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We often hear about the death of brick and mortar retailing and the challenges traditional sellers face with "going online." In the case of, the reverse has occurred, and Derek Dier now has a literal brick and mortar store downtown in the Canadian city of London, Ontario. Derek began buying, selling and trading around the age of 16 (1980) and it became a serious hobby around 1989, while he was a full-time realtor. has been online since 1998, and the brick & mortar retail store followed in 2012.

Buying Watches In London, Ontario, Canada: Watch Stores
WatchesToBuy.Com, London, Ontario, Canada

If taken literally, the advice from Mr. Bennahmias would be that watch brands should take careful note of all those little stories, details, and qualities which help people emotionally connect to their products and brands, and then cleverly dispense them via a series of marketing campaigns designed to create a close relationship with a customer. This rarely happens.  What does end up happening is sort of ultra-consolidation, where all the allure of a company, its products, and history are distilled into a few simple messages or images. They frequently fail to properly communicate with people who are eager to understand a brand and develop a relationship with them.

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A rather generic looking fashion-watch advertisement – the same "message" and layout is often translated into luxury watch ads

Rounded sapphire crystal bezel inserts are much more expensive than the flat ones you sometimes see. The minute scale is further painted in luminant, and it moves uni-directionally rather smoothly and securely. Though, sometimes looking at the simple, strong looks of the bezel and dial, I wonder why Prometheus used retro-style hands. I think the entire personality of the Sailfish would have been different with hands that seemed to fit the overall dive watch theme of the piece a bit more.

ABTW: What was your first grail watch?

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MB&F Starfleet Machine Clock By L'Epée Hands-On Hands-On

The George Daniels 35th Anniversary Watch features the co-axial escapement, although one that Roger Smith modified, so that now the co-axial parts (where the two escape-wheels which were previously located on top of one another) are crafted from the same wheel. That is the part you see in the lower right corner on the image above: the escape-wheel features the more usual "boot-shaped" teeth while also having teeth raised to function as the secondary wheel that has previously been mounted on top, "co-axially."

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The rhodium-plated movement will be decorated with circular polishing, mirror-polished bevels and blued screws, lending a somewhat more traditional flair to the modern looks of the movement. From a more technical approach, Brassler and the Swiss team responsible for realizing his idea also took into consideration the unique, single-hand functionality of most MeisterSinger watches, as the new spring wheel of the movement was integrated in the movement in order to minimize the backlash of the hand.

Brand: Ball
Model: Engineer II Marvelight
Price: ,899
Would reviewer personally wear it: Just about without a second thought - if it were not for my bracelet sizing issues.
Friend we'd recommend it to first: This is for someone with tastes like my own - conservative styling, but looking for a watch with a bit of subtle flash.
Worst characteristic of watch: All of the polished surfaces - they are fingerprint magnets.
Best characteristic of watch: The complete look of the watch. You get something that could almost be considered retro in many ways, but packaged up with modern materials and excellent illumination.

Is META Watch Pursuing A Patent On All Analog/Digital Dial Smartwatches?

Is META Watch Pursuing A Patent On All Analog/Digital Dial Smartwatches?

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Good luck, and thanks to Hamilton, the sponsor of the Khaki Pilot Day Date watch giveaway here at aBlogtoWatch!

Buying Watches In New York City: Cellini Jewelers

Buying Watches In New York City: Cellini Jewelers

The movement is tucked away deep inside the case, and what a case it is. It's a beast. It makes my Marathon TSAR look dainty, like it's a cooling tower from a nuclear power plant. It's thick and tall, with vertical sides for emphasis. Short, steeply-angled lugs curve it nicely, however, to my 7” wrist. PVD coating tones down the Industrial Age presence, but there are three other variations if one wants something bolder.

While it certainly happens from time to time, it is very rare to receive news of such job cuts at one of the major Swiss watch brands. In essence, the company is cutting jobs in its brand new (and unquestionably incredibly investment-heavy) manufacturing facility, which makes this story even more interesting and difficult to understand. Once we try and look at the larger picture however, it all starts to make sense.

