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As far as we can tell, what makes the 2013 Citizen Promaster Altichron and the 2014 Citizen Promaster Altichron Cirrus models different is the case and dial. I posted our video from last year below which shows you how it works. The movement appears to be the same Citizen Eco-Drive caliber J290 (aka J29) quartz movement in both watches. What is it? Well, it is a light-powered all-analog movement that has the time, compass, altimeter, power reserve indicator, and date.

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SevenFriday's founder, Daniel Niederer, was a bit tired of the typically stuffy and stiff way the watch industry approached design, as well as how it sold watches. A former luxury watch distributor, Niederer shared with me that he felt some of the watch industry's margins on their products were out of line with production costs, as well as consumer expectations.  He also hated how the brands he helped sell were stuck on (literally) the same old designs and marketing practices. Seeing tons of room for change and improvement, for Daniel, the only solution was do it himself.

The new aBlogtoWatch begins with an updated logo. Clean and modern, we feel that it represents what is really a brand unto itself now more so than ever. One of the most important elements going into the redesign was a focus on doing everything possible to maintain the integrity and value of our content. We want aBlogtoWatch articles to be both honest and friendly to look at. This should be a place experts or novices feel comfortable, but at the same time we need to acknowledge that aBlogtoWatch is often about discussing high-end collectibles and items of passion for sophisticated consumers.

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The watch is a little tall at 16.5mm, but this is understandable, given how much is layered inside the case. Yang has told us that this height is not final and they are working to reduce it before they enter production. It uses 22mm straps, and comes with a leather band. Kairos has no shortage of options, offering the two aforementioned movements, the case finished in stainless steel, gold, or all black. You also need to choose whether you want a TOLED (40% transparency, fully animated, Android Wear) or an ICON display (60% transparency, static icons, text and numbers, Kairos OS). Amidst all these choices, the first one you'll make is whether you want the Miyota-powered MSW115, or the Swiss Soprod-powered SSW158. The Kairos is available for pre-order at 50-60% less than MSRP through July 1, 2014. Pre-orders placed after July will be at the higher price, to be determined. The MSW115 is 9 (steel) or 9 (gold or black) and the Soprod-equipped SSW158 is 9 (steel) or 99 for gold or black options. kairoswatches.com

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SevenFriday Watches Review: P1, P2, P3 Models

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The Hour Glass: We are very fortunate to have iconic landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach. Sydney is all about the great outdoors. We usually have great weather, so any sporting activity, water sports - sailing is extremely popular. We also have such a diverse culture and great coffee, good food.

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While unmistakably, a Casio watch with all of the cues and design-style that Casio is known for, the Casio Pro Trek is meant for mountaineering. Everything about this watch invites you to take it to the outdoors. The rugged appearance, the various outdoorsy features, and the feel of the watch is meant for active people. It's the watch you want if you happen to be in a fight for survival---in a real life version of the plot for the TV series "Lost." Most Pro Trek models are large, even though they don't wear massively. A unique feature about the PRW3000 is that it is, comparatively speaking, smaller in size.

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The Zenith El Primero Lightweight will be limited to just 100 pieces and will come fitted to a Nomex-lined rubber strap for ,000 USD. An AP Royal Oak Offshore Chrono in Forged Carbon will cost you in excess of K and a Linde Werdelin SpidoLite II Tech costs around ,000 before VAT, so compared to the competition, Zenith has priced the El Primero Lightweight rather well.

Let me explain what you just saw above. The results you see labeled above every column range from around 6.7 up to 14. This figure indicates the amount of Submariners which the "average yearly income per capita" could purchase in any given year. Since we are talking about a time scale of over 50 years here, for easier understanding and actual comparability, we have transferred all US Dollar prices and wages into 2012 US Dollars. In other words, in 1957 when the average yearly income was ,591 (Source: US Bureau of Economic Analysis) and the price of the watch was ,225 (originally it cost 0 which, when calculated into 2012 US Dollars, is ,225).

