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As for brands that I identify with - I am very much intrigued by Breguet and Franck Muller and Patek Philippe. I am also a satisfied owner of both Rolex and Omega.

You don't see combinations like this very often. Here, German Marcello C. has fitted their Nettuno Chronograph watch with a PVD black bezel and PVD black pushers and crown, against a stainless steel case. I think it is a very attractive combo. The look results in sort of a two-tone look that is quite popular these days. It makes the watch very noticeable as well - being more "striking" than models without the color combo. This is the first ever use of PVD in the Nettuno watch collection that I am aware of as well. You will notice of course that there are "mirror" image watches here. As one of the Nettuno Bi-Color Chronograph watches has a steel case with black pushers and bezel, the other version has a PVD black case with steel pushers and a steel bezel. Pretty cool right? Further, the PVD cased version comes with a totally PVD coated bracelet that ought to be really nice. This is one of the best diver's style bracelets on the market that I've experienced, and I'd love to experience it in all black. You can read a bit more about it when I reviewed the Marcello Nettuno 3 Diver's watch here with much esteem.

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Casio & Surfrider Foundation To Release G-Shock X Surfrider Watch Watch Releases
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Top 5 Reasons to Buy a New Swiss Legend Watch

He makes an ETA-powered diver (The Corsair), an ETA/UNITAS hand-wound Officer's Watch, an inexpensive Miyota-powered diver (Sea Shark), a mid-sized Explorer II-cum-Railmaster homage (The Binnacle), and the watch I got, the GMT Globemaster.

Featuring Perrelet's own Automatic Caliber P-181 Double Rotor, this complication is exclusive to Perrelet. Employing two oscillating weights, to power the translation of time, Perrelet tweaked the visible rotor so that it would work in harmony with the wearer and be visible upon the dial. Looks so delicate - and cast with diamonds - to keep this watch in time. Further crafting the rotor to reflect the petals of a Lotus Flower is, to me, pure genius.

IWC Portofino Hand-Wound Day Replica Watches

It was only a matter of time before Hamilton decided it was time for a real rehash of the classic Ventura watch. This is not to be confused with now defunct Ventura watches. The Ventura watch model from Hamilton first came out in the age of pre-quartz electronic watches. When "electronic" watches meant something futuristic and exotic. It was the spacey look of the watch that really mattered though. At the time, it was really "out there." Shaped like a shield on its side - many with the popular two-tone leather strap - the Ventura has been in production for over 50 years.

Learn more about Maitres du Temps watches here:

When I contacted you last, I was on the lookout for a sturdy, daily-wear GMT and this fit the bill in more ways that I expected, so I thought I'd update you. Perhaps this tiny review would be helpful to your readers, but don't feel any obligation to post it. I simply wanted to exalt the virtues of my new, favorite daily-wearing watch!

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Seiko Power Design Project 2008 Results: Tokyo Looking Watches Watch Releases

This is my first Skagen watch. I felt as though this was necessary to say, because for me, this brand is ubiquitous, but I've never owned one. While this sentiment should come as a delight to Skagen’s marketing department, it means that as a watch lover, I consider Skagen to be one of the most well known brands out there. The first day I wore this super thin watch on my hand, I began to see lots of other Skagen watches on people’s wrists. There has got to be a good reason for that. In fact, even the people I talk with who I don't consider to be watch lovers, still know the Skagen name. "That Danish watch brand right?"

Perrelet, a seemingly quiet brand with TONS of potential, is going beyond print ads and marketing materials with this elegant video of the Perrelet Diamond Flower Rotor Watch. Which is a brilliant idea, especially for this model.

Dutch Comics Writer and Cartoonist Martin Lodewijk (Agent 327) Wearing A Speedmaster

Louis Moinet Tempograph 10 Second Retrograde Watch Hands-On  Hands-On

The Perrelet Diamond Flower watch featured above is breathtaking, and is versatile not only in its manufacturing but its options. Solid stainless steel - solid rose gold - or two-tone (steel and gold). Whether it be the cream dial with diamonds, red indices, and rubies - or blue with diamonds and sapphires - or rose gold with a chocolate dial and diamonds - there is a model to fit your own color palette.

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I purchased my Omega Planet Ocean to mark my Broadway debut in South Pacific - I felt that this would be an appropriate model for both my role as Emile de Becque and fit into my daily life. People know me as an opera singer, but I love the ocean and being out at sea. So the Omega Planet Ocean has such a great impact on people's perceptions of me. All of a sudden, so many other layers of my personality and life are exposed, just by looking at or inquiring about my watch.

