Watch Winner Review: Maurice Lacroix Pontos S

Watch Winner Review: Maurice Lacroix Pontos S

3. Wait until the giveaway is over on December 31, 2013 for the winner to be chosen at random.

- Chanel J12 Chromatic Automatic 41mm: titanium ceramic, for ,600.00. This was the closest, and would have been an excellent choice, save that I did not want "titanium ceramic" at this time. I am not being difficult, but I did set goals, and a ceramic watch was not one of them (this time!). Click here to see Paul Hubbard's review of the Chanel J12 Chromatic, that I completely agree with.

In this watch, Armin Strom makes the micro-rotor plainly visible over at the 4 o'clock position. Now, obviously, a rotor of any sort makes use of gravity (and your motions against gravity) to help get it spinning around to wind up your watch. This makes for an interesting juxtaposition against the tourbillon (at 8 o'clock) which is (theoretically) working to negate the effects of gravity. A sort of yin and yang, if you will. It is very much worth seeing the evolution from the previous Armin Strom Tourbillon collection watches (hands-on here).

If you're me, the next thing you ask about is the company name. A bulbul is a small, mohawk-wearing bird.

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Bulbul Pebble 04, dial view

Now that we are familiar with the basics of how the mechanical movement and the GPS chip function together, the key question is how successfully can all this technology be packed into a watch case that remains actually wearable? Well, the VCXO Ox One will come in a 46 millimeters wide and just 9 millimeters thick case, keeping the watch at the wearable side of things, especially once its complicated movement and the lack of a protruding crown is taken into consideration. It is said to be water resistant to 3 atmospheres, the equivalent of 30 meters, which is acceptable for a watch with such technological advancements and more elegant than sporty looks.

Bamford’s Rolexes are a special breed. Started by George Bamford after attending a dinner party where six other guests had the same Rolex Daytona as his, Bamford became the first company to personalize a range of steel sports watches.  What started out as a basic blackening process for their pieces was upgraded with a secret formula perfected by a highly advanced military grade coating–each finished timepiece is a highly exclusive one-off piece.