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Fear not the Sellita movements as they appear to be just as good as ETA. The true test will come in a few years, but know that the parts are the same, and ETA parts will fit into Sellita movements to the best of my knowledge. Despite this, some people are still all about having an ETA movement, you can rest assured that most watch makers are complete sticklers for quality, and would not use any movement that would do their name injustice.


While these watches share almost the same size and the same movement, they are different. Both will more or less satisfy the same requirements as a timepiece, but seeing them evokes different feelings. In the Kobold I see a modern performer, and in the Sinn I see a trusted classic.

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Breguet Grand Complication Ref. 1160 Pocket Watch: Return Of A Legend In Spirit And Actuality

Breguet Grand Complication Ref. 1160 Pocket Watch: Return Of A Legend In Spirit And Actuality

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As the US watch market continues to expand, there will inevitably be more watch magazines available. Keep a sharp out, and regularly pick up on or more of the above magazines. You'll enjoy them, and it will totally mystify most people who don't like watches what could possibly be discussed in a magazine about watches. Ah, the ignorance of the uninitiated.

Review of the Nike Amp+ iPod Control Watch From


So when it comes down to it, the Orbita Privee RX is a pretty box with not much going on inside. The major issues are the unpleasant operation, no AC adapter option, flimsy construction inside, and illogical operation. The watch winder does work. And it is relatively quiet in operation, I do admit. But the short comings for me, really outweigh the benefits, especially for the price. When you can get about 12 Chinese made watch winders that arguably work better, why pay this amount? To reiterate, this watch winder does not seem to be a good example of what Orbita typically produces, as they have a number of well-received watch winders. Though, seeing this winder has made me reconsider the design and marketing process at the company, and I'd like to hope they dedicate more resources in the future to releasing watch winder that are less ill-conceived as the Privee RX seems to be a step backwards for Orbita.

So what is in store for the future? A lot of the same, of course, and I'd like to encourage a more interactive environment. Have an opinion that differs from my own? Feel free to share by commenting. Want me to elaborate on a topic of watch? Comment and let me know. I am here for you as much as I am for myself. You're thoughts, new watch acquisitions, and other feedback are useful to all of us. I am also playing with the idea of having polls from time to time.

I featured the similar Sinn 757 UTC (that is the same model but with a 24 hour GMT hand) in my article about watches that would suit someone well if they were to be stranded on a deserted island. The SInn 757 is among the few mechanical watches that has the potential for operating many years without worry or accuracy dilemmas.

The skepticism regarding the usefulness of such watches stems from the history of failure when companies have tried to combine too much into a watch. The Microsoft SPOT watches are a good example of this. Using radio signals, the watch provided updated information based on a monthly subscription service. It was a more or less failure, but the SPOT service is now being successfully implemented into automotive GPS systems.

High Quality Spy Gadget "Q" Watches From Veldini To Arrive Soon; Three Versions For The Spy In All Of Us Watch Releases

I own a Xemex Offroad, which was one of my first swiss watches. It is a quartz, but nonetheless is a beautiful little object of art impeccably made. I happen to own the version which does utilize Arabic numbers. Due to the large and graceful hands, the watch is probably the most legible I own. Meaning you can tell what time it is with the greatest of ease. There are however numberless versions which have more symmetry and thus beauty appeal.

On eBay right now, is a brand new Citizen Campanola Grand Complication in my favorite flavor. With the comfortable brown alligator strap, hand polished case, and hand painted Japanese rosewood dial. No watch I own gets complimented more often. And I have never had a luxury watch that is so legible, with so many functions, and so elegant to look at. The auction price starts are under ,400, which is great for a watch that retails for between ,500 - ,000.

The crown and pushers are excellent. The crown has two rows of notches with a cog-like look for easy operation. The idea was to continue the theme of the notched bezel on the crown. On the tip of the crown is an inset logo with Marcello C.'s flying bird logo. Look closely, and you will notice that the bird is actually a duck, and represents the Minnesota state bird; the common Loon. The logo is also inset with luminant so it gives a nice glow in the dark. A really nice and unexpected touch. The chronograph pushers themselves just beg to pushed, and define the very nature of what a pusher should look like. Nothing too fancy, just well-sized polished steel comfortable under the finger. Although the watch is rated at being water resistant to 200 meters, the crown and pusher do not need to be screwed down as in most watch with such a rating. Instead, special tubes gaskets are used to ensure water protection without having to screw anything down.

P.E.A.R (People Enraged by Apple Relations) wants you to be aware of this! Watch this video of a Benjamin Cohen, a correspondent from UK broadcaster Channel 4 in the UK interviewing Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing Phil Schiller. After you watch it, keep reading this article.Disturbing? That is really the term that came to mind for me. In case you are confused, as is possible, Apple is refusing to answer a reasonable question regarding the possibility that iTunes can be considered to have a monopoly on, well several things. Specifically, how use of an iPod is forcefully linked to using iTunes. Here the reporter asks an innocent enough question to an Apple employee who at the very least should have some canned response to the question. Instead, Apple Zealots seem to appear from behind the scene for some good ol' fashion totalitarian style censorship with a happy face. "Better if people not know such information, question damaging to successful Apple nationalistic pride." Was this really the best way for Apple to handle the situation. Either they aren't spending enough money on marketing efforts, or they have some serious skeletons in their closet.