You've been hearing about watch makers creating iPhone app versions of their watches, but Victorinox Swiss Army has taken the concept to the next step. In addition to including digital versions of their watches (not likely all of their watches) they are using the "always connected" feature of the iPhone and the power of the iPhone app to keep potential customers up-to-date with the latest watches and news from the company. In fact, you can even locate authorized dealers right from the application. It will use the iPhone's built in GPS to located the nearest store to you. Lots of potential, but it will require a dedicated team at Victorinox to handle it all in the right way.

As for my Rolex Cellini Danaos, purchased in Geneva, I love the Sinatra-style qualities of this model. Classic. Smooth.

Perfect Cartier Tank Replica

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IWC Aquatimer Watch Collection For SIHH 2009: Nice Tech, Weird Looks? Shows & Events
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IWC Aquatimer Watch Collection For SIHH 2009: Nice Tech, Weird Looks? Shows & Events
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IWC Aquatimer Watch Collection For SIHH 2009: Nice Tech, Weird Looks? Shows & Events
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The part of the watch that you will spend the most time with is the dial of course. At first the Temption dial is attractive, but simple looking. Just recall the “beauty and simplicity” aspect of the Temption design philosophy and you get the point. The most important aspect of any dial design for Temption legibility. In this the Cameo succeeds. Although the case is square, the dial is round with perfectly sized hands and hour and minute markers. The contrast between the white and deep brown adds to both the beauty and clarity of the dial design. You’ll notice that the lume covered hands feature hands in a style that is common in other Temption watches — part an important branding exercise. Just as car companies try to maintain similar grills on cars, some watch companies do the same with watch hands. Unique to Temption is the “label hiding” that they do on each of their watch faces. The Temption logo and Cameo name are set on the dial in a slightly darker brown, only visible in the right angles or in the right light. I’ve always liked this about Temption because it results in the most unpretentious of looks. Around the raised circular dial are visual extensions of each hour marker, in a sunburst style.

Omega Speedmaster 50th Anniversary Limited Series

Aside from the eye catching face, I think you’ll agree that the case of the watch is very sleek and well integrated. The rubber strap integrated perfectly with the long curved lugs, and I like how the crown fits flush with the case when not in use. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the entire 44mm wide watch case is tapered a bit to resemble an entire jet engine structure.

MM: How do watches fit into some of your most profound memories?
DP: Watches have been purchased or gifted to me during milestone or touchstone moments throughout my life. So these watches then help those memories stay alive and relevant throughout my daily life.

I was particularly keen on the decoration component of the watch making phase. I looked over the shoulders of many a worker to consider their work, and the skill seemingly involved. Each worker goes through training. for some people it can take years and require special educational degrees. This is particularly true with anyone assembling movements. Work rooms are divided by specific tasks. I entered a room called "Perlage" for example,  and perlage polishing is all that they did. Notice the image with the polished movement plates. They are applied with a perlage polish. While the process could be done completely automatically with a robot, Lange does not do it that way. "This way each piece that is decorated comes out just a little bit different. It is unique - and that is the way we prefer it." I liked the response. The workers have total ownership of their work stations - and they spend as much time working on small parts as they do maintaining the machines they work on to keep them working perfectly. The rooms are clean and comfortable, and it is common to see watch makers decorate their own work stations with trinkets, images, and other person belongings. These really are homes away from home. Turn-over for these positions is very low, and a position working at A. Lange & Sohne as a watch maker is a secure and highly regarded position. Most workers will do the same task each day. Some of them are content doing this, others slowly move their way up to room leaders or other facets of the watch movement making process.

The Best & The Brightest: Breitling Watches

Omega ups the ante with this new Seamater Aqua Terra GMT Chronograph watch. The timepiece is available in either steel or 18k red gold, and on both versions the hands and hour markers on the dial are in 18k gold. Sounds like Rolex territory to me. Not sure if any previous Seamaster Aqua Terra watches had gold (white) in the dials of even steel watches. The vertical line pattern of the dial is meant to look like the deck of a boat (the "Teak Concept"), which explains part of the ritzy character of the watch. The dial will have highly polished features, and you can tell it is nice and deep to look into. There is of course a metal (steel or gold) bracelet available in addition to the alligator strap. The watch will be a good size at 44mm wide. Things were getting kinda crazy with the 46mm plus sizes that Omega started to dabble with a little while ago.

Casio Wave Ceptor WVA320J-1E Watch For Sale

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