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This was an important article for me to write as the concept of luxury Japanese watches has been on my mind a lot lately. I think you'll find it an interesting read. It rather well accumulates my dispersed thoughts on this topic of global sold Japanese luxury watches and our perception on them.

Seiko wanted to make 100 of these watches, but I don't think they got around to it. According to Antiquorum Seiko only made 6 of these watches. Which is a damn shame, cause I want one so badly. One of these timepieces is going to be auctioned off by Antiquorum in September. Estimates are that the watch will go for between ,000 - ,000. The watch will never be the classic watch that the Omega Moon Watch is, but it is certainly something important. Glad I don't live in New York, or I would be at that auction next month.

The Kazimon Eintausend comes in a really rugged Pelican case - which adds to the "do anything, go anywhere" character of the watch. As a sole timepiece it is ideal if the style matches your personality, and of course diver watch fans, and those looking for classic looking superman watches, they will find a contender in the Eintausend. Price is about 1,500 euros. Learn more about Kazimon watches or get one here.

Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk Limited Edition Watch To be Auctioned Off

Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk Limited Edition Watch To be Auctioned Off
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Learn more about the Moana Pacific watch at Magrette here.

Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Chéca Is Melty Face Watch

Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Chéca Is Melty Face Watch

The website covers a few important areas about the watch. First it boasts a bit about the watch, which is nice. Then it talks about the specific types of chimes and "songs" that the watch is able to produce. Recall that this is the first watch to be able to sound out the entire Westminster Carillon. You then get some details and images about the trebuchet hammers, the infernal tower (part of the sonnerie), the cool crystal gongs (really neat), and the complexity of the striking rhythm. You can see that most of this regards the sonnerie functions of the Hybris Mechanica Grande Sonnerie watch, but the fact remains that the watch has a wealth of other very cool complications. I hope that the site continues to evolve to discuss the rest of the features contained in this amazing timepiece.

Protect the watch crystal

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Rolex Day Date II

Bathys Benthic Ti Watch Collection Watch Releases

Three models that we blackened are pictured here. One is a Bell & Ross Geneva 126 that shows how an elegant watch can also benefit from the PVD process. The Girard-Perregaux for Ferrari is an older model that had become less desirable because of its size and a higher demand for the Ferrari watches made by Panerai. The blackening process really revitalized the watch. The yellow and red elements on the dial stand out against the black case and bracelet. Corum's Admiral's Cup Competition 48 shows that other materials including titanium, gold, and platinum can also be PVD coated.

Linde Werdelin "The Lab" Watch Maker Blog Exemplar Watch Industry News

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Patek Philippe Complications watches

RANGE max 310°, min 210°

See Intica watch winders here.

5% Off Welder Or Aristo At Gnomon Watches

Giveaway: Phosphor Digital Hour Clock Black Watch + Discount For All Giveaways

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Jaeger LeCoultre Rendez Vous Night Day

Movement ticking inside is 25 jeweled Swiss automatic movement ticking away 8bps (Ed. Note - likely an ETA 2824-2 or equivalent movement). Ezteem doesn't list the manufacturer on their site and I didn't ask. What I do know is that it's proven to be accurate (no scientific measurements done) and robust since my watch has taken the beatings of downhill biking, construction work, diving and usual playing around with the kids with out any issues.

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Ladoire RGT (Roller Guardian Time) GMT Watch

Ladoire RGT (Roller Guardian Time) GMT Watch

Orient Mako CEM65001M Automatic Diver Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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Patek Philippe Aquanaut

You don't need to spend a lot of money to get a decent mechanical diver's watch. When ,000 and more per a watch isn't in accordance with your budget it can be hard to feed the watch lover need. A little bit of good advice and horological discovery are all you need to fill your drawers with fun watches that look good, work well, and won't break the bank. Here is the orange dialed version of the Orient "Mako" CEM65001M automatic diver's watch. It has an Orient made manufacture mechanical calibre 469 movement with day and date, as well as a study steel bracelet and a good look. The watch comes in several dial colors if orange isn't your style. Other dial colors choices include yellow, black, blue. The yellow dialed version is a special edition model that can be acquired on on There are also a few bezel color options available. Just to compare, the top of the line Orient Diver's watch is this CFD0C001B timepiece that I reviewed here.

Other customizations include white gold and rose gold colored cases as well as various dial treatments. You can see a gallery of a few more interesting Jaquet Droz Les Douze Villes watch dial choices here.  In addition to the rose gold with black enamel is a white gold version with a meteorite dial that is pictured. The lower images design is pleasant, but odd to the degree that you have a central round dial that does not seem to serve and purpose as the minute hand actually uses the larger dial, not the smaller one. A minor point, but worth noting. Jaquet Droz's young looking CEO Manuel Emch takes you through this year's new creations in the video below. Is he trying to grow a beard or does he just need to shave? I can't really tell. I swear it is a distraction when he is talking. Still, he seems to know what he is going and the images of the new Jaquet Droz automaton are really cool. Basically it is a very complex machine that just writes down what time it is on a piece of paper. Consider it a very expensive science project that really only serves the purpose of being interesting to watch operate.

