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Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.012-67 Buyer’s Guide

Not that they know what movements cost, but it still a valid question that gets asked by people what are not into watches. Even a 4x cost multiplier of costs to retail cost does not account for the difference in most cases.

In 18k white gold, the Opus XIII case is 44.25mm wide and just over 13mm thick. The cushion-shaped case sits large on the wrist, but the overall presence of all that 'shine' makes it feel larger. There aren't any diamonds in it though - which continues to sometimes feel ironic for a Harry Winston watch. That said, a version with a full pave diamond covered case will be available. Attached to the watch is a comfy alligator strap.

While certainly priced well into the luxury range of the watch-buying market, Linde Werdelin has developed a niche for their designs and the SpidoLite II Titanium Blue/Red/Black Gold are fantastic looking watches that offer yet another color and feature variation for those interested in acquiring a skeleton-cased Linde Werdelin. The Black Gold is version is stunning and definitely looks like it could be Bruce Wayne's watch of choice. Considering the more colorful variants, while I would normally choose a blue dial over red, I really love the Red with its DLC accents and more legible hand coloring.

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1.  Bell & Ross Aviation Instrument Watches 2013

Unlike Baselworld where new products are announced and launched, the SalonQP in London functions more as an opportunity for the brands to interface with their potential customers in a plush, cosy environment. Surrounded by resplendent grounds and set in an area in a high-end part of London, the Saatchi gallery played host over three days to a crowd of connoisseur watch lovers. Fittingly chosen as a location as well, due to the fact that many of the pieces on display did certainly rise to the level of art. What more a compliment to be paid to the watches than being in an art gallery?

Baselworld 2013: Tudor New Fastrider Black Shield Watch In Ceramic Watch Releases

Pump-Up Your Weekend With An Invicta Bolt Chronograph

Inside the watch is a Swiss Breitling Caliber 76 SuperQuartz COSC Chronometer certified multifunction quartz movement. These fantastic thermocompensated quartz movements offer a rich variety of functions such as a 1/100th of a second chronograph, countdown timer, world time function, alarm, and full calendar. This is done via the analog hands for the time and the two negative display LCD screens. All of the functions are operated via the crown. Thermocompensated quartz movements such as the SuperQuartz are accurate to about plus or minus 10 seconds a year (which is very good).

IWC Ingenieur 40mm Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

As one of the very excited and happy winners of the December 2012 aBlogtoWatch giveaway, I chose one of these vintage-styled watches from Frederique Constant’s deep collection of watches. My choice was made thinking that I would like something that looked vintage, had an air of sporty elegance, yet was updated for modern tastes. I also wanted something I could wear on formal occasions. With these thoughts in mind I chose the Peking to Paris model FC-396V6B6 chronometer. What I really like about this design are the rose-gold dauphine hands and the hour markers which have a coppery color that wonderfully matches the mahogany brown band. Rose-gold can sometimes look too pink or salmon colored for my taste, but this color variation hits the mark for me. On the dial there aren’t a lot of colors like you would see in a sporty watch, just rich browns with black numbers and tick marks along with easy readability due to the white background.
Watch Winner Review: Frederique Constant Peking To Paris Chronograph Giveaways

Speedmaster Missions Collection Suitcase

I yelled at someone today for not appreciating the work of a famous artist. A pretty talented artist that if you know anything about art, you'd appreciate their work. I felt bad after yelling at the person's simple ignorance. They thought the painting was ugly, and maybe it was to them, but that didn't make it bad art. I just shook my head grinning to myself while saying quietly, "the notions of uncultured minds." I had a little bit of a snob moment. Or maybe it was just that I didn't like how someone wasn't able to recognize talent or skill, regardless of the outcome of that talent or skill. The natural next thought was to remind myself that appreciation of talent and skill is a learned trait. I then got back to thinking about watches.

2. Homage vs Replica vs Counterfeit

While some other watch or luxury publications have a vested interest in showing you what they want or curating content to try and frame what is cool, we have a different philosophy. That's because I think the readers inherently have good taste and know what they like without needing to be herded. If you don't have enough confidence in your own taste and are reading this - experts like me will agree that you probably actually have good taste. The aBlogtoWatch crew is gonna show you as much as possible, but you are gonna be in control of what we focus on most. We will be your eyes and fingers touching and testing the stuff hands-on with the watch makers and brands next week. Keep in touch watch lovers...

