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It also introduces a bit of a paradox for any potential owner, I feel. On one hand, if you are going for a MeisterSinger, you like the one-handed aesthetic and how it de-emphasizes absolute time dependency (given you are limited to reading the time with an accuracy of 5 minute increments, unless you opt for the jump-hours model). With the MeisterSinger Paleograph, you start off with that more relaxed attitude about time, and then add in some ability to track things down to the second (either via the central chrono seconds, or the small seconds at 9).

Review Of The Astor+Banks Chrono Watches, Made In Chicago Wrist Time Reviews

TAG Heuer Formula 1 GMT Watch With Black & Blue Bezel

TAG Heuer Formula 1 GMT Watch With Black & Blue Bezel

Hautlence HL2.1 Watch Hands-On & HL2.5 Release Hands-On

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Oddly enough, two timepieces this year were designed to incorporate detent escapements - a form of escapement in the regulation system of a mechanical timepiece found almost exclusively in stationary clocks. One wrist watch to feature a detent escapement is the Christophe Claret Maestoso (hands-on here), and the other was the quietly announced Bulgari L'Ammiraglio del Tempo, that also contained a sophisticated minute repeater. Both the Christophe Claret and Bulgari watches are technical marvels, and they also combine a detent-style escapement with a constant force escapement system. It is really interesting how both of these watches seemed to be released around the same time.

Hamilton Pan Europ Watch On NATO Hands-On Hands-On

Bauhaus Style: New Junghans Max Bill Watches

Bauhaus Style: New Junghans Max Bill Watches

As many of you know, there have been a few Wright Brothers-themed watches over the last year. In addition to the Zenith Pilot Montre d'Aeronef Type 20 GMT 1903 there is also the Shinola The Wright Brothers Limited Edition Watch as well as the Bremont Wright Flyer watch that was recently announced. I wonder if there will be more watches to help celebrate the beginning of manned flight?

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