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The funny thing is how different people are attracted to the brand. I don't know anyone who dislikes A. Lange & Sohne, but everyone has their own relationship with it. For instance some people have a particular piece they fawn over and consider a real grail watch. Perhaps your dream timepiece is a Datrograph Up/Down such as this or maybe a Lange 1. Other people however don't have any particular Lange watch they are currently pining for, but simply have an immense level of respect for the brand. In understanding the appeal of A. Lange & Sohne, I think it is more valuable to focus on this latter idea - that people identify and respect the brand's values as a watchmaker.

SevenFriday Watches Review: P1, P2, P3 Models Wrist Time Reviews

To begin with, they installed a unique 'pull and slide' opening mechanism for the doors. While I am certain that I have seen doors open in a similar way before, their decision to use this idea for a safe makes it rather unique indeed. What this mechanism does is enable the doors to be moved completely out of the way once they are opened. In practice this means that as the doors are being pulled to the sides they silently retract and disappear between the side walls and the internal storage compartment. As a result the doors are not in the way at all and the interior can now be easily pulled out from the safe itself to reveal its 16, 32, or 48 watch winders and a set of drawers.

We debuted the Cartier Calibre Diver here back before we got a hands-on look at it at the SIHH 2014 watch show. The Calibre has been one of our favorite men's pieces from Cartier and we've known that it was to serve as a foundation for a range of new models. While I sort of expected that 2014 was going to bring us a Calibre GMT, it rather gave us a diving version of the original. To be honest not that much is different from the standard three-hand Cartier compared to the Diver. Sure the diver has a rotating diver's bezel and a slightly bolder dial, but aside from the rubber strap and deeper water resistance this is the same classy men's watch I've come to really enjoy.

Here is watch that you won't see everyday. In fact, you will probably never see it at all. This is a totally unique Voutilainen Decimal Minute Repeater GMT watch with a semi-erotic display and a hunter-style case back that is probably one of his coveted Masterpiece watches. There are a few unique elements to the watch in addition to the artwork on the rear of the case that makes it distinct from other known watches by Kari Voutilainen. Whether or not the theme of the piece is to your taste, this is an amazing watch by one of today's best independent watchmakers. This watch once again represents the "seven daughters of atlas" (Plediade) from Greek mythology. Voutilainen produced his Masterpiece No. 7 watch in a similar theme in 2006, also with seven ladies on the rear of the case. So while I am not sure if this is technically another "Masterpiece" model, it does once again revisit the theme for a totally unique piece.

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1. Panerai Radiomir 1940 Limited Edition Chronographs

Traser H3 Officer Pro Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

It is called the "Pit Lane" and it has a tourbillon. That pretty much sums the personality of this Cecil Purnell brand timepiece I am about to review. Priced at about 0,000 and designed to be wild, what you are looking at is more than a simple timepiece, but an example of luxury watch art. Love it or hate it, the Pit Lane is a fantasy watch for men who need items to go with their fantasy car, fantasy home, fantasy job, and fantasy life. It is a true experience of the wealthy to own products such as this, and I take a deep look into its guts.

Welcome back to an original aBlogtoWatch feature, "My First Grail Watch." In this series, we ask prominent people in the watch industry about the first timepiece that they lusted after. Today, we're speaking with Pierre Jacques, the CEO of De Bethune.

The case looks sharper than it is as the brand carefully makes sure to soften the edges so they aren't rough or sharp. For the dial, Giuliano Mazzuoli took inspiration from a clutch. The complex design uses at least two dozen parts, each with their own textures and finishing. It is actually quite interesting to look at the dial closely as no doubt a lot of work went into perfecting it. Metal studs serve as hour markers, making it legible. Unfortunately there is no dial lume.

Blancpain Villeret 2014 Watch With Enamel Dial And 8 Days Of Power Watch Releases

2. Nomos Metro Watch Hands-On

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In practice, by pressing this button, the wearer activates an integrated GPS-chip that is responsible for receiving data from satellites, comprising the exact time that corresponds with the watch's momentary position. Once that data has been compiled, a small motor linked to this chip will set the hour and minute hands to the accurate time. To make things even more complicated—and perhaps more simple from the user's perspective—the Ox One does away with the ordinary winding crown as we know it.

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After last year’s blue and black GMT-Master II, it was rumored that this would finally be the year that Rolex releases the highly anticipated GMT-Master II with a red and black “Pepsi” ceramic bezel, and it turned out be true! However, the new “Pepsi” GMT-Master II is offered only in solid white gold, which will also mean that it will cost a lot. Nonetheless, a very beautiful and striking watch.

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While the first limited edition watch only plays a piece of Stranger in the Night, Ulysse Nardin assured me that they were working on future versions that would play other songs. The question of course remains as to who the type of buyer is that wants a music box watch? At 45mm wide in 18k rose gold the Stranger is clearly a men's watch. Very much a "Ulysse Nardin," it packs equal parts traditional watch making with a sense of fun and silliness that does not take itself too seriously. That is something I really respect about the brand - that they do admittedly strange stuff like this, and in the end we all appreciate it. The Ulysse Nardin Stranger watch is part of a limited edition of 99 pieces with a price of 6,000.

Voutilainen GMT Six O’Clock Watch Hands-On

Voutilainen GMT Six O’Clock Watch Hands-On

ABTW: That's quite an impressive start!  What do you consider your grail to be these days?

Last year, we attended the 139th Running of the Kentucky Derby, and were treated to a hands-on review of their Saint Imier Chronograph, the watch presented to the winning jockeys. This year, we joined Longines in Baltimore for the running of the Preakness, the second stop in the Triple Crown races, and were lent this year’s version of the Jockey’s timepiece, a Longines Conquest Classic Chronograph.

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So it was with no hesitation that I made my way to the Tourbillon San Francisco store on February 26th under a cold and particularly wet San Francisco night to listen to Blancpain's latest efforts around preserving the pristine oceans in collaboration with the famed National Geographic magazine and society.

Of course, there is no single answer that will apply to all mechanical movements as there are so many differences out there. What we will say is that for the most part you cannot over-wind modern watches, but when it comes to some older movements it is possible. Further, we've had experience with "new" movements from China that are still made like old movements and they can be over-wound.

Whichever model you'd select, I truly dig the idea of all the instrumentation packed up into a lightweight (courtesy of the titanium case) and robust (again, titanium plus sapphire) package. With the solar charging, this is a watch that's ready for any outdoors adventure you throw at it - just in time for the (hopefully) arriving warm weather.  Pricing ranges from ,150-1,250 for the men's model, and from 5 - ,450 for the women's model.

Grönefeld Parallax 1912 Tourbillon Watch

Grönefeld Parallax 1912 Tourbillon Watch

The watch has excellent case finish and detailing, complete with laser-engraved crown. This picture on the next page shows how well-polished the hands are - very nice for this price point... more »

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 148: Return Of The Turkeys

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 148: Return Of The Turkeys