The name "Altiplano" literally means "high plain." Whether this regards the "elevated" status of the watch and its design, or it refers to a geographic location best suited to appreciate this watch, it is a fittingly "high-class term." The Altiplano is a very thin watch with a movement just 2.5mm thick. To allow for this slim size, it has a manually wound movement, which requires winding from time to time. This however is an in-house movement and offers over 60 hours of power reserve. So you only have to wind the watch each couple of days. Piaget is uncommon in the jeweler class of watch makers that provide manufacture movements.

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These two watches together are being offered starting at over k. Which yes, Is a lot of money, but considering that is less than a quarter of what they would if purchased together from a retailer, it is a great deal. Coming together in a dual display box, you have watches that can be worn for any occasion. My personal preference would be to switch the bands, as I love the black on all gold look, and the brown alligator strap looks very nice complimented with the shimmering arctic blue.

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Citizen Chronomaster Watches For Unrivaled Reliability Without The Geek Look Watch Releases The Japanese market gets so much we don't. Good thing that there are still channels for the US to get most of the goods, even if the instructions aren't in English. The Citizen Chronomaster is a watch that would never be marketed in the US because the consumer interest would not match the costs of distribution. The Citizen Chronomaster is a type of watch that only the wearer will be able to appreciate because its value is all hidden. Seeing the Chronomaster doesn't evoke much. It is a classic and attractive watch with no frills. You would feel perfectly comfortable wearing it to a meeting, to a wedding, or on vacation. No one is going to ask you questions about where you got it. No, this is not a showy timepiece. Instead, the Chronomaster is about being a watch that is supremely easy to live with, and that is the whole point.

Welcome to the BRS watches, that look absolutely gorgeous. I credit Edoaurd G with the photos of the BRS watches, and you can see the full set of his BRS photos here. The marketing images from Bell & Ross just don't do these watches justice. Ceramic cases have a quality the requires live photographs to fully appreciate. I'd say they are watches that actually look better in person and in images. Just look at home amazing they watches look in this images. While 39mm is smaller by today's standards, the square shape of the case makes them look a big bigger.

Next, you want to measure the width of your watch strap so that you know what size of watch bracelet or strap to replace it with. Measure the width in terms of millimeters. Most are between 18mm and 24mm. Straps on women's watches can be smaller though. Knowing the size you need, you can then go online and search eBay or the many sites that have straps available. There are literally hundreds of straps and bracelets available, in many styles and levels of quality. You really get what you pay for. Don't spend more on the watch strap than you watch itself, but you don't always want to go with the straps that will not last you very long.

An end to these frustrating outcomes is as simple as following my theory of gift giving; give them what you want them to have. In the past we were consumed with finding the perfect gift based upon what we perceived someone wants. No more will you be faced with the prospect of generosity failure. From now on, you decide what life direction you'd have the gift receiver take, and act accordingly.  Don't like the clothes they wear? Get them a shirt you think would look good on them! Don't like the activities they engage in? Get them the foundation of a new hobby. And of course, if you don't like the watch they wear, get them one that you think suits them. If after receiving your heartfelt gift they at first don't seem pleased because it is not what they said they wanted, no worries! Just proclaim earnestly to the aggrieved party that in your elated opinion, the gift not only suits them, but will make them a better person.

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A few months ago, Piaget released the Altiplano Petit Seconds which I discussed here. I heralded the watch as a beautiful achievement in design simplicity, and compactness in a mechanical watch. Piaget has taken the same movement and watch, but now created a skeletonized product. The watch is called the Piaget Altiplano Squelette (meaning Skeleton in French), and to me, is no ordinary skeletonized watch. First, the movement is ultra-thin at 2.7mm. Because the watch has a sapphire front and back, you can see right through the movement clearly. It is amazing being able to appreciate the delicacy and intrigue of a machine that tells the time. The movement itself is the in-house Piaget caliber 838P, manually wound with a 65 hour power reserve. The clustering of the gears at the top of the movement and the location of the main spring barrel is done with aesthetics and function in mind. You are able to see each function of the watch from the beating balance wheel in the rear of the watch to the gear train moving as your wind the watch or it passes the seconds away.

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Designer Xemex XE 5000 ‘Sun’ Chronograph Watch Available

Designer Xemex XE 5000 ‘Sun’ Chronograph Watch Available

If you want to search for something else you can do that to. There are search bars in various places on that will allow you to search for eBay items right away. This happens to me all the time. I will be somewhere and learn of something that I must search eBay for, but I don't want to lose were I am. So at least for, that option is available to you.