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Tudor style watches

Freshly returned from my Las Vegas trip I am left with the distinct impression that high-end Las Vegas hotels are a watch lover's dream. The plethora of watch stores, available brands, models, and timepiece enthusiasts is enough to envelop you in surreal atmosphere were rare and beautiful watches seem commonplace. While I intend to speak more generally about the watch shopping environment in Las Vegas, the focal point of any Las Vegas watch outing should be the Tourneau store located in Forum Shoppes in the Caesar's Palace Hotel and Casino.

Movement - Automatic, ETA Valgranges 16½’’’ A07.231, 27 jewels
Functions - Hours, minutes, small seconds, chronograph, date and tachometer
Case - 316L steel, 44 mm
DS “double security” system
Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, anti-reflective coating on both sides, transparent back
Water-resistant to 100 m
Dial - Black or silvered
Hour, minute and seconds counters
Date window at 4.30
Bracelet/Strap - Brown or black leather with two-button folding clasp
Other versions - Black dial with satin-finished steel bracelet and safety clasp

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Tudor Rose watches

The Nettuno 3 and Tridente exhibit different size dimensions in key areas. The Nettuno 3 is a 40mm case, while the Tridente is 43.8mm. The almost 4mm difference is well noticed and you can see in the images that the Tridente has a more powerful footprint that the Nettuno 3. Also, the Tridente is about 2mm or so thicker than the Nettuno 3, meaning it rises of your wrist a bit more. It also goes to say that the Tridente is a heavier watch because of the increased amount of steel. Your wrist of course will decide your best size, but sometimes I really like the feel of a larger watch. The Tridente also has a considerably larger crown, which is very easy to use. Both the Nettuno 3 and Tridente have excellent crowns that are enjoyable to operate, but the larger Tridente crown is more suited to operation with gloves. Because the face of the Tridente is larger, each element on the face is likewise enhanced in size. The hands are more striking in their bigger size, which compliment the traditional dive watch look very well. Another minor difference is the depth rating indicator on the face of the watch which is written in white on the Nettuno 3 and red on the Tridente.

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It is difficult to sum up the Citizen Campanola Grand Complication Ref. AH4000-01X. It is true that this watch is not perfect, as I discussed above. Although, this watch is easily wearable everyday, has no annoying quirks in regular use, and is stunning to look at. Distribution is limited, and getting one outside of Japan can be a chore. I sat and waited on eBay for a long time until one showed up, then it was a bit of a heated battle to win it. Regardless, I got a good deal (as always). If you can get a Citizen Campanola, I recommend it. This is a watch that will increase in interest over the next few years. Very few are made, and each model is unique and beautiful. Enjoy it if you have one, I know I do!

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Replica rolex Watches

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Review of the Casio Pathfinder PAW1500T-7V On WatchReport.com Watch Buying
Casio Pathfinder PAG240t 7 Pro Trek Tough Solar Digital Watch Compass Atomic
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In my opinion this all black sporty-classy Citizen Alterna is a really nice looking watch. Though it is unique in its execution combining the seemingly opposed forces that are formal watches with activity ones, the end result works well making for a well-balanced watch that works for most occasions. The one pictured is priced at bit over 0 on eBay right now.


Review of the Orient CFT00004B On WatchReport.com

Review of the Orient CFT00004B On WatchReport.com
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Replica Breguet Grandes Complications

In case you are dying to know, the court agreed to stay his sentence for a while in order to allow him to prepare for his company to be run without his presence for period of his prison time. So you'll be able to get all your colorful, geometric shaped, diamond crowded watches with out much disruption.

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Like the BR 01, the BR 02 comes in various colors and styles, and materials. Few people will go for the gold versions as they a total contradiction in terms of what this watch is about. I personally would opt for the PVD version. Black with the black tapered rubber strap is chic and functional. Certainly something to think about as diving watches are my first choice in sporty nice. Check out the official Bell & Ross site here.

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Frank Muller watches

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Buying “Decoded” Watches Avoids Authorized Watch Dealer Prices; Involves Some Risk

Buying “Decoded” Watches Avoids Authorized Watch Dealer Prices; Involves Some Risk

See Marcello C watches on Amazon here.Updated Style Marcello C Nettuno 3 For Sale On eBay: Auction Ends Nov-20-07 01:10:27 PST Sales & Auctions

P.E.A.R On Notice! Apple Zealots Stalinize European Media When “Monopoly” Mentioned

P.E.A.R On Notice! Apple Zealots Stalinize European Media When “Monopoly” Mentioned

See U-Boat watches on eBay here.

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Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches

Instead of being clever in the title of this review, I wanted to make it clear how good this watch is considering the price. I have handled a good deal of watches, perhaps not as many as I would like, but enough to know that price does not always equal quality of construction. Meaning you can enjoy a superbly built watch at a very reasonable price. Sure a 0 watch is probably going to feel like it is shabbily put together compared to something in the several thousand dollar range, but once you go up from there, things can get a bit fuzzy. However, some watches seem to hit built quality that is out of their price league.

