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Today, the Omega Seamaster 300M collection is relatively basic and exists just under the Seamaster Planet Ocean in terms of price. The movements are not fully in-house, but rather combine custom Omega parts with stock ETA movements. Frankly, the movements are very good and the value is there too, but you can't turn them over and admire them like you can the very pretty in-house made Omega calibers. While most Omega Seamaster 300M watches today are three-hand automatics, there are some chronograph versions (such as the Omega Seamaster 300M Co-Axial Chronograph ETNZ Limited Edition, and its non-limited edition variants), and now for 2014, a Chronograph GMT Co-Axial.

Bulova Ups Their Watch Game In Los Angeles Shows & Events

Bulova Accutron II Surveyor With Precisionist Movement Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Omega Speed master

The dial has a typical matte black finish. The Logo as well as hour markers are applied polished metal. It has printed hash marks for the minutes, and has very minimal text compared to some divers. I greatly prefer this, and feel that it matches the classic, vintage style of this watch.

This is one of the more complicated gold watches in this round-up, not necessarily in terms of mechanical functionality, but rather in that the dial is mostly skeletonized with a view of the movement. This sort of contrasts with the goal of having a timepiece that is all about showing off gold, but I nevertheless felt Bovet has a solid contender with its Dimier collection Recital 12 watch, specifically in 18k red gold, matched to the 18k red gold mesh bracelet. Each year, Bovet releases ever more Dimier Recital family timepieces, and in addition to being the most simple, the Recital 12 is also the thinnest, with a case that is just 9.1mm thick and 42mm wide. The movement is just 3.9mm wide and has an off-centered dial for the time, subsidiary seconds dial, and a power reserve indicator with seven full days of power reserve. With a gorgeous design and on the bracelet, the Recital 12 is a great way to show off your love of horology and gold. Priced at ,200 on the bracelet (without diamonds).

Derek greets us warmly and asks “do you guys like espresso?” followed shortly thereafter by, “perhaps afterwards we can sit down and have an Armagnac during the interview”.

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The dial is in bronze, which has a fascinating hue and texture to it – judging from the images it is reminiscent of "salmon dials" that we have been seeing from other brands. A more questionable – albeit arguably "artsy" – design element is the large seal that takes up a considerable portion of the dial. It is there as a tribute to one of two principles that ran through Filliou's work – and here I do apologize if those more familiar with his career find that my understanding is not entirely correct.

From a different angle, you can see that the handset is actually on the wider side. It is also something I have to compliment the brand on – the hands look to be perfectly sized, both to the watch and to each other. Now, for the minimalism. This is evident in the dial as you have tapered baton markers in the same material as the case (gold or steel), the running seconds dial, and some minimal branding – though, it might be a nice touch if the logo up at 12 was a bit more subtle, as in its present form, it reminds us more of a fashion watch than a luxury item.

The co-axial escapement is a genuinely mind-bending invention – of the most challenging kind any and all watchmakers (independent or a major brand) face. The escapement of a mechanical movement is the collection of parts (together with the balance wheel) responsible for dividing the constant and seamless flow of time into equal periods. The lever escapement, invented and first used by Thomas Mudge in 1769, is the layout most modern mechanical watch movements are built around – for the primary reason that its relatively simple and manageable configuration allowed for its industrialization.

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My Veyron was all sorts of blue. The exterior was mostly clear-coated carbon fiber with a blue highlight in the weave, and the lower stance of the car was finished in Bugatti racing blue. Likewise, the interior was replete with blue leather and matching blue carbon fiber trim. Make no mistake, regardless of color, the Bugatti Veyron looks extreme, rather vulgar, and bloody expensive.

Voutilainen Tourbillon-6 Watch Hands-On Hands-On

However, before we discuss the finer details of what makes the PreciDrive notable, let's focus on a particularly interesting model that features this movement. The Certina DS-2 Limited Edition is a chronograph in a 41 millimeter wide 316L stainless steel case: aesthetically, it is identical to the other Certina DS-2 watches in the series, save for its attractive "panda-dial" coloring. The dial is mostly silver, with black, snailed sub-dials and a pad-printed red scale marking the 100th of a second read-out. The 12-hour and 30-minute sub-dial hands are also red, along with the split seconds indicator – always a nice touch (and the sign of an intelligently designed watch!) when the chronograph hands are matching and thus separated from the time keeping elements of the watch. The simple and classic color palette is suitably sporty – a characteristic enhanced by the dynamic function of the watch.

