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Breitling Chronomat Blacksteel Replica

The 900 S name means "900 Schwartz," which is "black" in German. The "S" label on an Sinn watch means that it is a black version of a timepiece that is also available in a non black version. I just get so much more excited about the 900 S rather than the 900. The watch has a Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 movement, but it has a GMT module on it. Thus the watch has a GMT hand. It also has an internal rotating diver's bezel - but in this instance Sinn calls it a pilot bezel. That might mean it rotates in both directions, and as you can see, each number in the 60 minute scale is printed out. Makes for a neat look. The hands and markers on the dial are easy to read and lack nonsense - they are also applied with a bunch of lume. On the back of the watch case, engraved in the caseback are various measurement conversion tables - a nice functional use of the caseback for quick and rough conversions.

Oris Col Moschin Limited Edition Watch Hands-On Watch Releases

There will be three versions of the Bovet Pininfarina Tourbillon Ottana watch, one with this DLC coated steel and titanium case, and another two models in titanium, with either 18k white or rose gold bezels instead of the black DLC bezel. The case is going to be 46mm wide and very complex in construction. There are 8 phrases engraved on the side of the case that each represent one decade of Pininfarina's existence. See below for the text of the phrases (you will have to translate them). The case is attractive. Nothing ultra-exciting, but then again, I might have to get my hands on it to change my opinion. This is often the case with such timepieces. You can see the large pocket watch style crown at the top of the watch with the guard over it. Most Bovet watches share this design trait.

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For more details (and other images) on the beautiful AP Royal Oak Offshore Diver, you can click there to see a previous post with images taken by me, and text by Meehna Goldsmith. There you will learn all the technical details you may need. I believe the price of the watch is about ,000. I am quite enamored with this piece. 42mm wide steel case, cool finishing, easy to read AP Offshore style dial, 300 meters water resistant, beautifully functioning inner rotating diver's bezel, and an incredible high-quality rubber strap. It is a killer dive watch, and you WILL want one (if you can afford one). You can see me here wearing the watch around on the boat ("I'm on a boat!"), and if you agree, the watch works (and looks) quite well in this environment. I felt like I was experiencing what the designer of the watch was experiencing when the idea for the timepiece design was conceived.  So if you find yourself on a boat... then this Audemars Piguet timepiece will fit the bill with ease.

Magrette Kia Kaha Watch Review

Magrette Kia Kaha Watch Review

Other features
-Case: Polished steel 316/L except for bottom, satin finished front face.
-Water proof to a depth of 50m
-Earth globe in steel
-Interior and arcs in satin finish
-Interior bottom visible front top, satin finished 6-12, charcoal grey
-All Crystals in sapphire, double faced coated lens
-Strap comes in choice of leather or rubber ,black or white colour with expandable buckle.
-Face of tri dimensional earth lit by median sun, earth globe (6.50mm) placed at 5h , it goes fully around in 24h

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 31

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 31

In 1970, the Porsche 917 (pictured above) was the first Porsche to ever win at the Le Mans race. Funny how modern the car still looks. 40 years later, Porsche Design is celebrating the historic victory with this limited edition watch of... 917 pieces (why not 1,970 pieces Porsche Design?!). The watch is based on the current Porsche Design P'6612 (P6612) mechanical automatic watch. I say that last part because there are plenty of quartz Porsche Design timepieces as well. Th Le Mans 1970 limited edition watch has a restyled dial, special strap, and comes in a collector's box with a small model of the Porsche 917 car.

IWC Replica Pilot’s series with fly with you

Listen to the HourTime Show watch podcast episode 29 here.

Citizen Eco Drive Dome Limited Edition Watch

Citizen Eco Drive Dome Limited Edition Watch

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Cuervo y Sobrinos Robusto Buceador Carbon Melges Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases
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At first glance the watch may look like it needs crutches, being "one lugged" and all. But the interesting use of one lug on each side gives it a sort of two faced personality that is interesting. Plus, the 42mm wide steel watch case (mirrored in the chronograph subdials) is meant to look like a particular type of wheel cam. I am not sure of the name, but I have see this part before In parts bins. The thick bezel is engraved with a cote de Paris style texture, while this look is sort of replicated on the dial.

