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The watch movement is a special German designed proprietary quartz movement for TX. Another nice feature it has is the ability to adjust the date in both directions. So while you have a quartz movement, TX can at least claim it is an in-house quartz movement that no one else can use. Each TX movement is like this, and I must admit they get very creative in their movement designs. While most TX watches are wild and modern looking, the 530 series World Time Airport Lounge feels more classy and American in theme. Not too expensive, it s a fun watch that fits a variety of lifestyles and ages. The world map in the background with its globe style design is always interesting look at and attracts the eyes of onlookers frequently. This specific model is reference T3C474, but other versions are available with black dials and in rose gold tones. Actually, the black dial models also have the steel hands, so legibility on those is likely better (but you don't get the cool mirrored map). Price retails for 5.

Tiffany & Co. Watches Do Not Shine In 2010 Watch Releases

Tissot Watches At MotoGP Motorcycle Race Shows & Events

Here is another review by contributor Santtu Määttänen. This "End of Time" watch might have a dramatic name, but is a fair representation of fashion brand watch items. Designer Alessandro Baldieri isn't known in the US (at leas to me), but he has a couple of watches such as the one here and the Seamonster line (yes, sea monster). You might walk by watches like this in a mall or in some clothing store and wonder to yourself what they are all about. So here Santtu gives you the low-down on what this watch (and by conjecture, other watch like it) is all about. Here is his review of the End of Time watch below:

It's a nice looking watch, and I like that they didn't enlarge it. 40mm is a perfect size for a versatile dress/sport watch design like this, and 12mm thick will slide under most shirt cuffs.

Paul Picot C-Type Plongeur 48 Ben Spies Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

MKII Watches Hands-On Hands-On

Mechanical Swiss automatic movement (28,800 vibrations/hour).
Power reserve: 42 hours.
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date and time under water on the bezel.

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Alessandro Baldieri End Of Time Watch Review

Alessandro Baldieri End Of Time Watch Review

Seiko Ananta Automatic Chronograph Titanium Watch Watch Releases

Even with all the decor and skeletonization, the watch dial itself isn't hard to read. Chalk that up to large, lumed hands and a dedicated hour marker ring around the dial. Using the watch as a pocket watch or table clock isn't going to be very common I suppose. But Bovet is all into the "multi-purpose" luxury watch when you are spending the big dollars. I do find it interesting that the watch is totally reversible, and attractive on both sides. Bovet claims that the process of "changing" the watch is pretty smooth. This mostly involves removing the straps or re-attaching them. The Pininfarina Tourbillon Ottana watch will likely dazzle enough collectors, and is certainly a good addition to Bovet's collection that needs a few more "modern" pieces in its lineup. Price is going to be about 0,000 - to 0,000.

While the pictured version is in brushed steel, there will also be a PVD black version of the Bathys Bomb Timer watch available. The main time dial will be coated entirely in SuperLumiNova, as well as the tip of the seconds hand. The large subsidiary seconds hand is 17mm tall. The overall look of the Bomb Timer is both simple and unique, with a straight forward appeal that requires no explanation. Bathys, as a small independent watch brand, has again designed a good looking watch suitable for mass appeal. Price of the Bomb Timer will be about ,800 when it is available early 2011. I certainly am looking forward to it.

Bathys Bomb Timer Watch Hands-On Hands-On
Bathys Hawaii Benthic Rose Gold Bezel and Silver PVD Case
Time Remaining: 28d 1h 3m
Buy It Now for only: ,100.00
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Citizen Eco-Drive World Perpetual AT Watches Watch Releases

MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt Watch Revealed Watch Releases

We talk about my trip to Audemars Piguet, being on a boat!, the Hublot King Power F1 Monza, and the long (long) awaited released of the Harry Winston Opus 3 watch.

Corum Admiral's Cup Deep Hull 48 Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Longio Tourbillon Watches For 2010 Watch Releases

It is a good idea to understand why this watch came into existence. It is the brainchild of Scott Devon, owner of the Devon line of luxury goods. Devon is working to have a full line of clothes, fragrances, and more. There was even the Devon GTX supercar, that may eventually see its way to full production. The two existing cars are beautiful American supercars. The Tread 1 is hopefully the start of an entire new type of luxury watch brand. American in spirit, design, and manufacture. Most of the parts in the Tread 1 watch are made by aerospace part suppliers, and the watch is assembled in Southern California. Almost no one who is supplying parts to the Tread 1 has ever made, or supplied parts to a watch before. This is a new experience for them all, which gives the Tread 1 a look and feel that is unique among the legions of novel European watches that are theoretical competitors. At the same time, while the Tread 1 isn't a cheap watch, it is far less expensive than other wild looking watches of this type that you'd find coming out of Switzerland. Further, almost all the part in the Tread 1 are made specially for the watch. Save for the small motors and screws...