Tag Heuer Aquaracer

Girard-Perregaux Tri-Axial Tourbillon In White Gold Hands-On Hands-On

For a watch that is predominantly black and silver, the choice of a brown leather strap seems a bit off, at least to my senses. Fortunately, I did have another 20mm strap with quick-change spring bars around, and confirmed: the Wellograph looks better with the darker strap. Given the quick change nature, even one made from rubber or ballistic nylon would present an even more "exercise ready" look. Fortunately, there are some other options available, as well as an all-black finish on the case.

Weiss Special Issue Field Watch Hands-On

Weiss Special Issue Field Watch Hands-On

Not everyone loves Rolex, but the brand has a storied history and has made numerable important contributions to horology that cannot be refuted. For instance, Rolex is widely credited with creating the first water-resistant watch; it is also responsible for the first watch with an automatically changing date, the Datejust; and the first watch to show two timezones at once, the GMT-Master. Our attention today is on the Rolex GMT-Master, or rather, the Rolex GMT-Master II 116710BLNR – but first, a little history.

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In addition, Jaeger-LeCoultre has maintained the slim elegant design of the case, by replacing the usual minute repeater slider with a push button. If the push button is unintentionally pressed after activation, a security system has been installed to stop another activation, thereby preventing damage to the movement.

In essence, these two offerings by British Barrington Watch Winders are among the few more sensibly priced watch winders that can be recommended not just as mere tools, but also as more reliable and stylish items. Both models show that, despite a few minor but arguably enhancement-worthy details, considerable thought went into their design and that they are not off-the-shelf solutions. Either of them make for a recommendable device for anyone in the market for a single or double watch winder – the question is just which size and color to get. barringtonwatchwinders.com

Cool Vintage Bulova Watch Advertisments, Plus Brand President Interview

Cool Vintage Bulova Watch Advertisments, Plus Brand President Interview
Cool Vintage Bulova Watch Advertisments, Plus Brand President Interview Feature Articles
Bulova Academy Award Watches: Promotional Postcard About Bulova's Academy Award Watches (c. 1950-1954). Bulova Remains The Only Outside Company Granted A Commercial License By The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences

So let's take a look at those watch articles which topped the traffic lists on aBlogtoWatch in 2014 and see what people wanting to read about watches on the internet found the most interesting and worth taking a look at.

Rolex GMT

1. TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Tourbillon Watch Hands-On

Where the Autodromo Stradale appears to stand out at first glance is its rather clever and clean dial that resembles the dashboards of vintage cars perfectly, and accomplishes that without "trying too hard" or sacrificing legibility. Beneath its domed sapphire crystal is another glass ring situated on the periphery of the dial and carrying the hour indices. This glass ring has been raised above the pane of the dial and therefore lends the face of the watch a more 3-dimensional appearance.

The Hamilton Watches From The Movie Interstellar Hands-On

Tag Heuer Heritage

Inside the Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic PAM328 is Panerai's in-house made P.9000 automatic movement. It features 72 hours (3 days) of power reserve operating at a modern 4Hz (28,800 bph). I recommend these 4Hz movements over some of the slower frequency 3Hz movements since they tend to result in better accuracy over time. I like that even with 300 meters of water resistance, the PAM328 has a sapphire crystal display back with a view of the movement on the rear of the watch. You don't always get that with a water resistance at this level.

Over the years, I've grown much more into being a serious Voutilainen fan as I've time and time again seen not only the quality of the brand's artistic work, but also appreciating Kari Voutilainen's dedication to making a truly functional and interesting mechanical time telling device. The Voutilainen Tourbillon-6 watch is among a rare and celebrated set of timepieces that serious enthusiasts should aspire to own. The Voutilainen Tourbillon-6 will, once again, be limited to just six pieces total in the limited edition set and be priced at 220,000 Swiss Francs in 18k gold and 265,000 Swiss Francs in platinum. voutilainen.ch

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends September 26, 2014

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends September 26, 2014

The simple angular Y-shaped links used to make the bracelet are attractive and make for a pleasant pairing to the minimalist yet industrial look of the Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 case. There was an earlier Panerai bracelet design that tried to match the curvature of the Panerai bezel a bit more into the design of the links. While that earlier bracelet design is also cool, I think this more modern approach is a bit more successful and fitting with the overall character and theme of what most people appreciate about that core Panerai DNA and sense of design.