Roger Dubuis Kingsqaure Column Wheel Chronograph Watch & Friends Watch Releases

I have next to no complaints about this watch. If anything, it is too serious. This is a quality that often differentiates Swiss and German watches. German watches are "angular" and sober. Proudly ready for action like a well-trained dog. Swiss watches have a more social quality to them, much of the time focusing on aesthetics and "art" as much or more than "mere." Unlike a German guard dog, Swiss watches are more like a lady. They take longer to get ready, and strive to gather attention like a beautiful woman walking down the lane. For 2010, Tutima spiced up the hardy DI 300 model with this nifty black and yellow dialed version. Functionally the same as the outgoing collection, the watch features the new 2010 style rotating diver's bezel, and that cool dial that fans have come to enjoy.

Hands-On With The Omega Speedmaster CK2998 Reference 311.

Louis Chevrolet Driver 1911 Watch Watch Releases

Speaking of carbon fiber, many of you know that I am not so fond of the material for dials a lot of the time. Often because the look of carbon fiber can make a dial hard to read. Here however, the tighter woven look of it is topped with proper dials, and those famous Ananta diamond polished hands. Lume is placed on the hands and hour markers, making for a very easy to read, symmetrical, and attractive dial. I quite like the insertion of the white seconds marker ring as part of the flange that helps break up the black tones. The sapphire crystal also has a lot of AR coating - so seeing the dial is really a breeze.

Look closely and you'll see lots of little things that take this aviator style watch into a new direction. It looks different on many angles. This includes the curved lugs, different font used for the hour indicators, and the crown that is actually decently rendered. Then you have that wrap and wrap again strap that isn't at all aviator, but really fashion oriented. Though isn't that the point of this watch altogether? I admit that placed on the right ensemble, this timepiece would look grand. Nicely proportioned with good color tones, and a handsome look. Dedicated aviator watch enthusiasts might gall at the thematic rape, but they would be wasting their breath complaining on a runway watch like this.

Speedy Tuesday – Omega Speedmaster Buyer’s Guide Part 3

The Seiko SNR005 watch is one of the first commercially available Spring Drive movement based watches that was released a few years ago. There are still some of them available, and they were quietly released to a few select dealers in the US. It was not until the Seiko Ananta Spring Drive watches that Seiko really started to market their availability. I think that they wanted to test the waters a bit and see how much value consumers would place on having the benefits of a Spring Drive movement, given the price (which was about ,900 retail).

Corum Admiral's Cup Deep Hull 48 Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Is this a personal watch of Matthew Fox, or just something that a wardrobe person in the show picked out? Likely the latter, but the reason this watch from the 1990s was picked for his character will remain a mystery. The funny thing is, that someone else out there may very well have had this same question and answered it online already. I was so interested in personally solving this riddle, that I never even bothered to Google "Jack Shephard's watch on Lost." Part of this was about being able to find the answer for myself. Though hopefully I am doing a small service to watch and Lost lovers out there.

Omega Speedmaster Buyer’s Guide Part 2

Porsche Design P´6612 Dashboard Le Mans 1970 Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases Porsche Design P´6612 Dashboard Le Mans 1970 Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Magnate GMT Watch Watch Releases

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 37

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 37

Last is the new Anonimo Polluce Magnum. Based on the popular Anonimo Polluce watches, this large 45.5mm wide watch has Anonimo's version of a skeletonized dial. Plus, the case is done in the rare for watch case bronze metal. It is a special alloy of bronze  (UNI5272) that has been sand blasted as well with a satin and brushed finish. The bronze alloy is apparently used in certain types of water borne nautical instruments and weapons. The case is water resistant to 120 meters and have an automatic helium escape valve. I am not sure if I am in love with their style of skeletonized dial, but it is not too bad. Probably doesn't detract from legibility in the watch. Inside the watch is a Swiss ETA 2824-2 or SW200 automatic movement (both are the same movement made by different companies. Price is ,500.

Max Bill By Junghans Watches For 2010

Max Bill By Junghans Watches For 2010