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Bulgari says it takes about one year to build each of these watches. I believe that. There are a very small amount of people who are skilled enough to make them, and it takes along time to decorate the parts, assemble, and then test the movements. Actually, decorating the movement parts is the most challenging. That takes about six months. It then takes four months to build the movement, test it, take it apart, clean it, and then put it back together again.

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Functionally the Striking 10th is a foudroyante - but few people know that term. Basically it has a "flying" central hand which goes around the dial each second. It is used to measure time, in increments of 1/10th of a second. Unlike a standard chronograph you can measure time increments more precisely like this. "Striking" usually refers to what a sonnerie or minute repeater watch does. This El Primero doesn't chime, so I don't get that. Maybe they mean it in a more poetic fashion. Striking 10th does sound cool, better than the stuffy sounding "foudroyante."

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Attached to the black alligator strap the Frog Zr is a good looking timepiece and exudes a smooth sort of confident coolness. Limited to 18 pieces, the MB&F HM3 Frog Zr will be available soon - for a retail price of ,000.

This new Bulgari Daniel Roth collection watch joins the ranks (small ranks) of million dollar plus timepieces from the brand. Offering a wildly complicated movement and inspiration from the Daniel Roth brand that Bulgari engulfed into itself, this piece is one serious homage to a love of horology.

Unlike many other Chinese GMT movements, the one here has a pusher on the side of the case that moves the GMT hand in one hour increments - this is good. Plus, watches with GMT subdials are really rare. This one looks great, but unfortunately doesn't have markers for each of the 24 hour periods. So it is hard to read with precision. The rest of the dial is nicely made, and quality is good. Like watches such as a Panerai, there are cut out sections that are recessed a bit and filled with lume. This adds some depth to the dial. The hands are easy to see, and the placement of a "0" at the 12 o'clock indicator is cool. The linear power reserve scale has a clean straight forward look to it, and the touch of red on the dial is welcome. I think you'll agree that MoVas is good at design.

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Even though the classic Museum Dial watches aren't my style, I would happily wear a Bold. I really love many of the designs and the (yes, I will say it) bold color schemes. There are two sizes for the Bold available at this time. They are 42mm wide and 36mm wide. The pieces wear large due to the expansive dial. I like how Movado was able to retain the stark look of the pieces while adding textures and other visual interest. There is even a chronograph version in the 42mm wide size.

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Frederique Constant's newest watch with an in-house made movement is both useful and attractive. Building upon their core in-house automatic with an "open heart" display of the escapement, this newer model with the Caliber FC-938 automatic boasts the time with a second time zone in a subsidiary dial. Making for a good traveler's watch, the second time zone is displayed in a simple 12 hour format. AM/PM indication is preserved via a small day/night indicator located at 8 o'clock on the small dial.

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With watches it only takes a dream. Though being a good designer and understanding the technical and supplier issues will likely make or break you. I've met a lot of designers who at some point in their career decide they need to apply their skills to making a single watch, or an entire watch brand. Timepieces are some silly type of magnet.

Materials: stainless steel, silver plating

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This Patek described above is one of those over-the-top vintage pieces that we see as the cornerstone of every large auction.

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The Quinting Mysterious Chronograph is really of the more complicated watches that Quinting makes. The actual name of it is pretty strange as it is called the "Quinting Chronograph Mysterious Quinting." Don't ask, I don't understand either.  The movements they produce are actually located in the bezel of the watch and involve a series of motors that turn sapphire crystal discs. The discs move the hands. As the chronograph models have a lot of hands, the watch movement gets really complicated. The chronograph movement for example utilizes 13 separate discs in the dial. You can see right through the dial to your wrist, and the entire mechanism is hidden in the periphery of the watch case - neat.

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I am thrilled at the technique and presentation of the Opus Eleven and think it is one of the best Opus watches ever. Why? Because it really epitomizes why watch lovers love the Opus collection and ideology. To give talent the reason to be totally different and wild in their work. Denis and Eric had fun with this - and Harry Winston can be damn proud of this. The Opus Eleven will be available as a limited edition of 111 pieces (100 in gold, and 11 in gold and diamonds), Price is in the 0,000 range (0,000 in white gold, and 9,000 in white gold with diamonds) and pieces should be available at the end of 2011. Keep it up Mr. Winston.

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Yellow or red accents are found in the chronograph hands as well as the stitching in the leather straps. The straps are porthole style, but don't got all the way through to protect the strap. It comes across as being a welcome style addition to the overall look of the design.

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The Spinnaker is a series of 125 watches, and at an introductory price of 1 (1 with bracelet and NATO, 3 with all of the above plus sapphire caseback) I expect them to sell out quickly. That's a very good value in my opinion. Not a watch made for the hardcore diver, it will nevertheless serve that as well as most other situations, and the colorful design seems to catch eyes and garner compliments from strangers.