The Land Instrument module charges easily and connects to a computer for better analysis of stored data. All this is housed in a very rugged steel case in the standard color, or a red or black version. Whether you need to use the Linde Werdelin for navigation, fitness, or safety, it is an undeniable appealing computer watch device. These are very limited watches in terms of production, being very hard to find. For the right lucky person, there is one available on eBay now.

However, when you start to have more than one watch, especially multiple automatics, you can get into an attention problem. All these movements needing to be constantly wound. There are only so many watches you can have in a day. Most watch owners will spend a good amount of time each day manually winding watches. This does not mean spinning them around in your hand, but most, if not all automatics can be manually wound from the crown, just as a manually wound watch. This can become a chore, unless you really want to sit and remember to wind watches each day.

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Replica Jaeger LeCoultre Rendez Vous Night Day Watches

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So the next part of the watch is the really weird part. The "passport angle." For whatever reason, Vacheron Constantin felt there was not enough "security" their watches. So they hired the same guy who designed the Swiss passport to "protect" the Quai de l'Ile. What does this mean? Basically you get a passport with the watch, that "cannot be copied!" You also get features in the watch face that make it really hard to duplicate, such as micro printing, patterns, and images only seen in special lights. Okay fine; Vacheron Constantin congratulations, you've made a passport and watch face that cannot be reproduced for the most part. What is next for you? Don't you see the mere novelty in this and practically no usefulness. It will be a cool thing for about 10 minutes. You store the watch passport away, and cannot even really see the security features on the watch anyway. It is just another gimmick. I thought people with this type of cash to burn on watches thought about these things? I get the concept, I really do. I am just not sold. But then again, there are those few times during your life when the watch needs servicing, and you'll send it to Vacheron Constantin who will certainly check for its authenticity!

The Citizen Campanola series is rare enough outside Japan, but the "world" Grand Complication model differed in a few major ways from this Japan only model. First, the globally sold model used Arabic numbers versus the Roman numerals on the Japan edition. This is really a measure of taste. Some prefer the astute classiness of Roman numerals, while others prefer the modern legibility of Arabic numbers. I see the Arabic numbers on this model as having a beneficent fantasy like character due to the font, while the Roman numerals provide for a more serious looking watch. The second difference are the hands used, and this dichotomy will mean a lot to some people. The Japanese version uses hands bathed in luminant for night viewing, while the world model has cutaway hands that provide a bit easier viewing for the functions underneath. Both versions of the hands have their pluses and minuses of course. The Japan version also has a tachymeter on the inside bezel, which the world model lacks. The alligator strap used is slightly darker in color and has brown (as opposed to white) stitching; a minor difference but worth noting.

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Replica rolex Watches

The rotating bezel is also very well done. Two sections fit together to provide a dual natured bezel. One with indicators and one with actual numbers. This seems to be a running theme with the watch; giving the user options when reading it. The large "12" balances out the watch in an important way. This gives your mind an instant frame of reference for telling the time no matter what direction you are looking at the face from.

Your typical mechanical watch needs to be maintained every couple of years to ensure fluid operation. This means opening up the movement for a oil and cleaning job during the "servicing process." Sinn, completely unhappy with this status quo wanted to remove this headache. They succeeded in prototyping this technology in the mid 1990s, using a technique they called "Diapal." The term is merely a contraction of the words "DIAmond" and "PALete." Without going into it on a deep level that will inevitably bore you, here is what you need to know. Sinn Diapal watches use OIL-FREE escapements and round polished diamonds instead of traditional rubies which don't wear at all, and are much much smoother to reduce friction and enhance consistent amplitude. Again, the escapement has no oil! Pretty nice.

IWW does not have a fancy website, but they do have a loyal following. Visit IWW here online. While they are located in North Carolina, you can easily send them your watch to get any manner of work done. Along with their standard services, they are open to a number of flexible customization options based on your particular vision. This is a nice benefit of working with a smaller operation, because you can have real personal contact with the watch mechanics and share your ideas as well as enjoy their feedback and advice.

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Here is something you don't see everyday. A rare Tiffany & Co. watch that I just can't seem to figure out. I learned of this watch as it is being offered on eBay right now with no end date until someone purchases it. The seller claims that it is a Tiffany & Co. watch built by NauticFish, and I am not sure this is correct. It is true that Tiffany & Co. often rebrands or adds its name to other popular watches sold in its store. It used to do this with Rolex, and currently does with a variety of brands including Baume et Mercier. Further, Tiffany & Co. often outsources watch design, just as it did with the popular Streamerica watch (no longer being made) designed by Jorg Hysek.

This Citizen Campanola minute repeater is a rare appearance on eBay. The watch sits large on the wrist and makes a stunning appearance with its hand painted face and deep blue dials contrasted against a classic white textured background. One of the major draws of the Campanola series has been the affordable nature of the complications you are getting. The Campanola watches each utilize the absolute highest grade quartz movements available. A mechanical watch with similar complications would cost upwards of ,000. It is my hope that Citizen Campanola watches represent a new trend in where design and functionality are going, offering sophisticated functionality and aesthetics, at prices which are not astronomical.

Check out the Tiffany & Co. Streamerica watch auction page here.

eBay Germany: So Many More Watches Not Available In The USA

eBay Germany: So Many More Watches Not Available In The USA
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