What Watch Will You Be Wearing New Year’s Eve?

The short answer is "yes," watches need to operate regularly in order to prevent damage. But again, the type of movement and the climate you live in can effect this greatly. Most mechanical watch movements use a variety of oils and greases applied in tiny amounts for lubrication. Some of these can get hard and prevent a movement from operating normally (or at all) if the watch is left sitting for too long. The question is, "what is too long?" We wouldn't say that you need to leave your automatic watch on a winder or wind your manually wound timepieces daily. However, at least each couple of weeks you should wind them up a bit to get the oils flowing.

Some, but not all Amadeo watches are also reversible - just as this one is. That means either side of the watch has a dial on it. Because you can remove the straps you can also flip them around to allow for the watch to be worn on either side. So you have a "reversible, convertible watch," how many timepieces can claim that? For all this money you deserve some wearing options for sure.

Are Limited Edition Watches A Good Investment?

Watch Fan Discovers Forgotten Moonwatch In A Box Of His Grandfather

So that ultra-good deal you are getting online might be for something that is technically new, but doesn't look it. The dealer selling it bought it for pennies on the dollar and is probably happy to sell it for a 60% off or lower discount. The complex system of dealers, distributors, subsidiaries, etc... will vastly increase the prices of these low-volume items. A brand that sells 50,000 mechanical watches a year is doing pretty well. But that is nothing compared to a million or more units a year. That means that each watch must be marked up high-enough to make a profit, unlike smaller margins on units which sell at much higher volumes. The end result is that the price to value equation to the consumer is relatively low given all the pieces that take a cut.

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The Strategy Of Modern Watch Marketing

Dial: Hand engraved and painted mother-of-pearl, black mother-of-pearl center. Hand engraved and painted birds

Christophe Claret X-TREM-1 Pinball Piece Unique For Only Watch 2013 Sales & Auctions

A True Oddity: The Omega Speedmaster Hackett

Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon 6002G Watch Releases

Prometheus Watch Company is a serious new contender in the wrist watch world. The company is based in Portugal and joins a growing trend to contract manufacture high quality time pieces using proven components to their desired specifications. Frankly, this is a wise move as the lowered overhead reduces cost and the savings are passed to the client. By specifying components, the company is able to build a quality item piece-by-piece.

Another 'class feature' of the Baiji is its use of Tritium T25 tubes for no-light/low-light luminosity. The Baiji uses 12 of these tubes at the hour indices, one each on the hour and minute hands and one (1) on the bezel 'top' indicator. They work very well and should continue to work for the next 25 years or so. The orange tube at "12 o'clock" looks especially cool. Low light/no-light readability is no problem - and it does not need to be "charged."

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Parmigiani London Boutique Opens With Style Hands-On

The same thing could easily happen with phones. Even though phone sizes are increasing because people want larger screens, they are still an extra item that people need to carry around with them. In my view of the future, tablets replace phones offering a solid mix between actual computers and a small size, and wearable computers such as smartwatches replace phones. You don't need extra pocket space, and they are on you at all times. Hard to make phone calls with a watch? All I need to say is that given how much people text and e-mail in relation to calling, I don't think it will be much of a problem. There are headsets for that, etc...

Earnshaw Beagle Watch Review: Affordable Skeleton Automatic Wrist Time Reviews

LAST CHANCE: Delma Santiago Blue Shark Watch Giveaway

LAST CHANCE: Delma Santiago Blue Shark Watch Giveaway

Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XIII 45th Anniv

The chronograph is the most popular complication today (aside from the date) and its uses extend from simply boiling eggs to helping spacecraft return home safely.

Teenage Grandpa Watch Straps Review & Interview Luxury Items

Too often ladies are presented with quartz models or diminutive case sizes on the understanding that they are not interested in movements and complications. This is a watch that bucks the trend presenting a serious collector’s piece with a feminine touch.