would go really well for the guy. Really, no matter what he was like, she would flatter him and bolster what attributes he had.  There would be a lot of "you are exceptionally handsome, and I am not at all resilient to your charms," being thrown around by her.