As I mentioned, though, anonymous bidding can be a double-edged sword. While it has benefits, it can also have a deleterious effect on understanding how a final bidding price effects the market for a particular brand or item. Take, for example, a situation where two anonymous proxy bidders are actually the same person, and that person represents a watch brand keen on trying to protect or promote the value of its products. Less maligned are simply those situations where the nature of a buyer is important in helping other buyers know who they are competing against. Buyers could be individuals, museums, companies, governments, etc... While anonymous bidding has a very clear value, the potential for abuse or simple market confusion in the value of a item exists and is sometimes taken advantage of.

Sony FES Watch Re-Introduces You To E-Ink

Sony FES Watch Re-Introduces You To E-Ink

Saved searches tell you when new stuff comes around and you can get a good idea of what things are worth as well as how many are around. If something is popular, you can wait around for "just the right deal," and not potentially waste money. eBay is also about understanding seller trust and reliability. This means buying from private owners might get you a slightly better price, but the condition of the watch might not be as good as when you buy a watch on eBay from a dealer.

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Even though the company has had its ups and downs from the start, the biggest asset of Ikepod was serving as a very genuine funnel of what Mr. Newson sees as being the pinnacle of wrist watch design. While Newson didn't have per se an executive role in the company, "he" designed their watches, and his word was (mostly) law.

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The movement operates at 18,000 bph and completely makes up the dial. I also like how it fully takes up the case, so there isn't a lot of wasted room inside of the Hautlence HL2 collection. While the hours are indicated on the moving track, the minutes are represented via a retrograde hand. Under the minute indicator track is a handy power reserve indicator. On the rear of the case is a micro-rotor in 18k gold, and I think it is really cool that on top of everything, the Hautlence HL2.0 collection movements are self-winding automatics.

“We love to discuss the best approach to buying or selling watches, the collector scene, new styles, and the brands we love. This wealth of knowledge and passion is a standout feature of our showcase events,” Whatley declared.

One of the most exciting brands in high-end watchmaking today is Arnold & Son. Not only are their watches exquisitely made, they are also highly complicated. But perhaps most importantly, they have, in a relatively short span of the time, managed to create their own instinctive style that makes it easy to recognize a watch as theirs. One of their most interesting pieces is the Time Pyramid watch, so-called because the movement is arranged in such a way that it looks like a pyramid. In our review of this unique-looking piece we discuss more about the brand itself as well as the countless interesting details of the Time Pyramid.

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That changes quite radically with the meteorite dial: the barely visible pattern of the original silver-colored dial is replaced with abstract geometric shapes, the result of a myriad of tiny bumps and scratches spread out all across the surface of the dial. That is due to the inner structure of the meteorite stone, and the texture of no two dials are the same.

Feldmar Watch: We sell a great deal of watches in all categories.  We sell to the first time buyer, looking for something to wear as they enter their professional careers.  Sport, casual, and dress alike. I think LA is a very unique market, based on the blend of locals and transplants from other areas.  The city is truly a blend of cultures and influences.

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I imagined it would take multiple iterations of prototypes before everything worked properly, so machining all the components out of the specified materials in every case was out of the question due to my budget limitations. As I continued to do research in the world of 3D printing, I stumbled across a relatively new technology known as Multijet modeling process or MJM. This method will create a thin sheet of material using multiple print nozzles, and then polymerize each layer using a UV lamp. Not only is this UV-cured acrylic very durable, but it can be printed at a resolution of 0.01mm as opposed to 0.1mm for most standard 3D printers. This meant that I could now have print resolution roughly 1/10th the thickness of a sheet of paper. This increased the accuracy and precision of my components significantly; and so I was finally back on track to recreating the Urwerk UR-202 in honor of the great watchmakers and designers behind it.

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