The Shabaka watch starts with a specially made Christophe Claret Calibre CLA88QPRM manually-wound movement. Complications are plentiful including a perpetual calendar three cylinder displays. The dial shows the time, day, date, month, leap year, and moon phase. This might be the first appearance of the cylinder style information window. This has been used on several watches since, most notably for the top and bottom displays on the Maitres du Temps Chapter One and Two watch. The Chapter One movement is also made by Christophe Claret. In addition to all this dial information, the Jean Dunand Shabaka is also a minute repeater. You can see the lever on the left side of the case. There is also a power reserve indicator, but you'll have to look at the rear of the watch for that information (power reserve is open mainspring barrel with indicator bar). The movement is extremely complex, which is easy to tell by viewing the case back. I mean the thing has 721 parts. An incredible amount of pieces to shove into the 44mm wide x 17.65mm thick case. The movement plate itself is 29.5mm wide. The watch is not exactly a sport timepiece so you want to treat it well (you'll be convinced of that if you are among the select few who can afford to acquire the watch). It has 30 meters of water resistance - meaning you can basically wash your hands with the watch.

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IWC Pilots watches watches

There is a good chance that you got a new watch this holiday season (at least I hope you did). Maybe a loved one got you that new timepiece, or you broke down and gifted yourself (likely the best idea). We often get really excited about our new watches, but with the new addition to our collection, we find ourselves without a place to put it, and more importantly a way to conveniently wind that new automatic watch.

To take advantage of the pre-order price, a deposit of 5 will be required.

Listen to HourTime episode 5 at here.

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Replica Rolex Day Date

Free Orient Mako Automatic Diver Watch Giveaway Giveaways

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The Black Belt Watch, Only For People With Black Belts

The Black Belt Watch, Only For People With Black Belts

LUM-TEC LUMzilla Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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Replica Breguet Classiques Watches

A sexy bracelet that tells time. By Gucci.

Either way - the Dior Christal Mystérieuse is an amazing timepiece to behold. And it's an interesting progression into horlogerie, to create a watch that is visually striking - but in truth, is not exactly functional as an easily readable timepiece.

This watch doesn't just have a dial that looks like a camera shutter, the prototype version actually used a camera shutter. Michael Bittel cannibalized a friend's vintage camera (he had permission) and took out the shutter. He ground it down and modified it, and used it to make an opening and closing dial on a watch. This isn't the first time that a shutter aperture style dial has graced my eyes, but it is one of the nicest renditions. I did mention the de Grisogono Fuso Quadrato Two Time Zone watch that applied a similar idea. Although on the Eclipse, the shutter opens up to reveal the decorated and diamond studded movement. Actually, I can't figure out whether the watch is called the Eclipse, Double Eclipse, Double Diaphragm Eclipse, or some variation thereof. Who knows, it doesn't matter. Not like there are other watches that look like this. By the way, I am gonna take this opportunity to mention to watch companies that you need to do two things: 1) make sure you give your watch a clear name, and don't make the name extremely confusing. I don't care if it is hard to choose a name, making a watch is harder. If you make a product, give it a name as good as the item is. 2) Just to remind yourself of that name (because they seem to forget), put that name ON THE WATCH. Yes, just engrave it anywhere. Maybe on the caseback, or on the side. Even placing it on the dial is a good idea. Remember that term branding? This is an important (and easy) part of branding.

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Replica Piaget Polor

TX 800 Series Linear Chronograph Watch Review  Wrist Time Reviews

Jaeger-LeCoultre Hybris Mechanica Grande Sonnerie, Thoughts On The Most Complicated Watch In The World Watch Releases

The military actually has specs for watches. These are official requirements that watches need to meet to be officially sold to soldiers via the government. One of those requirements is that a watch has a mineral, and not sapphire crystal. Why? Because while sapphire crystals are more scratch resistant than mineral crystals, sapphire crystals are more shatter prone. For this reason the Red Cell watch has a 4mm thick mineral crystal that has a fantastic level of anti-reflective (AR) coating on it. To further protect the crystal, the watch has two solid steel bars over the top and bottom of the case. The curious look ended up becoming quite endearing to me. First it was sort of silly, then it grew of me. I started to think of them as little handles that reminded me of large mechanized armor ladders, and then I realized that the grooved surface provided just enough friction to used it while on my wrist to itch a scratch where ever needed! The bars add a degree of protection to the crystal, and help enhance the tool like appearance of the watch. No, let me rephrase that. It does not help enhance the look, but rather helps remind you that the watch is a tool, rather that just look like one.

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