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We got to see a prototype of the Fulcrum at Baselworld earlier this year and regardless of its inspiration, the physical watch is impressive. Measuring a sport watch-ideal 42 x 15mm, the Fulcrum is ready for whatever your day holds, with an anti-magnetic, bead-blasted steel case, uni-directional 12 hour bezel, domed sapphire crystal, an HeV and 300m (1000ft) of water resistance. Weighing in at 117g on its natural rubber strap, the Fulcrum is just 48mm lug to lug, making it just a bit longer and thicker than a Seiko SKX007.

Next up from the 70's soundtrack, you've got a galvanized dial (our sample was in gray) with its sunburst pattern radiating from the center. They've also eschewed numerals on the dial, instead opting for polished arrowhead style indices as hour markers. This too feels like a retro cue to me - as well as giving the dial a bit of flash that it might otherwise miss. Aside from making it visually interesting, it lets the watch work for all but the dressiest of occasions.

James M. from Halifax, Nova Soctia, Canada asks:

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Later in the day we got the chance to tour the Marussia pit garage and we were allowed a closer look at the level to which they go to do everything their own way. The jacks used during a pit stop are custom designed and manufactured at an eye-watering cost. The same can be said for the gantry system that holds the tools and systems above the car for a pit stop, each team designs their own. For convenience and practicality, couldn't the teams use the same jacks and gantries? Sure, but in Formula One, competition is everything - and insane amounts of money are spent to foster and protect any possible advantage, legal or otherwise.

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Here’s how it will work:

Much as you might expect for a watch that's a bit more tech-oriented, this is a battery-driven movement. Surprisingly enough, it's using standard button cells to power the watch (so no recharging) which, as per Withings' claims, will need to be changed out after about a year. The use of these standard cells is made possible by the fact that the Withings Activité Fitness Tracker relies on the low-energy Bluetooth standard to communicate with your phone (at this time, they're only claiming iPhone compatibility) and the Health Mate app, through which you can set your goals and silent alarms, and the like.

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aBlogtoWatch: What types of watches are popular in your market? What makes Chicago a unique place to buy watches?

Further, the final version of the Cesium 133 watch will have some LED status lights and a more attractive case. The prototype is 60mm wide by 50mm tall, and 23mm thick. The final version will have a light-weight carbon fiber case, be smaller, and retain the classic Bathys moon phase dial. Patterson intentionally did not want to give the Cesium 133 a digital face as "that would have been what everyone else did." So despite the intense accuracy of the watch, all the information is displayed on a traditional analog watch dial. The final version will also have improved battery life in the internal rechargeable lithium ion battery.

The rest of the models are either three-hand automatics or chronographs, but there are two models of each. The most basic model of the entire collection is the IWC Aquatimer Automatic and it will comes in four versions (refs. IW329001, IW329002, IW329003, IW329004). Among those four version will be at least two dial colors (black and what looks like silver), on either a rubber strap or metal bracelet. The Aquatimer Automatic will be offered in a steel case and will further be the smallest model at 42mm wide. We guess that the Aquatimer Automatic will contain a base Swiss ETA or similar automatic movement.

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If there is anything I really appreciate, it is the crispness of the dial and decent level of legibility. The hour markers are lumed and easy to see, while the hands are legible enough (despite being too short). Actually, Ballast would have makes the hands longer but it would have required them to further increase the thickness of the case. At 47.2mm wide the watch is large, but in a way that fits with a lot of modern fashion sport watches. While this particular model is a steel case with a rose gold PVD coating, there are also brushed steel or black variants.

Welcome back to an original aBlogtoWatch feature, "My First Grail Watch." In this series, we ask prominent people in the watch industry about the first timepiece that they lusted after. Today, we're talking with Peter Speake-Marin, who started off as a restorer of antique watches, and today is the founder of his own watch brand.  You'll definitely want to read on about his grail watch.  Not only does it feature a minute repeater, split-second chronograph and a tourbillon, it came into being in 1913 at the behest of none other than J.P. Morgan.


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TAG Heuer Debuts In-House Calibre 1969 (CH 80) Automatic Chronograph Watch Movement