The reason I like the watch so much is because of the movement design. It was styled to be visually appreciated. Most wonderful looking things that a watch can do are impossible to see. Brands give us these fancy computer generated movies that look like spaceship journeys into a movement - with techno music. These little videos are fun and get us excited, but we know that all the cool internal views of a movement are things we will never see with. At the same time, you have movements such as the in-house made Greubel Forsey GF 02s manually wound movement seen here in this watch, that is made to be looked at and appreciate in many angles with the naked eye. The genius is in the layout and open spaces - not merely the functions. Sandwiched by sapphire crystals, Greubel Forsey watches you intently examining the watch on a regular basis seeing the gears turning and the dials moving. It is like a little miniature sculpture gallery on your wrist.

Aside from the Bell & Ross Vintage Original models, there is the classier Officer model with different numerals (applied metal numerals), dial, and hands. According to Carlos, this is the classier version of the Vintage Original - which historically was the Geneva model. The differences are slight, but important. For example the case is polished versus satin finished. In fact, all of the steel is polished, including the hands and hour markers. Gone are the dauphine style hands of the original Geneva watch, but these new ones aren't bad. I like the retention of the subsidiary seconds and date indicator that is beautifully symmetrical.

Maitres du Temps Chapter One Round Watch Watch Releases

Written by Marco, who sells Alpina Watches at Matt Baily.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Extreme Lab 2 Watch Hands-On

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Extreme Lab 2 Watch Hands-On

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The case is large and quite nicely finished at 50mm tall by 38mm wide. Though as you can tell, the soft curves and tapered edges don't make the size stick out much. Notice the organic way it adapts to life on one's wrist. The custom leather strap (with the iconic red colored underbelly Marvin watches are known for) is very wide at 28mm between the lugs and tapers down to 22mm wide at the Marvin signed steel buckle.

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Magnate GMT Watch Watch Releases

The rear of the watch has an engraving of the Seaplane (looking straight at it) that the watch line was based on. Admittedly, although it is engraved well, it is not the best design. You need to stare at it too long to figure out that it is a plane, and the schematic-like illustration looks odd head-on. In addition to the case being 500 meters water resistant, it is also anti-magnetic and shock resistant, going along with the Bremont family of core durability values applied to its watches meant for activity. Bremont watches make you feel pretty confident that they can stand up to a lot. Having watches like the Martin Baker series in their collection sure helps with that.

Personally I like some of the models enough that I would gladly wear them when I am in the mood for such a bold and fun piece. I think something like this has the potential of being a real fashion icon. Yvan isn't trying to make ripples in the world of haute horology, but rather offering fun pieces of wearable watch art that have a masculine edge, and are highly original. Price for the main Volnatomic collection is going to be several thousand dollars each.

Porsche Design P’6780 Diver Watch Is Hand-Me-Down Eterna

Porsche Design P’6780 Diver Watch Is Hand-Me-Down Eterna

While in journey, the Plastiki will upload data to the internet of the surrounding environment. The crew itself is due to blog and even provide some video updates. Getting enough power for this will involve hand positioning solar panels and time spent on an electricity-generating bicycle-style device on the deck. Actually, power savings have never been quite as cool. The ship has instruments that give you real time data on exactly how much power you are using versus generating. It really helps you appreciate how efficient or inefficient you are being. Image how much “better” we would be if we had real-time stats on our global footprint on a second-by-second basis in our daily lives.

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Storm Caspa Watch Review

Storm Caspa Watch Review

So many axes! Triple the tourbillon fun with Thomas Prescher's ultra complex and hard to make Triple Axis Tourbillon Regulator watch. These timepieces are quite cool to watch in action and fun to wear. But sort of an "I buy Rolls Royce car for each person in the house keeping staff" type of fun. Pretty much Oprah and a handful of other people in the world can give Mr. Prescher a serious call to talk about having him make one for them. Prices all start at about 0,000 (and it comes in gold. white gold, or platinum - one for him, her, and the live-in watch butler).